by | June 12, 2017 | 10:09

A potential Conservative-led governing coalition in the United Kingdom that includes the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP ) could be "good news for Israel", a British Jewish activist said on Friday, following the surprising parliamentary election results that saw Prime Minister Theresa May lose her majority in the House of Commons.

by | June 12, 2017 | 10:07

Florida Today described him as a disgruntled, fired employee, armed with a semiautomatic handgun and a hunting knife. The woman then called her sister on the telephone and kept saying, " My boss is dead ". He wouldn't say why Neumann was sacked in April. Sheriff Demings indicated that the Orange County Sheriff's Office had been called out to Fiamma in June of 2014 as this particular employee was reportedly involved in a violent episode and accused of battering another employee.

by | June 12, 2017 | 10:08

Chief Minister Chouhan had been criticised for his decision to fast instead of "helping the farmers". Chouhan, under relentless opposition attack over the farmers' stir, broke his fast about a day-and-half into it with a glass of coconut water offered by former MP chief minister Kailash Joshi .

by | June 12, 2017 | 10:06

Demonstrators gathered to protest against Islamic law take part in a rally Saturday, June 10, 2017 , in NY. "No Trump, No KKK, No fascist US", yelled the counter-protesters. The march was one of several across the country organized by ACT for America. The Southern Poverty Law Center labels ACT as a hate group-an entity that attracts white supremacists and neo-nazi sympathizers.

by | June 12, 2017 | 10:04

Both failed to reach the "Caliphate", but both ended up as neighbours in east London , from where they planned and brought jihad to the streets of this country. In the documentary aired on Channel 4 and directed by Jamie Roberts, Butt is shown praying in a London park and having an altercation with British police personnel.

by | June 12, 2017 | 10:03

But that's not Varadkar's only first - he'll also be Ireland's youngest prime minister ever at 38 years old. I am not a half- Indian politician, or a doctor politician or a gay politician for that matter. He'll also be the first leader of Asian descent and the youngest leader at 38 years old. Its piece details again how the gay son of an Indian immigrant is set to take the role of taoiseach .

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:57

National Security Agency Director Admiral Mike Rogers and Coats will also be present at the hearing, originally set to discuss a foreign surveillance law. Warner pressed both of them, asking if Trump had made any such request to downplay the investigation. Andrew McCabe, the acting Federal Bureau of Investigation director, is also expected to testify at Wednesday's hearing.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:57

The violence comes as a regional summit is scheduled for Tuesday in Afghanistan to promote peace, security and reconciliation. Meanwhile, Kabul Garrison General Command urged protesters to abstain from any gatherings or demonstration, citing the risk of terrorist attacks on large gathering of people.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:51

But the governor's office in Nangarhar province says it took place there, where American special forces have been fighting alongside Afghans against Islamic State and the Taliban. The Achin district , where the attack is believed to have occurred , is described as an ISIS and Taliban stronghold. The #Pentagon's report also noted that an investigation of this incident was initiated.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:48

The explosion happened close to Western embassies, government institutions and various residencies of high-ranking officials. The Pentagon has proposed that between 2,000 and 4,000 additional American troops might be needed for Afghanistan , with a similar troop commitment from other North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries, according to a US official.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:41

It wasn't all about her relationship with Trump, but it marked yet another election setback for Trump-linked candidates in Europe. The Conservatives fell 7 seats short of a majority, and May announced today that she would form a coalition government with the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), the socially conservative majority party in Northern Ireland .

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:43

Following Thursday's 3-0 win for Mexico over Honduras , Osorio stated to TV Azteca that Rafael Marquez , Miguel Layun and Andres Guardado would be unavailable for Sunday's game . "I don't think there's anything wrong with saying it". Not sure he'd win a street fight but he'll always get stuck into a tackle, he's not afraid. "We know the ref probably won't be on our side".

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:42

Exams conducted by Karnataka State Secondary Education Examinations Board for D Ed/D.EI and others have been postponed to June 13. Even though most organisations are backing the bandh today only in principle, Kannada activist Vatal Nagaraj said he and his team will ensure it is a success.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:40

The party is seeking support from Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party to stay in power. Her Downing Street office initially announced on Saturday that the "principles of an outline agreement" had been agreed with the DUP , only for the DUP to contradict that account hours later.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:42

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his party had "won this election " after its best vote share since 2001, at 40 per cent, fuelled by an extraordinary turnout of students and young supporters. Mr James Morris, a pollster who used to work for Labour , credited Mr Corbyn's "disciplined populism" for the party's performance. "We will continue to work with our friends and allies in the Democratic Unionist Party in particular", May said, while DUP remained non-committal, ...

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:38

Under pressure from Conservative cabinet ministers, May accepted the resignation of her two top aides, her co-chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill, on Saturday. In the current atmosphere of instability, there's also talk of another general election, perhaps as early as this autumn. "As I reflect on the results I will reflect on what we need to do in the future to take the party forward", May said on Friday in a televised statement .

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:37

Yet it was unsafe release that switched the outcome and the results around on Sunday, with race one victor Felix Rosenqvist issued a 10-second time penalty from the stewards for an unsafe release from his stop. It was a move Daniel Abt , di Grassi's teammate, wasn't able to repeat a lap later before Vergne started to fall further back in the later stages of the race.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:38

May's authority over her party was shattered by the election result. Former chancellor George Osborne predicted that Mrs May could be forced out of No 10 within a matter of days, saying she was "dead woman walking". Owen Paterson, a senior Conservative lawmaker, said "let's see how it pans out", when asked about May's future. May's office said on Saturday principles of an agreement had been reached but the two sides later clarified that they were still talking.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:37

After calling a snap election in a bid to strengthen her hand in the talks, Prime Minister Theresa May now faces heading to Brussels with a weaker mandate and with her own position under threat. On Friday, European Council president Donald Tusk warned Mrs May there is "no time to lose". European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker also said he hoped there would be no further delay to the negotiations "we are desperately waiting for".

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:28

When pressed on who she thinks colluded with Russian Federation to supply this information, Clinton said, "I'm leaning Trump". "The Russians, in my opinion, and based on the intel and counterintel people I've talked to, could not have known how best to weaponize that information unless they had been guided", she alleged .

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:28

As tensions flare between Saudi Arabia , Qatar, Iran and their allies, reports of hacking are emerging across the Gulf. Qatari military was put on high alert and 16 Leopard tanks were moved out of storage in Doha . Ankara hosted Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif this week for talks, including on Qatar. But with ties Qatar and its neighbours severed, Asian Football Confederation general secretary Windsor John said the continental body was assessing events.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:19

But authorities in the UAE and Bahrain have made praise for Qatar's government a criminal offense carrying possible jail time, and some Gulf citizens have anxious that the strong rhetoric on Qatar's foreign policy would divide their peoples.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:19

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer made the announcement on CBS' "Face the Nation," on Sunday. Trump's assertion came after he branded Comey as a "leaker" and claimed "total and complete vindication" after ousted Federal Bureau of Investigation director's testimony before a Senate Committee .

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:16

In his speech that immediately followed Modi's, Sharif said, "We fully endorse the SCO's resolve to fight the twin evils of terrorism and extremism". Mr Xi also congratulated India on becoming an official member state of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) security bloc, jointly led by Russian Federation and China.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:16

The party said Saturday that Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill have quit. Though Theresa May's Conservative Party will still be the largest in Parliament, and she has vowed to continue on as prime minister, conservatives had hoped to gain seats and bolster their majority.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:12

But after gambling away a majority in parliament in an election she did not need to call, May needs to unite a disillusioned party around her to not only support her in the Brexit talks but also to strike a deal with a small Northern Irish party that will enable her to stay in power.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:10

But now, after losing her majority, the Conservative Party's embarrassing showing has catapulted British politics into the unknown. "The pm (prime minister) is a woman of extraordinary qualities and frankly the public are looking to us to get behind her with discipline and determination", Johnson said.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:13

It remains unclear whether the Tuesday hearing will be open to the public. And she doesn't "understand why the president just doesn't clear this matter up once and for all". According to Trump, Comey leaked " more [information] than anyone thought possible". On Sunday, Trump called Comey "very cowardly" in a Tweet and questioned the legality of his actions.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:12

President Donald Trump are a "matter of disgrace" for them. Pictures on social media showed how people, including children, fled through the windows of the parliament building. A police officer stands guard as vehicles drive in front of Iran's parliament building in Tehran , Iran, Thursday, May 8, 2017. Iran has blamed Saudi Arabia for the mayhem, but there has been no official link of its involvement.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:09

With the new government set to present its legislative programme to parliament on June 19, the clock is ticking on efforts to bolster the Conservatives´ position after they won just 318 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons. He added: 'We are ready - anytime'. Her weakened position in the party rules out big changes, and May's office has said that the most senior Cabinet members - including Treasury chief Philip Hammond , Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and Home Secretary Amber Rudd ...

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:08

Number 10 said the arrangement will be put to the Cabinet for discussion on Monday. A Downing Street spokeswoman said: "The Prime Minister has tonight spoken with the DUP to discuss finalising a confidence and supply deal when Parliament returns next week".

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:05

The House intelligence committee is seeking any tapes of the conversations. Whether that hearing will be public or closed is not known. "No I didn't say that", Mr Trump stated abruptly, taking questions at a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis in the Rose Garden.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:04

But the ballot-box humiliation has seriously - and possibly mortally - wounded her leadership just as Britain is about to begin complex exit talks with the European Union. May's party is short of the 326 it needed for an outright majority and fairly down from the 330 seats it had before the election. Instead, the result has sown confusion and division in British ranks, just days before negotiations are due to start on June 19.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:00

In the report, she said that the police blamed her for setting trucks on fire and causing violence. Farmer leaders asserted that they will continue the agitation till their demands, including loan waiver and better price of their produce, are met.

by | June 12, 2017 | 09:00

Pic: ReutersLONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May will ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government on Friday after an election debacle that saw her Conservative Party lose its parliamentary majority days before talks on Britain's European Union departure are due to begin.