by | September 10, 2017 | 14:20

Blass just shared a render of an Android One-branded Motorola device . However, a report from 9to5Google is of the strong opinion that a USA launch is inevitable. Phone makers often price devices in Europe at the same nominal price as in the USA, just swapping the currency symbol; i.e. €399 $399. Xiaomi today unveiled its Mi A1 smartphone in India.

by | September 10, 2017 | 14:11

Facebook said it has also done a broad search for ads that might have originated in Russia, for example, ads purchased from accounts with U.S. IP addresses but with the language set to Russian. Petersburg that publishes comments on social media. "So now we need to see if there are dots that connect", he said. Clint Watts, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent who has studied Russian online influence campaigns, said Wednesday that Facebook's report served as "validation" for ...

by | September 10, 2017 | 08:10

Also, when on a video call, you can simply tap back to continue your video call in picture-in-picture mode, a feature available only for Android 8.0 users or higher. Earlier the company brought Snapchat like stories where you can snap images and videos as your status updates, and they remained as your status for 24 hours.

by | September 10, 2017 | 07:56

Without a doubt, the most anticipated launch is that of the iPhone 8 . It has launched "pro" lines of the iPad and an "edition" version of the Apple Watch . The same leak also reveals the preview image showcasing the new Apple Watch with a new face and red-accented digital crown, a signal meter and a hint at wireless LTE connectivity.

by | September 09, 2017 | 14:44

The successor to Galaxy Tab A series is out. Flagship Galaxy devices are typically first in line to major Android upgrades. The most attractive aspect of the device is its battery power, which is a 5,000mAh unit and can also be charged through a USB Type-C port, that is also used for connectivity .

by | September 09, 2017 | 14:25

The Nokia 8 has a 5.3-inch 2,560 x 1,440 LCD screen, an aluminium body 4.6mm thick at the edges and 7.3 mm on average, and is available in Polished Blue, Polished Copper, Tempered Blue, and Steel. It has 4GB RAM, has 64GB of internal storage but can be expanded to 256GB through a microSD card. The Nokia 8 is the first smartphone to feature Nokia OZO Audio.

by | September 09, 2017 | 12:39

Another likely factor in T-Mobile's improvement is its aggressive strategy to expand its 4G LTE coverage, the Speedtest report noted. Two-factor authentication is one of the best lines of defenses against account and identity theft but it's not ideal.

by | September 09, 2017 | 12:33

The phone has an nearly full-screen display similar to what we have seen on the Galaxy S8 making them the next phone manufacturer to show off this screen type. The fingerprint scanner of the phone has been placed on the back just like the other models of Vivo . Smartphone maker Vivo on Thursday launched the V7 Plus in India with a price tag of Rs 21,990.

by | September 09, 2017 | 12:30

You will see the dual cameras and the small metal ring around it. As you will launch the camera app in the brand new Galaxy device, it will come with a button labeled as 'X1' or 'X2'. On top of that, replacing the display can be extra tricky due to the fragility of it and the glass rear panel, and again all of the glue. Meanwhile, a report in IBTimes revealed that Samsung has received around 395,000 pre-registrations for Galaxy Note 8 in its home-country South Korea.

by | September 09, 2017 | 12:17

Solar storms result from an accumulation of magnetic energy in some places. The sun released two solar flares this week. One solar flare , rated as a moderate M5 on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's space weather scale, generated a wave of electrically charged particles that is now sweeping past Earth.

by | September 09, 2017 | 06:08

Called the Griffith , TVR has brought back a name that was used throughout the brand's history, with this auto capable of speeds up to 200mph and a 0-60mph time of less than four seconds. The only concessions to modernity seem to be the inclusion of both traction control and anti-lock brakes and the use of electrical power assistance for the steering.

by | September 08, 2017 | 01:19

But here's the most interesting part: it seems HTC is in "final stage of negotiation" with Google regarding a sale of its smartphone business. HTC, which has been working closely with Google for years now, has lately been in troubled waters.

by | September 07, 2017 | 23:21

A year ago, Apple got rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone, a painful sting to music lovers and a move not even Apple did a good job of selling us on . And because I was connecting the headphone adapter to the lightning jack, I needed to figure out how to make the lightning jack still work for things like charging and syncing to a computer.

by | September 07, 2017 | 20:05

Atom serves to influence electrodes . "If we want to make an array of thousands or millions of qubits so close together, it means that all the control lines, the control electronics and the readout devices must also be fabricated at that nanometric scale, and with that pitch and that density of electrodes", explains Andrea Morello , program manager at CQC2T.

by | September 07, 2017 | 17:50

Tory Remainers signalled they would not vote against the bill at second reading but could rebel during later stages. - United Kingdom to curb post Brexit EU migration. Departure from the EU will mean "the end of rights-based, unconditional free movement", with future migration rights driven by the Government's view of "the economic and social needs of the country" rather than employers' desire for European workers, the document states.

by | September 07, 2017 | 17:12

SpaceX gained its USA military payload certification in 2015, and the USAF is hoping to diversify its orbital test vehicle launch capabilities with SpaceX with this launch, provided everything goes smoothly. There are only two of the Boeing-built spacecraft, which each measure about 29 feet long with a 15-foot wingspan. "The fifth OTV mission continues to advance the X-37B's performance and flexibility as a space technology demonstrator and host platform for experimental payloads", Air Force ...

by | September 07, 2017 | 17:00

It is a massive vote of confidence from the government in Birmingham and in the whole region. The likely endorsement by the Federal Government could be a crowning moment for Birmingham as potential global competitors have been dropping out of the fast moving race.

by | September 07, 2017 | 15:43

The latest feature, which is still under its testing phase, gives Instagram users the option to share photos and videos created with Instagram's in-app camera to their Facebook Story , as well as their Instagram Story. The Story feature might be popular on Instagram , but the same can't be said on Facebook . But Facebook's attempt to integrate them into its core app has completely bombed (despite prominent placement) and just isn't clicking with users.

by | September 07, 2017 | 14:36

It is refreshing to note that the company is still using the OnePlus 3 as the primary device to test the update on before OnePlus 3T and 5. Even Pete Lau, the OnePlus founder and CEO, confirmed that the yesteryear flagships - OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T will receive the Android Oreo update later this year.

by | September 07, 2017 | 12:39

According to the Center for prediction of space weather ( SWPC ), these eruptions tell of category X have disrupted radio communications in high-frequency for an hour on the side of the Earth facing the sun, as well as communications at the low frequency used in the navigation.

by | September 07, 2017 | 12:20

Already a standout for its impressive fuel-efficiency, award-winning design, top safety scores, spirited driving dynamics and upscale amenities, the Mazda CX-3 subcompact crossover SUV has undergone its first round of thoughtful improvements, treating drivers to an impressive value with available features they might not find in vehicles costing twice as much.

by | September 07, 2017 | 10:38

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities says there may be three phones - two resembling the current iPhone 7 , and one OLED model with a different form factor. Well, it was added that instead of the Apple iPhone 7s, the lower range device will be called the Apple iPhone 8 instead. What Kind Of Capabilities Will The New Phones Have? The screen is also widely expected to be curved at the edges, like on Samsung's flagship S8 handset, according to previous analyst reports.

by | September 07, 2017 | 10:03

Honor V9 Play has been launched by the company in two variants - one with a 3 GB RAM and another with 4 GB RAM, both priced at CNY 999 and CNY 1,199 respectively. On the front, there will be no physical home button on this phone. The internal memory space can be expanded up to 128GB with the help of a microSD card.

by | September 07, 2017 | 09:21

The smartphone recently appeared on Samsung Thailands's website along with its pricing and availability details. Another highlight of the new Galaxy J7 Plus is the provision of dual WhatsApp accounts which means that the user can have two WhatsApp accounts running on the device at the same time.

by | September 07, 2017 | 08:26

It is the 3rd model in the company's M series of phones. The new M2 Play runs on Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box with the heavily customised Nubia UI laid on top. Nubia M2 Play is backed by a 3000mAh non-removable battery which supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 for fast charging. Speaking of the connectivity options, it includes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth v4, 4G VoLTE, micro USB, 3.5mm audio-jack, GPS, and GLONASS.

by | September 07, 2017 | 05:48

The OLED unit cost is estimated as $120-130 versus $45-55 for LCD panels. The reason for this is because Samsung is the only company capable of producing the edge to edge OLED panels that Apple is trying to incorporate in the upcoming iPhone .

by | September 07, 2017 | 03:45

Linkedin noted that one of the biggest challenges for marketers is reaching the people who matter most to their business. "What's more, today the LinkedIn Audience Network offers greater advertiser control and reporting". The Microsoft-owned professional networking service, used by more than 500 million people globally, has actually launched versions of the LinkedIn Audience Network in the past, including way back in 2008 , and more recently in 2015 .

by | September 07, 2017 | 03:46

He stated that the key to a successful game is that "software with absolute quality leads sales of hardware", and that playing style can be flexible if the software is attractive enough. Ishihara, however, feels that the Switch is not very different from Nintendo's traditional handhelds. Of course, he ended up being very wrong on that front, as the console has been very successful so far and is on track to almost match the lifetime sales of the Wii U in its first year alone.

by | September 07, 2017 | 03:19

The celebrity told MTV News that the viewers don't want to see him make a comeback. Ol' Eddie made an appearance at the start of the season as a Lannister soldier, singing (naturally) a tune in the woods alongside Ayra Stark, played by real-life Sheeran fan Maisie Williams , who joked about killing their queen.

by | September 07, 2017 | 02:36

In Boston, where Commissioner Rob Manfred was making a regularly scheduled appearance at Fenway Park, he largely downplayed the story, confirming only that the accusations were made and saying that an investigation is ongoing and will be resolved soon.

by | September 07, 2017 | 02:19

Unlike iPhone 8 , 7S and 7S Plus will be available in a more affordable 32GB variant. From 2 Years We Are waiting for iPhone 8 and finally The Leaks Comes From Apple That Confirm That iPhone 8 To be launch In September. On Apple's keynote reveal date of 12 September we should see three new iPhone models. Apple's warranty for most products covers eligible repairs for its products, including the iPhone, for a year after purchase.

by | September 07, 2017 | 01:42

The Nintendo Switch version of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim " will be released later this year. It is due of course to the hybrid side of the machine, but also to the presence of a few unavoidable hits, like Zelda: Breath of the Wild at the launch, not to mention Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or a Splatoon 2 that arrived in the wake, as well as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle which settles in the rays.

by | September 07, 2017 | 00:42

According to, the sun blasted out a huge cloud of coronal mass ejection on Monday that's expected to slam into the earth overnight Wednesday, triggering strong geomagnetic storms. Furthermore, Mosher notes: "Wednesday's aurora may be especially hard to see because a bright moon will rise at the start of the evening for the northern USA states and set in the morning, potentially overpowering the dim aurora".

by | September 06, 2017 | 21:22

While the old Street View cars used 15 cameras to capture panoramic images, the new vehicles will use just seven. The superior footage is intended not only to provide clearer images for browsing, but also to deliver data that can be processed by Google's algorithms to index and analyse real-world locations in unprecedented detail.

by | September 06, 2017 | 18:22

This will make filling that one empty spot in your team much easier than spamming invites at friends who are playing GTA V and not Destiny 2 in hopes that they abandon their game and join you. "It's Destiny , without all the bulls--.". Each class also comes with sets of subclasses, of which there are three new additions in Destiny 2 . The magnitude of all of this seems even larger in comparison to the the original Destiny's story (if you can call it that), and made me realize that I ...