by | September 12, 2017 | 05:42

The 2005 tape, published by the Washington Post about a month before the November election, shows Trump boasting to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush about groping women. "I don't believe there's a job the president could offer me that would make me want to go" to Washington, Christie told reporters in Trenton in July.

by | September 12, 2017 | 05:41

Minnesota hosts Middle Tennessee on Saturday before beginning Big Ten by welcoming Maryland to the Twin Cities. Quarterback Conor Rhoda connected on seven-of-eight passes for 158 yards and a touchdown. He also threw for 176 yards, a touchdown and an interception in the Gophers' 17-7 season-opening win over Buffalo. "Each week, he's getting more and more comfortable with his ideas and what he's going to do out there".

by | September 12, 2017 | 05:38

The bystander, who has identified himself as UC Berkeley alumnus Martin Flores , tells the officer what he was doing was "not right". Flores contests the officer's choice of enforcement targets, again remarking upon the near-ubiquitous presence of unlawfully-consumed alcoholic beverages on the campus on game days.

by | September 12, 2017 | 05:37

Power outages have also been widespread in the state with over 146,000 customers without power. "We always advise if you don't have to go out, don't go out". Schools were closed today in at least 33 counties, the governor said, but it will up to districts when classes will resume. High winds pushed choppy waves over the seawall in the Battery, a historic site popular with tourists in Charleston.

by | September 12, 2017 | 04:52

The authorities confirmed an open investigation on the brutal killings after complaints had been raised. The mineworkers later gloated about the butcher at a bar in the closest town, and even flaunted a hand-cut oar they guaranteed to have stolen as a trophy.

by | September 12, 2017 | 04:22

Calling it an "odd forecast track", the National Hurricane Center said that Jose should make a small clockwise loop over the open waters of the Atlantic for the next three days. While it might seem like Nature has nothing left in its arsenal, "We're still vulnerable", said D'Aleo, noting that hurricane season continues into the fall.

by | September 12, 2017 | 04:13

While it will take much of Cuba's tourism industry weeks, if not months to recover from the hurricane, guests at the Barcelo said they would not be deterred from returning to the Caribbean's largest island. The British territory was one of the hardest hit by Irma with nearly total devastation to homes on parts of the main island of Tortola. There are now 1,500 French helpers in the islands.

by | September 12, 2017 | 04:10

Havana was hammered by winds up to 150 kilometers (93 miles) per hour, with an unprecedented storm surge swamping parts of the capital and leaving many people waist-deep in water. 'The storm surge occurs in what we tend to call the dirty side of the storm, ' he said. Hurricane Irma's had made landfall in lower Florida Keys on Sunday, lashing the island chain with fearsome wind gusts and storm.

by | September 12, 2017 | 03:12

More than 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled to Bangladesh since violence erupted there late last month. On Friday, the Dalai Lama became the latest Nobel Peace Prize laureate to raise the issue of her silence, following statements from Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa and the rights advocate Malala Yousufzai of Pakistan , both of whom called on Suu Kyi to take action.

by | September 12, 2017 | 03:08

Constitution's otherwise broad pardon power is limited by the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment, which guarantees that no person will be "deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law". The move "has the objective and effect of eviscerating the judicial power to enforce constitutional rights", the brief argued. In court papers filed on Monday, Justice Department lawyers wrote that they agreed with Arpaio that Trump's pardon made his criminal case moot.

by | September 12, 2017 | 02:41

That unit recently sent two helicopters to Texas for five days in response to Hurricane Harvey , where they flew six missions moving nearly 30,000 pounds of cargo. New Yorkers take to the skies, unsure of what lies ahead but certain of their mission. Governor Mark Dayton says he's extremely proud of our National Guard Soldiers and Airmen.

by | September 12, 2017 | 02:09

Trump went twice to Texas and Louisiana following Hurricane Harvey. The United States Coast Guard established electronic Aids to Navigation (eATON) around critical US waterways in Hurricane Irma's forecasted track prior to the storm's arrival.

by | September 12, 2017 | 01:48

Anticipating the worst from Hurricane Irma , Florida Power & Light Company announced Thursday it will be shutting down its Turkey Point and St. Lucie nuclear plants - the state's only operating nuclear power plants. These shutdowns should make it easier to restore power after the storm passes, he said. Both nuclear plants are constructed with concrete and reinforced steel, and are "among the strongest in America and arguably the world", Gould said.

by | September 12, 2017 | 01:38

Myanmar's military has been accused of planting land mines in the path of Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence in its western Rakhine state, with Amnesty International reporting two people wounded Sunday. The violence has driven almost 300,000 Rohingya to flee Buddhist-majority Myanmar, with many of them packed into existing camps or huddled in makeshift settlements that have mushroomed along roadsides and in open fields across Cox's Bazar district on the border.

by | September 12, 2017 | 01:20

The decision to close the properties follows an order from Palm Beach County officials telling begin evacuating the area by 10 a.m. on Friday, Sept. Mar-a-Lago is located in a coastal county in southeast Florida that sees regular tidal flooding and has withstood multiple storms since it was built in 1927.

by | September 12, 2017 | 01:21

The eye of the storm did not hit the city but it did wallop the Florida Keys , of course, and that is where the concern is now. Flash flooding is not anticipated at this time, since we will be on the cooler side of Irma where rain rates will be lower.

by | September 12, 2017 | 01:16

Farther north in South Carolina , Boeing said it was suspending manufacturing operations starting on Saturday morning. The most extensive damage was likely in the Naples area, but a full assessment was ongoing. For all of their daring-do at the edge of Irma's eye, the pair did actually manage to walk away with some interesting results. An estimated 170,000 people were lodged in some 650 emergency shelters as of early evening, according to the Florida Division of Emergency ...

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:56

Sales of passenger cars stood at 198,811 units, registering a growth of 11.80 percent (August 2016: 177,829). The off-take of other sub-segments such as utility vehicles zoomed up by 19.62 per cent during the month to 78,664 units, while sales of vans rose by 11.30 per cent to 16,860 units.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:54

U.S. president Donald Trump said earlier that he was going to declare Iran non-compliant by the next State Department's report, scheduled for October, but so far he hasn't found any support from other signees of the deal. If the US finds Iran in non-compliance, that could trigger the re-imposition of sanctions and signal trouble for the transparency demanded by the accord.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:48

It also sent National Guard troops to Texas last month following Hurricane Harvey . Bill Dougherty, spokesman for Navy Region Southeast, said the Navy's two bases in Jacksonville - Jacksonville Naval Air Station and Mayport Naval Station - appeared to be weathering the storm.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:47

The Defense Department is engaged with federal, state, territorial and global mission partners and is postured to respond to requests for assistance to territories and states affected by Hurricane Irma , according to a DoD news release issued yesterday.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:45

Corbyn has ordered his MPs to vote against the Bill but may face a small rebellion. The Liberal Democrats, who will oppose the legislation, have urged the Labour leader to sack any frontbenchers who defy the whip or risk his party's shift towards a "softer" Brexit being exposed as a "sham" .

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:38

Mayfield answered with a 36-yard touchdown pass to Dimitri Flowers to tie the game at 10. Oklahoma (2-0) took its first lead of the game near the end of the third quarter and cruised in the fourth, giving first-year head coach Lincoln Riley an early signature victory.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:36

Hurricane Harvey has passed, but as communities along the Gulf of Mexico recover, there's another storm heading into the area. " Breitbart News reported that Mapp ordered the National Guard to active duty for the purposes of "[maintaining] the health, welfare, and safety of the people of the Virgin Islands in the face of imminent danger or potential disaster from Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irma".

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:39

More than 840,000 Georgia customers were without power shortly before 2 p.m. Monday, mostly in the southern half of the state, as Tropical Storm Irma headed north from Florida. Jones told reporters Sunday he believes more people evacuated Savannah and nearby communities for Irma than left ahead of Matthew previous year. Interstate 75, the scene of hours-long delays on Thursday and Friday, was completely clear from Atlanta to the Florida state line.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:31

More than 500 flights had already been canceled with dozens being delayed from Atlanta, the world's busiest airport, according to Flight View . Wind shear, lighting and other weather may prompt additional flight delays, Delta said. Atlanta is included among the airports included in Delta's change-fee waivers for Irma. " Hurricane Irma is expected to bring to the Atlanta hub strong crosswinds that exceed operating limits on select mainline and regional aircraft", Delta said Monday .

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:10

Jose has 40 miles per hour winds and moving 13 miles per hour west-northwest. The US National Hurricane Center makes the call for when a tropical depression officially becomes a tropical storm. Irma will still be a major hurricane by that time, but whether it retains Category 5 status is still uncertain. Often when a hurricane is moving up the East Coast, it's partly to mostly sunny in Lower Michigan and that will likely be the case early next week.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:07

Turkey's travel warning is the latest in a series of several retaliatory moves made as tensions soar between Germany and Turkey. Another German couple is believed to have been detained in Turkey this weekend and one of the individuals remains in police custody, while the other has been barred from leaving the country, a German foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:03

But because of disrupted communications and cut-off roads, the full scale of its damage was unclear, especially in the dangerously exposed Keys, which felt Irma's full fury when the storm came shore with 130 miles per hour (209 kph) winds.

by | September 11, 2017 | 23:59

US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley said in a statement issued here yesterday that over the past week, conditions in Rakhine have continued to deteriorate. Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi said on Thursday that her government was doing its best to protect everyone in Rakhine. Joining the growing list of world leaders calling on Suu Kyi to act, Tutu went on: 'If the political price of your ascension to the highest office in Myanmar is your silence, the price is surely too steep'.

by | September 11, 2017 | 23:55

Moving to freeze a decision by the Trump administration that could subject 200,000 young Californians to deportation, the Golden State's attorney general on Monday announced a lawsuit against the plan to end protections for undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children.

by | September 11, 2017 | 23:56

So how does FPL prioritize who gets back online first? "That will take weeks". As Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida this weekend, the state's utility customers will find out exactly what $3bn worth of power-grid upgrades got them.

by | September 11, 2017 | 23:54

When asked how the duchess was, he said, " I haven't seen her for a while but I think she's OK ". Kensington Palace made the pregnancy announcement early because the duchess had to cancel an engagement on Monday due to hyperemesis gravidarum - a rare condition that leads to severe vomiting - which also affected her first two pregnancies.

by | September 11, 2017 | 23:44

Sanders on Wednesday will roll out a Medicare-for-all bill, which aims to extend the Medicare program, federally funded insurance for people over the age of 65, to all Americans. Beth Lindstrom, a Groton Republican also running to unseat Warren, opposes single-payer health care as well, said campaign spokeswoman Gail Gitcho.

by | September 11, 2017 | 23:42

The Great British Bake Off judge said the photos date from 2003 when he attended a TV comedy-themed party dressed as one of the Nazi characters from 'Allo 'Allo . He then shared a picture of himself in Nazi uniform during his time on Extras . The photo triggered severe criticism across the United Kingdom, with many shaming the Channel 4 host on Twitter.