by | September 17, 2018 | 03:14

Roy Cooper called Florence an "uninvited brute" that could wipe out entire communities as it grinds across the state. Its outer bands arrived here on Thursday morning, and its wind and rain quickly began to punish this part of the North Carolina coast with a slow-moving, relentless onslaught.

by | September 17, 2018 | 00:03

They had heeded officials' warnings that the storm was treacherous, with record-setting rains and storm surges not seen in North Carolina in decades. "We got thrown into mailboxes, houses, trees", said Holt, who had stayed at home because of a doctor's appointment that was later canceled.

by | September 16, 2018 | 22:59

Over 60 people had to be pulled out of a collapsing motel in Jacksonville, North Carolina , and hundreds were saved as water levels rose. We were forced to have conversations with these people and say hey, do you by chance live in a two-story home? There were no immediate reports of any deaths.

by | September 16, 2018 | 19:38

The hurricane is massive: at 400 miles wide, its hurricane-force winds stretch across a 160-mile span, as ABC reported . Jennifer Morales, 20, said there was 3 feet of water in her home. Only one North Carolina is expected to more than 1 meter of rain. Meteorologist Ryan Maue of said Florence could dump a staggering 18 trillion gallons of rain over a week on North Carolina, South Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky and Maryland.

by | September 16, 2018 | 16:17

Natural gas distribution companies and electric utilities ramped up their preparedness efforts as the path of Hurricane Florence , a Category 3 storm as of 2 p.m. Should other states request storm-related assistance from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, GEMA would in turn ask its Athens counterpart if the county could lend a hand by sending supplies or personnel to storm-ravaged areas.

by | September 16, 2018 | 14:29

At 5 p.m., Isaac was located about 560 miles east of Barbados, packing maximum sustained winds of 70 miles per hour and storm force winds extending 105 miles from the centre. "Strength, track, and forward speed of Florence will be the major players in determining the scope and amount of rainfall and correspondingly the severity of inland flooding", according to AccuWeather forecaster Dan Kottlowski on September 12.

by | September 16, 2018 | 13:39

Tropical Storm Florence dumped "epic" amounts of rain on North and SC as it trudged inland on Saturday, knocking out power and causing at least eight deaths as flood waters that have devastated many communities kept rising. "You may need to move up to the second story, or to your attic, but WE ARE COMING TO GET YOU". She tried to row out of her neighborhood Thursday night with a boat that was in her yard after her home began to flood, but she had to retreat because of the poor conditions.

by | September 16, 2018 | 10:15

Water from the Neuse river floods the houses during the pass of Hurricane Florence the town of New Bern, North Carolina, on September 14, 2018. Dozens more were pulled from a collapsed motel. "And we're not done yet", Graham said, adding that some hard-hit areas could get an additional 15 to 20 inches because the storm was moving so slowly.

by | September 16, 2018 | 06:41

Cameras outside the International Space Station captured dramatic views of rapidly strengthening Hurricane Florence at 8:10 a.m. EDT Sept. 10 as it moved in a westerly direction across the Atlantic, headed for a likely landfall along the eastern seaboard of the US late Thursday or early Friday.

by | September 16, 2018 | 06:31

More than 100 people were rescued and up to 75 more were awaiting rescue on Saturday morning, according to a town official. "Hurricanes bring out a lot of good in people and also the worst in those few bad actors preying on homeowners whose most prized asset has been damaged", Jon Moore, spokesman for Florida's Department of Financial Services, told the Miami Herald following Hurricane Irma in 2017.

by | September 16, 2018 | 05:35

There also could be significant beach erosion in some area, the weather service said. "A watch is typically issued 48 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of tropical-storm-force winds , conditions that make outside preparations hard or risky".

by | September 16, 2018 | 03:38

Long said the inspector general was looking into vehicle usage, but he didn't confirm that the review concerned his use of an official vehicle. Neither FEMA nor the inspector general's office of DHS immediately responded to Newsweek's inquiry about the possible misuse of government vehicles and taxpayer money.

by | September 16, 2018 | 03:25

Joel N. Myers said . The surge in power outages along the coast is the result of gusts coming off Hurricane Florence and knocking trees into power lines, said Lisa Crawley, a spokeswoman for the co-ops. And because Hurricane Florence has the potential to stall, it could inflict a lot more damage and cause more severe flooding in North Carolina than Floyd did 19 years ago.

by | September 16, 2018 | 00:05

As of 11 p.m. EST, the storm was centered 280 miles east southeast of Wilmington , North Carolina , and was moving northwest at 17 mph. The National Weather Service is forecasting heavy rainfall Sunday through Tuesday across central SC with flooding potential in the Upstate, northeast Georgia and the mountains of western North Carolina.

by | September 15, 2018 | 23:29

Saturday, the National Weather Service said in a bulletin. North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper called Florence an "uninvited brute" that could wipe out entire communities as it grinds across the state. Another man in the county who was checking on his dogs outside was killed in what his family thought was a wind-related death Friday morning, emergency officials said.

by | September 15, 2018 | 21:04

Subtropical Storm Joyce is located 945 miles west-southwest of the Azores and is moving to the southwest at 6 mph (9 km/h). Far from this hurricane parade on the other side of the globe, Tropical Storm Olivia is flying solo east of Hawaii.

by | September 15, 2018 | 20:46

Nearly 800,000 people are reported to be without power already in North Carolina , and officials have warned restoring electricity could take days or even weeks. Its winds were down to 45 miles per hour. As of 5 a.m. Saturday, the storm's center was about 35 miles west of Myrtle Beach, according to the National Hurricane Center.

by | September 15, 2018 | 17:55

As of 200am, the eye of the storm was 375 km southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina, moving northwest at 17 miles per hour. Fears about Hurricane Florence spread south on Wednesday, with Georgia declaring a state of emergency after officials in the Carolinas urged people to evacuate the coast ahead of the storm's expected pounding winds and rain-driven floods.

by | September 15, 2018 | 13:29

The storm's winds, however, fell to 75 miles per hour by 1:50 p.m. "The water started rising and we evacuated nearly an entire TV station in about 15 minutes". At least 150 people were waiting to be rescued in New Bern, N.C., officials tweeted Thursday evening. New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw confirmed there were no reports of fatalities as of early Friday morning.

by | September 15, 2018 | 10:26

For people living inland in the Carolinas, the moment of maximum peril from flash flooding could arrive days later, because it takes time for rainwater to drain into rivers and for those streams to crest. Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina on Friday, battering the state with a powerful combination of wind and rain. The city woke Friday to the sound of exploding electrical transformers with strong gusts throwing street signs and other debris as well as water in all directions.

by | September 15, 2018 | 07:14

The child's father was taken to a hospital. In Hampstead, North Carolina, a woman died of a heart attack on Friday since emergency crews could not reach her due to fallen trees in road, local media reported. Maysie Baumgardner, 7, sheltered with her family at the Hotel Ballast in downtown Wilmington as Florence's floodwaters filled the streets. "You need to be prepared to be without power for weeks", Holding said, pointing out that Hurricane Fran knocked out power for two weeks and ...

by | September 15, 2018 | 05:54

Hallstrom said, " Isaac is getting ripped apart with wind shear". Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from a lethal blow by Maria last year, could see some rain and gusty wind, but nothing close to last year. Gradual weakening is forecast during the next few days. All lanes of Interstate 26 are westbound to allow more people to leave the coast and head inland toward the state capital of Columbia.

by | September 15, 2018 | 05:11

Officials have warned that the life-threatening storm could come with maximum sustained wind speeds of 90mph and carries a risk of "catastrophic" flooding . Hurricane Florence is now located about 15 miles north-northeast of Myrtle Beach, North Carolina. "The storm is wreaking havoc on our state". Florence made landfall as a Category 1 hurricane at 7:15 Wrightsville Beach, a few miles east of Wilmington and not far from the SC line, coming ashore along a mostly boarded-up, ...

by | September 15, 2018 | 02:48

Some 11,000 power outages have been reported in North Carolina. "Either no (hotel) rooms are available, or we are denied because the breed or size of dogs", she said. But with the game canceled, Colgate said it will provide those rooms and meals to those displaced by the storm. As the recovery from past storms continues in many rural towns, the next storm is about to strike.

by | September 15, 2018 | 01:42

Hundreds more were rescued elsewhere from rising water. " Hurricanes normally come in and they go inland, which sucks the power out of them as they go over the land", he said . As of 11 p.m. EST, Florence was about 50 miles south of Morehead City, North Carolina, and 60 miles southeast of Wilmington , North Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center .

by | September 14, 2018 | 23:15

North Carolina alone is forecast to get 36 trillion litres, enough to cover the North Carolina to a depth of about 25 cm. In Puerto Rico, much of the material had to be flown or shipped in - which didn't happen for more than a week, in some cases - and then had to be distributed by people who were also victims of the storm.

by | September 14, 2018 | 22:15

As the southeastern coast braces for the impact of Hurricane Florence , a powerful Category 1 storm, those who live further inland should expect to experience treacherous weather conditions as well. The company also has deployed recovery teams to help after Florence makes landfall. A warning is typically issued 36 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of tropical-storm-force winds , conditions that make outside preparations hard or unsafe.

by | September 14, 2018 | 21:59

Maximum sustained winds were clocked at 140 miles per hour (220 kph) as it moved west-northwest at 13 miles per hour (20 kph). The monster storm was upgraded to an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 by the National Hurricane Centre yesterday but is predicted to approach the most-damaging Category 5 status.

by | September 14, 2018 | 21:16

Heavy rainfall began after dark. Forecasters said conditions will deteriorate as the storm pushes ashore early Friday near the North Carolina-South Carolina line and makes its way slowly inland. "Because it's Mother Nature". National Weather Service 5-day rainfall forecast . The homes of about 10 million were under watches or warnings for the hurricane or tropical storm conditions.

by | September 14, 2018 | 21:10

The NHC said the threat of tornadoes was increasing as Florence neared shore and South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster said the heavy rain could trigger landslides in the west of his state. Another 400 people were in shelters in Virginia, where forecasts were less dire. The Pentagon has dispatched two ships and a Marine unit offshore to provide help if needed.

by | September 14, 2018 | 20:12

As of Tuesday evening, this storm is a Category Four and is expected to remain strong as it heads towards the coast of North Carolina. Rainfall totals of 2 to 4 inches are forecast across southeastern Puerto Rico, while totals of 1 to 2 inches with maximum amounts of 3 inches are possible across the remainder of Puerto Rico and the U.S.

by | September 14, 2018 | 18:44

SpaceX will send its first passenger around the Moon in a Big Falcon Rocket (seen in its original form). Musk has designs on sending spacecraft to Mars and establishing a colony. The 31-engine BFR is part of the company's grand plan for travelling between planets, and will replace its current suite of rockets like the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy.

by | September 14, 2018 | 18:27

As of 8am local time (midnight Friday NZT) it was centred about 275km east-southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina and about 355km east-southeast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, moving northwest at 20kmh. Duke Energy, the nation's No. 2 power company, said Florence could knock out electricity to three-quarters of its 4 million customers in the Carolinas, and outages could last for weeks.

by | September 14, 2018 | 06:02

Residents scrambled to flee en masse as the menacing Category 4 storm packing winds of 220 kilometers per hour bore down on the East Coast of the United States. Hurricane Florence underwent a rapid intensification Monday morning, strengthening to category 4 intensity with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour.

by | September 14, 2018 | 04:00

Jeff Bezos, Chairman and CEO of Amazon, speaks at the George W. Bush Presidential Center's Forum on Leadership in Dallas, Texas, U.S., April 20, 2018. Bezos's wealth has allowed him to pay for side ventures, including starting space exploration company Blue Origin and buying the Washington Post newspaper.