by | April 28, 2017 | 00:10

Speaking in Kitchener, Ont. April 25, Trudeau said it's true Canada has a deeply interconnected economic relationship with the US, but that the opposite is also true. Perrin Beatty, president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and a minister in the former Conservative government that negotiated NAFTA, said the lumber dispute would "clearly contaminate" the talks on the trade agreement.

by | April 28, 2017 | 00:13

The Liman is a former research vessel that the Russian navy has retro-fitted into a reconnaissance ship. Russian Navy spy ship Liman sank after collision with the livestock carrier Youzarsif H on 25 nautical miles north-west from the Bosporus estuary in the Black Sea off Turkish coast.

by | April 28, 2017 | 00:05

The Elabe poll for BFM TV found that one out of two people surveyed considered that Ms Le Pen's campaign had gotten off the ground well, compared with 43 per cent for Mr Macron. Later at the site he said: "When Madame Le Pen says we'll exit globalisation, she's lying to you", he told the workers. In 2014, her campaign received a almost $ 12 million loan from a Russian bank , after she claimed she was turned down by about a dozen European banks.

by | April 28, 2017 | 00:03

A top USA admiral said Wednesday that America wants to bring North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to "his senses". The US has long pushed for China to make more efforts to curb Pyongyang's behaviour. The earlier-than-expected steps to deploy the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system was also denounced by the frontrunner in South Korea's presidential election on May 9.

by | April 27, 2017 | 14:17

Pressed Monday about whether Trump will follow recent presidential precedent and release his tax returns, press secretary Sean Spicer claimed the president can not do so because he is under audit by the IRS, the same explanation Trump has used since early previous year.

by | April 27, 2017 | 14:10

Baker of United States District Court in Little Rock, Ark ., issued a temporary stay but ultimately rejected Mr. Williams's claim , allowing his execution to proceed. In the federal petition, Williams sought relief from his death sentence on many grounds, including suspected juror misconduct, but U.S. District Judge Susan Webber Wright denied the petition November 4, 2008.

by | April 27, 2017 | 14:06

A statement by the IS propaganda agency Amaq said the attacker was "one of the Islamic State's fighters". Cheurfi was shot and killed by officers. He was arrested in February on suspicion of plotting to kill officers but was released because of lack of evidence.

by | April 27, 2017 | 14:01

The militants were driven from the eastern section of the city earlier this year and are losing ground to Iraqi forces as the weeks pass. Meanwhile, security sources told the AhlulBayt News Agency that missiles were loaded with chlorine and were fired at the al-Abar neighborhood.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:57

The leaders have responded impressively to their setback at Manchester United 10 days ago. "We had a really important psychological test and our answer was good", manager Antonio Conte said. "I was a footballer and I know what happens in every single player", he said. It's right to be focused. In this part of the season everyone must understand the real importance to reach our targets.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:55

The NBA wasn't too happy with his antics, as they slapped the Rockets owner with a $100,000 fine Wednesday for confronting a referee during live game action. Alexander briefly addressed the run-in, and he offered no details besides the fact that he was upset. "He's just the coolest guy on Earth, " Harden said.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:56

Fatah called for Palestinians to express their unity by performing Friday prayers at the many solidarity tents that have already been set up across the West Bank . Former Israeli politician and author Uri Avnery described Marwan al-Barghouti as the "Palestinian Mandela" in one of his articles . About 6,500 Palestinians are now detained by Israel for a range of offences and alleged crimes.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:56

But the USA and South Korean militaries have been reluctant to publicly discuss the progress of the deployment as candidates in a May 9 presidential election debated whether the move should go ahead or be delayed until after the vote.South Korea has said China has discriminated against some South Korean companies in retaliation against the deployment.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:54

Confusion had clouded the carrier's whereabouts after Trump earlier indicated the "armada" was steaming towards North Korea when in fact it was heading south and was photographed off Java. President Donald Trump's "engagement" with China, according to Yonhap News Agency . Russian Federation and China, two key players in the conflict other than Japan, South Korea and United States, have also been deploying their troops and tanks near their respective borders with North Korea over fears the ...

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:52

Hours after a display of North Korean military power, rival South Korea announced Wednesday the installation of key parts of a contentious USA missile defense system meant to counter the North. "The president's approach aims to pressure North Korea into dismantling its nuclear, ballistic missile, and proliferation programs by tightening economic sanctions and pursuing diplomatic measures with our allies and regional partners", said a joint statement issued by Secretary of State Rex ...

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:47

He said he chose to take a stand "in view of the extraordinary situation we're facing". A poll out on Wednesday suggested that Macron will defeat Le Pen by a margin of 21 points, but as the day's events showed, the far-right candidate is a vastly more experienced political campaigner.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:48

Two independent candidates also are running. But Georgia's 6th District, which has been in GOP hands since 1979, and re-electing former Representative and now HHS Secretary Tom Price with 60 percent-plus margins, is not likely to go blue.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:45

The future flagship of the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), Shandong is actually China's second aircraft carrier . China is reportedly building its third aircraft carrier in Shanghai , which will look more like a USA aircraft carrier , according to Chinese experts.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:45

Harris said that he was taking Kim Jong Un at his word that the North Korean leader is determined to develop a long-range nuclear missile that could strike the USA and that should "provide us all a sense of urgency" to ensure USA forces in the Pacific are prepared.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:43

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his Russian ally President Vladimir Putin have denied Damascus' responsibility for the apparent chemical attack in the Idlib neighborhood of Khan Sheikhoun. Mnuchin said Monday at a White House press briefing. The U.S. Treasury Department has announced sanctions on 271 individuals, who it says are scientists working on weapons development for Syrian President Bashar Assad.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:41

But the new justice was there, beaming as he and his colleagues took the bench, seemingly eager to prove he was ready for the job ― and every now and then reminding observers of the justice he replaced, Antonin Scalia. After Chief Justice John Roberts delivered a short welcome to Gorsuch, the court got down to business. "What am I missing?" Justice Clarence Thomas, in keeping with his customary practice, was the only justice not to speak or to ask questions during the oral argument.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:43

On Tuesday Gabriel said it would be "regrettable" if Netanyahu did so. Rivlin raised the controversy regarding Breaking the Silence, saying that as a democratic state Israel had no problem with criticism, but it had to be based in reality.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:37

Both girls, their families and the three defendants are members of the Muslim Dawoodi Bohra sect in Minnesota, according to a criminal complaint filed in the case against Nagarwala. "Doctor Attar is not aware of any FGM that occurred at his clinic and does plan to vigorously defend these charges", Chartier said. She said it is "very clear that the focus of interventions should be on affected communities to move them to a position where they recognise these facts and change the social ...

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:38

Some more problems seems to be arising for Kejriwal ahead of the MCD results as previously party had already suffered a poor show in Punjab Assembly polls and a clear whitewash in Goa elections. Though one can not write AAP's obituary yet, the recent Rajouri Garden bypoll where its candidate lost his deposit in a sitting seat and the civic poll results indicate that the AAP has squandered its hard-earned political capital based on people-centric politics in less than five years of its ...

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:35

In Bandipora, students of Nadim Memorial Boys Higher Secondary School took to the streets and threw stones at shopkeepers, forcing them to down shutters. The students retaliated by hurling stones, triggering shutdown in the area. "Some of the students also tried to hit the streets but were stopped by the police which triggered clashes", Nauman Ahmad, a student from Shopian college, said.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:31

WICU reports that Stephens went to a McDonald's drive-thru and ordered chicken McNuggets and French fries. The technology giant's chief executive said "our hearts go out to the friends and family" of Mr Godwin, who was shot dead by Steve Stephens in the United States city of Cleveland in Sunday in an apparent random killing.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:26

In addition to remaining in the top 10 in Agriculture & Forestry subject table - which includes the university's agriculture, countryside, land management, and animal science degrees, and top 20 for Food Science, Harper Adams has climbed an impressive 34 places in the Business & Management Studies subject table, and 16 places in Mechanical Engineering - which covers agricultural and automotive engineering routes.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:22

Macron also paints himself as an anti-establishment figure - seeking to bury the traditional left-right spectrum that has governed France for decades. "French voters are like fish, like eels - very slippery". While Le Pen is close on the hills of Macron, winning 23 percent of the vote versus 24 percent for Macron in Sunday vote, according to the latest L'Express poll, a large-scale campaign has been waged by pro-EU politicians within and outside France to discourage voters from opting for ...

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:21

Everything at Philly Pretzel Factory starts with the pretzel. The average US citizen eats up to two pounds of pretzels per year, but Philadelphians are in a league of their own. Get an additional free pretzel by downloading the Wetzel's Pretzels app. Well, fear not because Chef Lisa has simplified the process and shows you how to easily create these scrumptiously soft mini pretzels, golden brown bites flawless for parties and snacking.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:21

Mr Hegarty said the challenge for the fire service when stretched - as it was while containing fires in the countryside - was to have protection for urban areas at the same time, and to have units available to attend road traffic accidents.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:17

Davis were asked about the issue during a press briefing at Cummins Prison after the execution of Marcel Williams on Monday evening. The average time between sentencing and execution for prisoners executed in 2013 topped 15 years, according to the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:15

The US admitted this week that Iran has stuck to its side of the bargain, but Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said it would not stop Iran becoming a nuclear-armed state, and Washington officials regularly accuse Iran of fomenting unrest in the Middle East and sponsoring terrorism.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:12

MD raised its stake in PepsiCo by 21.1% in the third quarter. The institutional investor owned 4,293 shares of the company's stock after buying an additional 153 shares during the period. Also, CEO Laxman Narasimhan sold 4,258 shares of the company's stock in a transaction on Monday, March 6th. Jefferies Group LLC increased their price objective on PepsiCo from $118.00 to $120.00 and gave the stock a "buy" rating in a research report on Thursday, February 16th.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:10

North Korean Defense Minister Pak Yong Sik said Monday that "the situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula is so tense that a nuclear war may break out due to the frantic war drills of the us imperialists and their vassal forces for aggression", according to The Associated Press.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:05

Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) announced Tuesday 21 school districts throughout the state have been awarded a total of almost $500,000 in grants to establish or expand local fabrication laboratory (fab lab) facilities.

by | April 27, 2017 | 13:05

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Treasury Department announced Friday that it had denied Exxon Mobils request for a waiver of sanctions on Moscow that prevent U.S. In a statement, ExxonMobil said it understood the Trump administration's decision but underscored its position that it was hamstrung by the restrictions.