by | September 13, 2017 | 00:11

The system is expected be labeled a contributing factor in the crash because it allowed drivers to avoid steering or watching the road for lengthy periods. There was no evidence indicating the truck driver was distracted by cell phone use. The system could not reliably detect cross traffic and "did little to constrain the use of autopilot to roadways for which it was designed", the board said.

by | September 12, 2017 | 23:50

However, the probe's propulsion system is now nearly exhausted. NASA's Cassini spacecraft is headed toward its September 15 plunge into Saturn, following a final, distant flyby of the planet's giant moon Titan . The phrase relates to Titan's gravity pushing the craft toward its final mission - a dive straight into Saturn's atmosphere . The probe also provided high-resolution radar images of Titan's surface, which included topography and images of its northern methane lakes .

by | September 12, 2017 | 23:48

Besides being one of the most popular games on Steam , PUBG will launch on concoles first on Xbox One , and has a new gun on the way. Users on Reddit have confirmed that it's a coastal settlement called Kameshki. "The algorithm is quite complex and requires rigorous testing and fine-tuning of the map". The full patch notes can be found here if you're interested.

by | September 12, 2017 | 22:53

Being a mostly online multiplayer game, Destiny 2 is reliant on servers being accessible for players to connect and play. Bungie CEO Pete Parsons doubled down on the decision to remove the Destiny 2 gauntlets hate symbol with a tweet of his own saying that Bungie supports inclusion and respect for both their employees and their players.

by | September 12, 2017 | 21:58

People can stream the Apple's 10 Anniversary Keynote live streaming live on Apple's website , How to switch: Android users interested in the new iPhone will want to read this article from USA Today . The Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV (2017) was leaked earlier as well. iPhone , iPad or iPod Touch with Safari on iOS 9.0 or later. Copyright 2016 The Associated Press .

by | September 12, 2017 | 21:44

The next iPhone is expected to be announced later on Tuesday amid a frenzy of interest after details were allegedly leaked ahead of the event. The first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs in January 2007. Despite these high hopes, Apple's stock still trades at a reasonable valuation of less than 15 times earnings forecasts for next year. To this end, advanced facial recognition technology is expected to be announced that can unlock the phone and possibly perform other functions.

by | September 12, 2017 | 21:21

CEO Tim Cook says Apple is working closely with the Red Cross's relief and recovery efforts. For more analysis of Apple , visit the IBD Stock Checkup . The Apple Watch Series 3 will be sold in two versions: a cellular version for $399 and a non-cellular version for $329. The new software will have new features around training and monitoring your health from September 19 with an upgrade to Watch OS.

by | September 12, 2017 | 21:11

Its arrival is imminent, especially as we've noticed the Apple Store go down (as it normally does prior to Apple events). We'll be sure to update this article once the device is officially announced in Cupertino, California later today.

by | September 12, 2017 | 20:55

As the researchers explained, actually capturing the birth of such a solar flare was a rather hard process as a tyical X-class flare can burst and reach its peak in as little as five minutes, meaning astronomers need to act fast to ensure they catch the crucial opening moments of the flares evolution.

by | September 12, 2017 | 20:24

Bungie elaborated in a recent blog post: "If you have witnessed the race to become the first to topple the final boss, you know we keep Raid info well under wraps", Bungie explains. The name of the raid , " Leviathan ", has been confirmed by both Bungie and the game's Trophy list. It is said to be a "World-Eater" ship or beasts that consumes planets, based on pre-release concept art and an early game cutscene.

by | September 12, 2017 | 20:10

The smartphone is priced at Rs 12,990 and is now available for purchase on Flipkart . Dubbed as A71, the phone flaunts a metal unibody at a budget price. There's only 16 GB of storage available, but you do have the option of expanding it for an additional 256 GB with a microSD card. Besides, the smartphone will offer dual-SIM support, 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0, and Global Positioning System.

by | September 12, 2017 | 19:17

BlackBerry is known for pushing out updates quickly to its devices but there are limits to what it can accomplish. The podcast ran just over an hour, and the crew asked numerous questions we've seen crop up regularly here in our forums. In the times when phones with physical keyboards are rare to find, BlackBerry Priv features a slider physical QWERTY keyboard rendering a corporate look to the device.

by | September 12, 2017 | 17:24

The day before Apple puts out its new phones - and more specifically the iPhone X - Qualcomm wanted to jump the gun by putting out a list of tech that Android got first. The first augmented reality phone is Lenovo Phab Pro 2. If you've been following recent Apple rumors and leaks, you know that those are all things we expect to see spread across the new iPhones that the company will unveil tomorrow.

by | September 12, 2017 | 16:58

The malware used in these attacks have been linked to North Korean groups suspects of attacks targeting global banks previous year, FireEye said. "While bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges may seem like odd targets for nation state actors interested in funding state coffers, some of the other illicit endeavours North Korea pursues further demonstrate interest in conducting financial crime on the regime's behalf", the firm said.

by | September 12, 2017 | 16:49

Vladimir Putin has warned against making military threats against North Korea, saying it could lead to "a global, planetary catastrophe". While in the country, Moon is also scheduled to meet with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe and expand on the "strong and real responses" the two agreed to bring against North Korea during their telephone conversation.

by | September 12, 2017 | 16:39

It uses permanent quattro four-wheel drive to channel 444bhp to the road for a 4.1-second 0-62mph time. From the rear, the new RS4 is easily identified by a unique diffuser insert in the lower bumper, which is sculpted to accommodate big oval exhaust outlets, while a rear spoiler hangs above the rear screen.

by | September 12, 2017 | 16:20

The S-Pen-Galaxy Note 8 duo also allow you to pin these notes on the device's Always-on display from where you can edit them at will. Also, the Galaxy Note 8 is IP68 certified making it dust and water resistant . Much of these digital features rely heavily on gestures and fingertip manipulation, which can miss out on more precise and expressive uses for your smartphone.

by | September 12, 2017 | 15:27

Exclusively featuring Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY racecars, the new all-electric series gives racers of the future a chance to showcase their talent, competing on the world stage in zero-emissions motorsport. Tata owned British auto manufacturer Jaguar was one of the first companies to take part in the FIA Formula E a year ago. Jaguar's already receiving enquiries on the series, which it sees as the ideal launch pad for ambitious drivers keen to showcase their skills in front of a global ...

by | September 12, 2017 | 14:54

Google has certified the smartphone for performance and security, and assured timely Android version updates. The phone support 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom. As it can be supposed from the configurations, Xiaomi declared that handset has introduced a special feature of Portrait Mode for providing Bokeh effect for providing depth of field.

by | September 12, 2017 | 08:01

But this is their first time in the Champions League group stages. The Londoners became the first English club to win all four European trophies and are the only club to hold the Champions League and the Europa League trophies at the same time following their success in 2012.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:12

It would ban North Korea from importing all natural gas liquids and condensates. According to North Korea, the USA "is trying to use Pyongyang's legitimate self-defensive measures as an excuse to strangle and completely suffocate it". The original USA draft would also have frozen the assets of North Korea's state-owned airline Air Koryo, the Korean People's Army, and five other powerful military and party entities.

by | September 12, 2017 | 00:06

Porsche has unveiled a cheaper but no less powerful alternative to the rare and now discontinued 911 R in the form of a new 911 GT3 model featuring a so-called Touring Package. Inside, the interior is swaddled in leather rather than Alcantara, lending a more classic appeal and comfortable personality. The naturally aspirated six-cylinder flat engine with four-litre displacement is taken from racing cars such as the 911 RSR and 911 GT3 Cup.

by | September 11, 2017 | 22:49

In short, "Transportation may not be done by aircraft, watercraft, rail, drones, human-powered vehicles, or unmanned vehicles ". "Vehicles used for transporting cannabis goods must contain a box that can be locked and that is secured to the inside of the vehicle or trailer".

by | September 11, 2017 | 20:42

That LaFerrari - the 500th vehicle - was finished in a patriotic Italian livery as a gift from Ferrari to the people in central Italy affected by the devastating earthquakes, and it raised an impressive £5.3 million at auction , around five times the real list price of the auto.

by | September 11, 2017 | 18:40

The 1,500 horsepower hypercar was driven by IndyCar driver Juan Pablo Montoya. It took 32.6 seconds to reach 400h/km, and the remaining 9.3 seconds to come to a halt again. We actually drove it. "This truly impressive performance further confirms that the Chiron is the world's best super-sports auto". "Just get in and drive off.

by | September 11, 2017 | 18:37

The Mercedes-AMG Project One extracts this sort of performance from a 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 motor that has been inspired from Mercedes' Formula 1 endeavours. The hotly anticipated F1-engined Project One is going to premiere on the Frankfurt Motor Show catwalk to usher a new era of hypercars, joined by models such as the Red Bull Aston Martin Valkyrie.

by | September 11, 2017 | 14:47

Progressives on Kotaku were quick to express their outrage at the development, with writer Laura Kate Dale expressing the belief that white players would play it on easy mode, and everyone else on harder difficulty levels . "Can you just hang on a minute? I need to call your parents". "It'll just take a second". "You can be whatever sex you want..." In the previous game, the only option was to play as a boy.

by | September 11, 2017 | 12:33

Twitter users create tweetstorms by sending out a tweet and then chaining successive replies to that first one and to the succeeding tweets to create a thread of them. Because of this, it's unclear as to when Twitter will roll this feature out to everyone. Whether making tweetstorms easier is good for the information density and consumption trends of Twitter is up for debate.

by | September 11, 2017 | 10:06

They said biometrics collected should be encrypted by the telecom company and sent to UIDAI at that moment itself and any storage of biometric by a service provider is a criminal offence punishable with up to three years' imprisonment under the Aadhaar Act 2016.

by | September 11, 2017 | 08:38

North Korea's ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva said his country's "recent self-defence measures" were " gift packages " for the USA and more would follow "as long as" the Trump administration "relies on reckless provocations and futile attempts to put pressure on the DPRK".

by | September 11, 2017 | 00:44

However, the main provider of the North's oil, China, is likely to oppose such a restriction in the U.N. Security Council, where it wields a veto as it fears a regime collapse on its border. Asked by CBS News if the United Nations could play a role in resolving the crisis in North Korea , the Secretary General said , "I have signaled to the parties my availability to support any serious efforts".

by | September 10, 2017 | 21:28

A pair of exciting, electric concept vehicles were also revealed. The company envisions the wheel being, in some cases, the only part of the auto a person might own in the future - with the rise of on-demand service clubs, such as Lyft, into which it recently invested $25 million.

by | September 10, 2017 | 17:34

And similarly Other smartphone company are also planning to launch budget 4G feature phone to compete with Jio . And, will Airtel, which has been matching every offer by Jio with their own offers , offer something more with their VoLTE services? Bharti Airtel says that the customers will get a message to activate the 4G VoLTE services on their device.

by | September 10, 2017 | 16:35

This is not the first time that a multiplatform game has costed more on Switch than the other systems. Rockstar Games has announced that L.A. Noire will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One , as well as via a VR experience that pulls from the original game.

by | September 10, 2017 | 15:59

The Coon, leads. The faction, appropriately called Coon and Friends, features a variety of other South Park regulars like Kyle and Jimmy. In a recent preview of South Park's upcoming game " The Fractured But Wholes ", it was revealed that the difficulty of the game increases depending on the colour of your characters skin.