by | June 22, 2017 | 05:51

Security forces killed at least four jihadis after the extremists attacked a resort spot popular with foreigners on the outskirts of Mali's capital Sunday in which two people were killed, the country's security minister said Monday. Flames rise following an attack where gunmen stormed Le Campement Kangaba resort in Dougourakoro. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, which took place during the final week of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:54

State president and Rajya Sabha member M.P. Veerendrakumar said that he won't vote for NDA presidential nominee Ram Nath Kovind . The Nitish Kumar-led JD (U) today announced its support for Kovind, dealing a serious blow to the opposition parties' attempts to put up a united candidate against him.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:51

The letter , signed by every Democrat on the Oversight Committee, asks Preibus to turn over the requested documents by July 5. A White House spokesperson declined to comment. It was Flynn who lied to Vice President Mike Pence and to FBI investigators about a meeting with the Russians, and it was the former national security adviser who the president was trying to protect when he-according to Comey's sworn testimony-asked the ex-FBI director to "see your way clear to letting this go, to ...

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:49

He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. "Five people were wounded in the assault, including a member of House Leadership - my good friend, Steve Scalise ", Trump said in his weekly web and radio address to the nation.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:41

The government, May said in the statement, is committed to working with lawmakers, regional officials and others "to build the widest possible consensus" on Brexit after the hard divorce talks with the European Union opened Monday in Brussels .

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:39

He was propelled into the domestic and worldwide limelight when his father Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud became Saudi Arabia's seventh king in 2015 and he was named deputy crown prince - behind his cousin whom he has now replaced - and defence minister.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:31

However, on July 31, Cristiano Ronaldo must attend to his first hearing at Madrid's Prosecutor's Office, after the authorities linked the brilliant athlete with an illegal image rights sale involving Ronaldo and his agent. "The last time I talked to him was after the Champions League final in Cardiff". In addition, they say he only declared 11.5 million euros of Spanish- related income from 2011 to 2014, while what he really earned during that time was close to 43 million euros.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:32

GERRY Adams has said he told Theresa May that she is in breach of the Good Friday Agreement in their first face-to-face meeting since the election. DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds has said there is no deadline for a deal between his party and the Tories, who are trying to establish a Westminster government without a majority.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:27

The US President has offered the family of Mr Warmbier his respects after news broke that the young man had died after being transported back to the United States from North Korea. He could not speak or move voluntarily when he returned, and his doctors said he suffered extensive brain damage. Warmbier's parents say he fell ill after he was imprisoned, and that the North Koreans claimed that he contracted botulism and fell into a coma after taking a sleeping pill.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:26

The three armed Palestinians who were shot dead after killing the officer belonged to local Islamist and leftist movements, Hamas , which rules the Gaza strip, said . In response to critics, the British broadcaster compiled an internal report in 2004 over its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A year ago saw the deadly Sarona Market terror attack , in which four people were killed and over a dozen were wounded, take place during Ramadan.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:23

Trump's tweets following the report appeared to confirm the investigation, but his lawyer said it only appeared that way because of the character limit on Twitter . Himes says interviews are still being scheduled and documents being reviewed. This meeting between Mueller and the House leaders came a week after he held a similar meeting with Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Richard Burr and its ranking Democrat Sen.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:22

The Portugal global will have to appear in the Pozuelo de Alarcon court No. 1 on July 31. Spanish prosecutors said on Tuesday they had filed a claim against the current Manchester United manager on two counts of tax fraud in 2011 and 2012.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:24

They will fight back", the President said. Meanwhile, President Du-terte said in an interview with reporters in Cagayan de Oro City he will call Widodo on Wednesday to inquire about Indonesian nationals reportedly fighting on the side of Maute Group terrorists.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:22

Rep. Jackie Speier on Wednesday disputed former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson's contention the Democratic National Committee declined his agency's help after its computers were hacked by Russian Federation during last year's election.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:21

Russian Federation "orchestrated cyberattacks on our nation for the objective of influencing our election", Jeh Johnson told the House Intelligence Committee . "I do not believe our country is made safer by holding this information back from the American public", he said. The question of the breadth and depth of Russian penetration in election systems has alarmed local and federal officials.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:22

We're both, obviously, very concerned with combating terrorism, we both have similar views about delivering a good Brexit for this country, and, obviously, we're both very, very concerned with the Irish border issue. Damian Green also set up a clash with police chiefs begging for an end to damaging funding cuts when he insisted: "There are no police cuts". He acknowledged it would be dominated by Brexit, with up to eight Bills expected to prepare for the complications of departure day, in ...

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:21

She was accompanied by her eldest son, Prince Charles , after Buckingham Palace confirmed that her husband, Prince Philip , had been hospitalized with an infection. She also tried to be softer period. By the time of the Queen's speech, there was no word of a deal and DUP members were telling reporters that they were astonished by the inefficiency of the May's office and insisting they would not be taken for granted.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:16

However, the Queen mentioned the Agricultural Bill in her speech, and afterwards the Country, Land and Business Association commented: "Getting Brexit right for farming is of fundamental importance to the rural economy and we welcome the fact it will be subject to detailed scrutiny during the passage of a dedicated Agricultural Bill".

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:13

Last November, former justice minister Liz Truss revealed a consultation on government plans to "crack down on minor, exaggerated and fraudulent claims". If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article. While the DUP has historically voted with Conservatives in a majority of divisions, party sources indicate that the support of its 10 MPs should not be "taken for granted".

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:13

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, who led the ceremony, were joined onstage by Burt Ward, the Robin to West's Batman . He said: "They've all had their time in the cape and the cowl but did anyone have more fun than Adam West? ". Although West was typecast after Batman , the actor later embraced his image as he played homages to himself, such as in an episode of the Emmy-winning Batman : The Animated Series in 1992 ("Beware the Gray Ghost").

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:09

She's got an agent, she sings, dances, models and acts. Complete with foot stamping, dramatic arm motions and the classic move of closing your eyes so you can REALLY hit that high note, she's got all the hallmarks of a musical diva in the making.

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:10

Residents who live near Grenfell Tower in London have expressed heartbreak and outrage after spotting visitors taking selfies at the site of last week's deadly fire. "We are ready to do everything we can to help the victims of the awful fire at Grenfell Tower". "First, landlords of high-rise residential buildings should review and urgently reissue fire safety advice to residents and those at the meeting agreed to do so".

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:10

Congressman Steve Scalise underwent another operation Saturday and his condition has been upgraded to "serious" from "critical". The House Majority Whip "received many units of blood transfusion for ongoing hemorrhage from multiple locations".

by | June 22, 2017 | 05:10

According to the transcript Lyles also said "Get ready (expletive)". A child steps over burned-out candles at a memorial outside where a pregnant mother was shot and killed at her apartment a day earlier by police, Monday, June 19, 2017, in Seattle.

by | June 21, 2017 | 08:22

It also said the Islamic republic was hunting for the command centers of the terrorists beyond the borders. From January to March 2017 "we dismantled 45 cells, while in the past two-and-a-half months alone we have dismantled more than 25 terrorist cells", he said.

by | June 21, 2017 | 08:12

Gilbert continued saying that the Cavaliers did not have an announcement regarding new leadership but said they are still exploring options. With Griffin out, the Cavs enter a critical juncture without a seasoned executive making the calls.

by | June 21, 2017 | 08:04

Labour's unexpectedly strong second-place showing has thrown national politics into disarray. Ms Foster said she hoped a deal could be done "sooner rather than later". Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said the government should put economic growth at the heart of its Brexit strategy, comments placing her in the camp of those advocating a closer trade relationship with the European Union , or "soft" Brexit .

by | June 21, 2017 | 08:05

The law enforcement source tells CNN that it's not clear it is an assassination list. Officials also said Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois, had pictures of the ballpark on his cellphone, and had been spending time at a YMCA center beside the ballpark for several weeks - using his laptop in the lobby for hours, the Times reported .

by | June 21, 2017 | 08:01

Mr Eastwood made a number of proposals to Theresa May aimed at restoring power sharing government in Northern Ireland. She said: "We continue our discussions with the DUP ". Foster also said that while the eurosceptic DUP "believe in Brexit ", they recognize the unique geography on the island of Ireland and want to see pragmatic talks between the European Union and Britain about what works for both the British province of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, an EU member.

by | June 21, 2017 | 08:01

President Donald Trump has urged voters to vote for Republican Karen Handel , who is fighting a close race against Democratic newcomer Jon Ossoff in a highly anticipated District 6 race of Georgia on Tuesday. Handel and Ossoff have tried to say this race isn't about Trump or Washington , but the president and the GOP agenda on Capitol Hill have dominated the campaign.

by | June 21, 2017 | 07:59

Police said Ricky Dubose (W/M 6'1 140 pounds) and Donnie Russell Rowe (W/M 6'1 181 pounds) are the suspects. It was taken sometime between 6 p.m. Tuesday and 6 a.m. Sills said the pair was seen fleeing in a car-jacked "grass green", four-door Honda Civic with the Georgia license plate number RBJ-6601. They are believed to be traveling in a auto that was carjacked shortly after the shooting.

by | June 21, 2017 | 07:58

Belgian Rail says traffic has been halted at Brussels Central Station, and the city's Grand Palace has also been evacuated, report local Belgian media. And in March 2016, 32 people died in attacks on Brussels airport and the metro system which were claimed by the Isis. There was a second blast farther away, which he could not see, followed by what sounded like gunfire, prompting him to run.

by | June 21, 2017 | 07:54

A vehicle loaded with gas canisters rammed into a police van on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris on a busy Monday, leaving just the driver of the auto dead. The armed driver deliberately plowed into the police vehicle, authorities said, and he later died. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on BFM television Monday that the permit was initially issued before the attacker was flagged to authorities.

by | June 21, 2017 | 07:51

But Democrats' loss in Georgia is nonetheless a stinging disappointment for the party. The 77-year-old congressman on Tuesday recalled a letter a young Ossoff wrote to Lewis asking for a Capitol Hill internship. Handel received 20 percent of the vote, which propelled her to today's runoff against Ossoff. The county looked into the posts, Barron said, but could not verify them.

by | June 21, 2017 | 07:49

It is said by the Iranians to have a range of 2,000km (1,240 miles) and capable of carrying bombs and missiles. Central Command on Tuesday said the drone shootdown happened in the same location. It said around 2 million children from Syria live as refugees in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, adding pressure on already stretched support systems. Fighting and bombardment also resumed early Tuesday in the contested city of Daraa and nearby areas where a 48-hour truce went into effect on Saturday.