by | April 22, 2017 | 01:46

United advanced 3-2 on aggregate to join Lyon, Ajax and Celta Vigo in the last four, after a tension-filled night of quarterfinal second legs in Europe's second-tier continental club competition. Pione Sisto's solo goal sealed Celta Vigo's place in the Europa League semifinals as the Spaniards edged out Genk. The return fixtures will be played on May 11 and the final in Stockholm on May 24.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:45

If May does win so many seats it would be the biggest election victory for a Conservative leader since 1983 when Margaret Thatcher beat Labour's Michael Foot to win a majority of 144. Would they vote against Labour because the media screams at them that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are unelectable or because Theresa May is more popular than Mr Corbyn? "What I would say to pensioners is just look what the Conservatives in government have done", she said.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:34

Although 11 people were arrested in the aftermath of the attack, nine have since been released, with no further action to be taken. The six released "fully co-operated with officers working on the investigation", West Midlands Police said.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:35

Central Command, told Pentagon reporters in phone briefing Friday. Thomas didn't provide details on Uzbeki's role in the Istanbul attack, in which a gunman opened fire inside a crowded nightclub. A longstanding expeditionary targeting force made up of Special Operations troops has been tasked with these types of missions. "These special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture" ISIS leaders, Carter said.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:34

And justifying her change of mind, she has argued a vote is needed as opposition parties were trying to "frustrate" Brexit. "It was with reluctance that I decided the country needs this election, but it is with strong conviction that I say it is necessary to secure the strong and stable leadership the country needs to see us through Brexit and beyond", May said.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:31

Protesters blame Maduro - heir of the leftist "Bolivarian revolution" launched by the late Hugo Chavez in 1999 - for an economic crisis marked by severe shortages of food, medicine and basic goods. The plant was confiscated Wednesday as anti-Maduro protesters clashed with security forces and pro-government groups. It also has 79 dealers that employ 3,900 people, and its parts suppliers make up more than half of Venezuela's auto parts market, the company said.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:30

Alex Massie in The Spectator believes the general election will first and foremost be a vote on Scottish independence, saying "May can not win a mandate for herself while then denying a mandate to the party that wins the Scottish portion of this election".

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:29

Justices on Thursday stayed an order by Pulaski County Circuit Judge Alice Gray that halted the use of vecuronium bromide, one of three drugs used in the state's lethal injection process, in any execution. Judge there put a - an injunction on the state's - 1 of the 3 lethal injection drugs that the state planned to use. The lawyers have also fought the state's decision to conduct the series of executions in a short time frame, which the state has said is because its lethal-injection drugs ...

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:20

She does state in the affidavit that Cummins possibly held both of her hands around the wrist area and may have been close to her face, but said confirmed that they never kissed. He is now facing charges of having sexual contact with a minor. Two days after the girl disappeared, surveillance images from a Walmart in Oklahoma City showed Cummins and the girl purchasing food items in the store with cash.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:14

North Korea has also made such threats before as well but now China's patience with their one-time ally in Pyongyang is "wearing thin" and escalating the situation, according to TJ Pempel, a political science professor at the University of California-Berkeley.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:13

The siren call of Le Pen's "France first" nationalist rhetoric, and Melenchon's late surge left Europe's second-largest country and third-biggest economy at a crossroads, with its future in the European Union up for grabs. Le Pen, 48, has caused the most controversy with her extremist, far-right policies. "It's a sort of moral red line", the newspaper said. Macron on Wednesday told a rally that he was the only candidate capable "of ensuring the security" of his countrymen and pledged to ...

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:09

It came just days before French voters were set to go to the polls in the first round of the presidential election . She said: "This is the end of laxity". As of Friday morning local time, leading candidates François Fillon, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen had all canceled campaign events, with Macron citing the extra burden policing political rallies placed on the security services.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:08

Air Force fighter jets from Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson in Anchorage intercepted two Russian long-range bombers about 100-150 miles from Kodiak Island on April 17. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement obtained by CNN that the flights have been conducted with regard to global regulation and have not violated US airspace.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:05

They would also be asked to offer changes so that H-1B visas are awarded to the most-skilled or highest-paid applicants. "Many companies use to employ people passing out from mediocre engineering colleges on low wages and take them to USA", said the 22-year-old who graduated from a government college in Pune.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:05

The Department of Justice sent similar letters to officials in California, Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans, all places the Justice Department's inspector general has identified as limiting the information local law enforcement can provide to federal immigration authorities about those in their custody.

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:01

North Korea also launched a long-range rocket previous year that put a satellite into orbit, which Washington, Seoul and others saw as a banned test of missile technology. Some analysts say that if the missile were fired at a normal angle, its maximum range could be up to 3,000 kilometers (1,870 miles). During the rally, Kim saluted as ranks of goose-stepping soldiers followed by tanks and other military hardware paraded in Pyongyang .

by | April 22, 2017 | 01:05

The strike also comes ahead of commemorations this summer marking 50 years since the 1967 Six Day War and the start of Israel's occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank. He said he organized the hunger strike to fight back, after exhausting all other options. Referring to the amended description of Barghouti, Netanyahu added that "the paper retracted it because we pointed [the error] out to them".

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:58

MPs are expected to give their approval to Theresa May's plan for a snap election on June 8, in a Commons vote the day after her shock announcement . The former interior minister, who became prime minister without an election when her predecessor David Cameron quit after last year's referendum vote for Brexit , said she needed to strengthen her hand in negotiations which will reshape Britain and test the cohesion of the EU.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:55

The official briefed reporters on customary condition of anonymity after U.S. Vice President Mike Pence met Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso in Tokyo to launch the U.S. Japan and the US have outlined a path forward for economic talks between the countries. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and visiting U.S. Vice President Mike Pence reaffirmed the Japan-U.S.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:53

The executive order also tightens rules that allow companies to hire skilled foreign labor, which the White House argues undercuts American workers. To qualify for the visa, workers usually must have a bachelor's degree or higher. In short, it won' least not yet. On April 18, 2017, President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order (EO) titled "Buy American and Hire American ".

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:47

Many people in Minnesota were shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of Prince Rogers Nelson at his home, Paisely Park, in Chanhassen a year ago. Compressing his legacy into 10 songs is like trying to capture basketball in 10 memorable games - it's a fool's errand and both suffer from a lack of Prince .

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:46

The two-round presidential election is set for April 23 and May 7. The Euro has received a helping hand from the French figures, the Flash Services PMI jumped from 57.5 to 57.7 points, beating the 57.2 estimate, while the Flash Manufacturing PMI surged from 53.3 to 55.1 points, exceeding the 53.2 forecast, the manufacturing and services sectors have continued the expansion.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:43

In a new turn of events, the Congress party has expelled Barkha Singh for six years. While national mahila congress chief Shobha Oza stated that Singh was being removed as state mahila congress president, Singh emphasised that she has no plans of quitting the party.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:42

JD (U) used the meeting to call for a joint Opposition candidate for the election to the President's post and urged Gandhi to take the lead in the matter, as per sources. The sources said the JDU chief was keen to be projected as the leaders of a united Opposition block and so had been proactive in reaching out to various leaders.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:41

Experts predict that her ruling Conservative Party could win around 100 more seats at the election on 8 June, which should bolster support for her Brexit plan - a prospect that has strengthened the pound. The Labour Party is reportedly considering holding a second European Union referendum which could block Brexit. "They want to unite together to divide our country and we will not let them do it".

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:38

The court heard that Chevron subsidiary ChevronTexaco Funding Corporation, which is incorporated in the U.S. state of DE, had loaned its Australian arm US$2.5 billion in 2003 at a favourable interest rate. Mr Ward said the decision "should have immediate implications" for Chevron's much larger $42 billion loan, to fund development of its north west shelf gas facilities, which involved a similar internal debt financing, albeit with a far lower interest rate charged.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:39

She said a general election will provide Britain with five years of strong and stable leadership to see the country through its negotiations with the European Union to make sure "we are able to make a success of the European Union referendum result".

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:38

The Turkish prime minister, Binali Yıldırım, said on Tuesday that claims of irregularities in the referendum were a vain effort to cast doubt on the result, after the main opposition party vowed to apply for the vote to be annulled. Unlike US President Donald Trump , the European Union would not congratulate Erdogan on his triumph, a Western official with knowledge of EU policy told Reuters .

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:34

Parisian media is reporting he was a local to the city and lived in its suburbs, while Islamic State - which has claimed responsibility - originally named him as Abu-Yusuf al-Baljiki. The incident comes just days before the first round of the French presidential election - and it could have an impact on the outcome. Details are still spotty following the shooting of two police officers on the Champs Elysees in Paris Thursday night.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:33

He pointedly stopped sort of telegraphing whether or not the US would remain in the agreement. "It was a bad agreement, it shouldn't have been signed, it shouldn't have been negotiated the way it was negotiated", Trump said at a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni on Thursday.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:36

Easter is a joyous reminder that Jesus' Resurrection overcomes fear and doubt, the USA bishops said in their 2017 Easter message. But Good Friday is not the end of the story. Christians have been urged to emulate the example of Jesus Christ by cultivating the habit of forgiving without keeping records of the wrongs forgiven and occasionally refer to them each time a similar offence is committed.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:28

The U.S. Navy said on Tuesday the carrier, USS Carl Vinson, was heading toward the Korean Peninsula, but only after it passes through Australia. Still, the games aren't new: Per the 38 North report , "Personnel playing volleyball at the Punggye-ri nuclear test facility have also been identified on a number of occasions as far back as 2006 prior to the first nuclear test and more recently in February".

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:21

The U.N.'s most powerful body demanded an immediate end to the North's nuclear and missile tests and threatened to take "further significant measures" - U.N. North Korea reacted angrily to the resolution, calling the statement "impudent words" and pointed fingers at the United States as the main aggressor in the region.

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:18

Clint Eastwood has confirmed his latest film will be an adaptation of the book The "15:17 To Paris: The True Story Of A Terrorist, A Train, And Three American Heroes". The demand for the genre doesn't appear to be dying down, with Eastwood now working on a film about an aid worker who is kidnapped by Somali pirates, according to The Hollywood Reporter .

by | April 22, 2017 | 00:15

All donations given will support the education of Tolley's 8-year-old daughter. Other firefighters were on the roof when the accident occurred. "I join all our fellow FDNY personnel in honoring the memory of our brother who unfortunately lost his life in the line of duty earlier today", Lemonda said.