by | April 24, 2017 | 01:52

Head of Germany's right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, Frauke Petry attends the party congress in the Maritim Hotel in Cologne, western Germany , on April 22, 2017. She said she'll remain the AfD's co-leader. He added that if Petry failed to pass her motion she would risk being a "queen without a country". Speaking in a video message posted on her Facebook page, Petry said she had been accused of making the proposal exclusively to become the party's top candidate despite ...

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:50

On April 18, US President Donald Trump will sign an executive order to overhaul the H-1B visa programme. "Currently, companies routinely abuse the H-1B visa program by replacing American workers with lower paid foreign workers", the statement reads .

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:47

SHANGHAI (AP ) — General Motors Co. plans to launch 10 electric and gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles in China by 2020, an executive said Friday, as automakers speed up the rollout of alternative vehicles under pressure from Beijing to promote the industry.

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:45

Vice President Mike Pence shakes hands with South Korean acting President and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn. "There's no question North Korea represents the most risky and most immediate threat in the Asia-Pacific and President Trump is determined to confront that threat by marshaling unprecedented cooperation with allies in the region and China and the world", Pence said.

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:45

Global observers had said the decision to count the ballots "contradicted the law" and removed a safeguard against fraud. Preliminary referendum results gave a narrow 51.4% approval for the biggest overhaul of Turkey's political system since the modern state was established almost a century ago, but opposition parties said the poll was deeply flawed.

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:43

Jose Baez, Hernandez's attorney, said the family had arranged for Boston University researchers looking at brain trauma in athletes to take possession of the brain following the autopsy. "It was completely agreed upon", Baez said. Team spokesman Stacey James said the Patriots were aware of the reports of Hernandez's suicide but didn't anticipate the club commenting on it Wednesday.

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:43

Tuesday's jungle-style primary lumps all 18 candidates on one ballot and is expected to be more competitive than Republicans' single-digit victory in Kansas last week that also tested both parties' strategies for the 2018 midterm elections with Trump in the White House.

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:42

After nearly three weeks of anti-government protests on the streets of Venezuela and coupled with Wednesdays figure, the current death toll has increased to eight people, including one police officer, and nearly one thousand people have been arrested.

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:43

At least two police officers were killed in the line of duty while trying to stop the suicide bomber. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi declared the measure in a televised address on Sunday following the attacks, reported Al Ahram online. The group, which carried out a bombing at a Cairo church in December that killed 30 people, threatened more such violence, saying the blood of Christians would flow "like rivers".

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:36

Meanwhile health officials said most of the wounded were being treated at the base and that only eight patients were taken to the Mazar-e-Sharif hospital. By the end, at least five attackers were killed, and one was arrested, Araam said. The defence ministry did not give a breakdown of the casualties in the hours-long attack near Mazar-i-Sharif city on Friday.

by | April 24, 2017 | 01:36

Some Fox News employees said Thursday that while the dismissal of O'Reilly was a step in the right direction, they remained skeptical that real change would occur. "But remember, Bill still has his books, he still has his rage, and his Fox News payout worth a reported $25 million". "So no formal sending to Rupert until after the call", O'Reilly continued, before venting: "You all should know that I will not put up with much more from FNC".

by | April 23, 2017 | 07:04

The men met on Friday at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, after being ordered to by White House chief of staff Reince Priebus at the request of the president, according to reports . The former Trump advisers said Kushner, husband of Trump's daughter Ivanka, is trying to tug the president into a more mainstream position, while Bannon is trying to keep aflame the nationalist fervour that carried Trump to his unexpected election victory on November 8.

by | April 23, 2017 | 06:08

Flake said he is pleased with how Trump has handled the situation thus far. He's working on it. North Korea has always been a threat to the USA and its Asian allies South Korea and Japan. Everybody has been outplayed. "The Dear Supreme Leader waved back to them and congratulated the artistes on their successful performance", KCNA said.

by | April 23, 2017 | 06:08

Jakarta has been called to unify following the defeat of its Christian governor in a divisive election that some believe sets a unsafe precedent for the "politicisation of religion" in the world's most populous Muslim nation. An editorial in the Jakarta Post on the eve of the election described the campaign as "the dirtiest, most polarising and most divisive the nation has ever seen", saying the use of religion and race had been a "troubling aspect".

by | April 23, 2017 | 06:04

But it's becoming increasingly clear that President Trump might not know the name of North Korea's leader. Of course they have said all the choices are on the table. "Start a trade war with China while in the middle of him working on a bigger problem, frankly, with North Korea?" he said. They said Beijing are trying to "reduce the time to react to a North Korea contingency", they told CNN .

by | April 23, 2017 | 06:04

Pence said he had spoken with Trump and by 2020 some 60 percent of the USA naval fleet would be in the region and Japan's role will grow. The North, which is intent on developing a nuclear-tipped ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland United States, defied worldwide pressure Sunday with a test that failed immediately after launch.

by | April 23, 2017 | 06:06

A note expressing support for ISIS was found near the body of the gunman who killed a French cop on the Champs-Elysees in Paris, officials said . The Islamic State group's claim of responsibility was broadcast just a few hours after the attack came.

by | April 23, 2017 | 06:00

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen moved quickly to present herself as the strongest defender against Islamist radicals in a country under a state of emergency since a string of terror attacks that began in 2015, which have killed more than 230 people.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:58

Afghan security forces' casualties have risen recently as they struggle against a surge in attacks across the country. Ghani, during his visit to the area, described the attackers as "infidels", because they had fired on soldiers praying inside the mosque.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:55

Nine other people have been killed in violence associated with a wave of anti-government demonstrations in the past three weeks in which protesters have clashed with security forces in melees lasting well into the night. The alleged attack on the hospital came after a day of unrest in the capital, Caracas , during which police clashed with protesters as thousands of marchers reached a vital freeway there.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:58

Earlier testing on victims' bodies by British scientists and the Turkish Health Ministry found evidence of exposure to both sarin and chlorine gas, which most of the worldwide community believes occurred during a deliberate attack on the rebel-held village by the Syrian regime.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:58

The North has said it has developed and would launch a missile that can strike the mainland United States but officials and experts believe it is some time away from mastering all the necessary technology. None of the US officials who told Reuters about the heightened level of activity by Chinese bombers suggested alarm or signaled that they knew the precise reason for such activity.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:54

People walk past Trump International Hotel and Tower during the Earth Day March For Science NYC demonstration to coincide with similar marches globally in Manhattan, New York , on April 22, 2017 . "It's one of those tough things sort of like water to a fish, it's all around us and we don't always recognize it or know it but science is a critical part of America's progress and innovation as a society", said Kristian Aloma, director of the March for Science Chicago.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:53

A US defense official said Mattis' meetings with Sisi and Egypt's defense minister had focused on building trust to allow for stronger military ties. Sisi told Mattis he wanted to "strengthen the ongoing military cooperation between the two countries", the statement added.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:47

And Ferne McCann may be exactly one of those big-hearted famous folks, as after only a month back together with boyfriend Arthur Collins , she's revealed that they're already talking marriage - and that they'll be setting up home together in May! A Hertfordshire Police spokeswoman said: "Police conducting an arrest warrant at an address on White Stubbs Lane, Broxbourne, at 19.50pm on Monday April 17, discovered cannabis plants and cultivation equipment".

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:45

After Tuesday night's 5-4 Blue Jacket win, Tortorella stopped to take some photos with fans. Pittsburgh scored at least three goals in all five games and at least four in four of them to leave the Blue Jackets still searching for their first playoff series victory.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:44

The flunky added that Australia had been "spouting a string of rubbish against the DPRK over its entirely just steps for self-defence". Today, North Korea sent a message to the way of Australia. Mr Brownlee said North Korea was a rogue state, led by people with evil intent, and many people were suffering under the regime. "The probability is higher for this to be failures produced by an aggressive program with limited resources".

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:44

Last week, I previewed the importance of Pence's visit, the first of any cabinet official in Donald Trump's administration to Southeast Asia. Mr Pence told reporters he had reassured Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull that the USA would hold up its share of the agreement struck by the Obama administration, even if the United States did not "admire" the deal.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:42

Opposition leaders said some people were hit with an electrical current in El Valle while trying to loot a bakery protected by an electric fence. He said claims by the opposition that Government forces were responsible for launching tear gas at a maternity hospital during a protest were just another attempt to demoralise people who have "decided to break ties with the bourgeoisie forever".

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:39

Kim did not address the rally, which celebrates the 1912 birthday of his grandfather, Kim Il Sung - North Korea's founding ruler - and which is meant to send an unmistakable message to Washington about the isolated, nuclear-armed North's military might.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:38

Thousands of Yazidi Kurds fled Sanjar, a Mosul region on the borders with Syria, to nearby mountain areas following its fall to Islamic State militants in August 2014. "Our Iraqi partners and CJTF have seen the tactic of ISIS intentionally placing civilians in harm's way", said Col. John J. Thomas, U.S. Central Command spokesman, in a statement released Friday.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:39

The Excelsior is good for two years for a two-year program like an associate's degree, or four years for a four-year program. That cap will lift to $110,000 the next year and ultimately reach up to $125,000 in 2019. "But until they do, I want every young person to America to understand: You move to NY, you make your commitment in NY, you can get an affordable college education".

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:40

The two met on Friday (7 April) on White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus' request, who told them that they should air their policy differences, Reuters quoted an official as saying. The next day, Axios reported Bannon had told associates, "I love a gunfight". Kushner, senior adviser and Trump's son-in-law, and Bannon, his chief strategist, met at the President's Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla., where Trump was hosting Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:38

Ahmadinejad also voiced reluctant support for Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with the US and other world powers, which saw Iran accept curbs on its nuclear program in exchange for relief from crippling worldwide sanctions. He told reporters that the U.S. conspiracies, either economic sanctions or cultural onslaught and pressures in connection with other issues, had no effect on the Iranians' intention.

by | April 23, 2017 | 05:36

The burden of such a congested fixture list appears to have finally taken its toll on Manchester United. The Argentinian was taken off after 23 minutes, thus becoming the third of United's four recognised central defenders to suffer a serious problem.