by | June 15, 2017 | 01:25

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice asked the Supreme Court to allow the "ban" to take effect , while also asking the court to fast-track the case. President Trump has also tweeted that his administration would start implementing tougher vetting measures on those who want to visit USA, adding that the courts are taking the matter too slow.

by | June 15, 2017 | 01:22

He said that during his visit to Bethlehem, the Palestinians had told him they have to support "widows and orphans". "They have changed their policy, at least I have been informed they've changed that policy", he said during a Senate budget hearing.

by | June 15, 2017 | 01:20

The Louisiana representative was one of five people shot during a congressional baseball practice Wednesday morning. Scalise's office said the 51-year-old congressman was in stable condition at MedStar Washington Hospital Center . He said he learned of the shooting as he arrived at the Capitol for a breakfast meeting. James T Hodgkinson also died in a retaliatory firing by police officials.

by | June 15, 2017 | 01:18

South Korea on Wednesday welcomed the release of an American college student long detained in North Korea and vowed efforts to free its own citizens held in the communist country. A person who answered the phone at Warmbier's family's OH residence said: "No comment, thank you" and hung up. Resident Amy Mayer says news of his release has sent waves of shock and joy through the neighborhood.

by | June 14, 2017 | 10:57

Sessions said he recused himself from the Justice Department's current Russian Federation investigation only because of a regulation that required it because of his involvement in the Trump campaign. The attorney general also dodged numerous questions, arguing that he "cannot and will not violate my duty to protect the confidential communications I have with the president", Sessions said.

by | June 14, 2017 | 09:45

Mattis acknowledged that the Trump administration was now in a "strategy-free time" concerning Afghanistan, where American troops have fought for 16 years. Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) questioned whether the U.S. is throwing good money after bad in Afghanistan, because the Pentagon doesn't appear to have a strategy.

by | June 14, 2017 | 09:34

An overwhelming majority of Muslims don't want to replace US law with Shariah, and only "radical extremist groups" would call for that, Liyakat Takim, a professor of Islamic students at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, told the Associated Press.

by | June 14, 2017 | 09:14

However, Mattis said seeking China's cooperation on North Korea did not mean Washington would not challenge Beijing's activities in the South China Sea . Mattis said the U.S. commitment to defend longtime allies South Korea and Japan from any North Korean military threat was "ironclad". "Like it or not, we're part of the world", he said.

by | June 14, 2017 | 09:09

The release said, "Izzah was intent on joining ISIS and was actively planning to make her way to Syria, with her young child, to do so". Actively posted and shared pro-ISIS materials online. "We would like to assure you that at no time was there a threat to the children under her care", the MP stated. It's perhaps odd that Izzah wasn't reported to the authorities earlier during her path towards self-radicalization.

by | June 14, 2017 | 09:06

Trump's remarks, made during a White House lunch, were a surprising critique of the House measure whose passage he lobbied for and praised. Patty Murray , D-Wash., that the Senate panel hold a hearing and take testimony on a health care plan that the GOP is writing in secret .

by | June 14, 2017 | 09:04

During nearly three hours of statements Thursday before the Senate Intelligence Committee , Comey described himself as "stunned" by Trump's "very disturbing" and "very concerning" behavior in several of their meetings. The tweet broke a mysterious period of silence on social media for the President, who until then had not tweeted since June 7. In his first congressional appearance since being abruptly fired by Trump last month, Comey detailed months of distrust of the president and bluntly ...

by | June 14, 2017 | 09:04

But his testimony will be a dramatic sequel to the fired FBI chief's tour de force that twisted a knife in President Donald Trump's administration over the Russian Federation investigation and still has Washington buzzing. Jack Reed, D-R.I., said Sunday "there's a real question of the propriety" of Sessions' involvement in Comey's dismissal, because Sessions had stepped aside from the federal investigation into contacts between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign.

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:44

In March, Sessions recused himself from the federal probe into contacts between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign after acknowledging he met twice previous year with Kislyak. The Justice Department has denied that, saying Mr Sessions stressed to Mr Comey the need to be careful about following appropriate policies. "No more game playing", Schumer said on CBS .

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:29

Trump also mentioned his announcement last week that he was pulling the US out of what he dismissively referred to as the "so-called" Paris climate accord. Trump continued. "We are spending money all over the world, except here". In a speech delivered yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio, President Trump spoke to his Administration's infrastructure plans for the United States, advocating for a $1 trillion to be spent on various aspects of roadways, air traffic , and related systems.

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:25

But there are significant dissenting voices. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the ranking member of Senate Judiciary Committee , and a veteran lawmaker with a reputation for an understated demeanor, said on Twitter yesterday, "Release the tapes, Mr.

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:21

He never, he insisted, knew anything about the Russian Federation probe or had any role in it. "Well said", he wrote after Sessions said in his opening statement that he "did not recuse (himself ) from defending (his) honor from false and scurrilous accusations".

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:13

And one funnel cloud was spotted near Cody. A tornado touched down near Hereford and Grover in Weld County on Monday evening. A tornado outbreak developed yesterday in an area that doesn't see a lot of severe weather. The Storm Prediction Center (SPC), issued a particularly risky situation (PDS) tornado watch, shortly after 1pm MDT for southeast Wyoming and northeast Colorado.

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:09

Golden Entertainment is the parent company to PT Entertainment Group, a subsidiary that owns a number of well established brands such as PT's Brewing, PT's Gold, PT's Ranch, SG Bar, Sierra Gold and Sean Patrick's Pub & Grill. TRADEMARK VIOLATION NOTICE: This report was first published by The Cerbat Gem and is the sole property of of The Cerbat Gem. If you are accessing this article on another website, it was stolen and reposted in violation of worldwide copyright & trademark legislation.

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:03

He also fake-recused himself from the Russian investigation, only to be totally involved in the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the chief investigator of all things related to Russia-Trump collusion. Comey declined to elaborate in an open setting. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, a member of the Intelligence committee, sent a letter to Sen.

by | June 14, 2017 | 08:00

On Tuesday, Sessions was asked about a third meeting - or a possible meeting - with Kislyak in April 2016 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington , D.C., reported by the Washington Post in early March. Sessions replied "I think so", and said he had discussed it with his staff. Comey had also said that Sessions had lingered in the Oval Office following a group meeting, just before the private encounter during which Comey has said Trump asked him to pull back on his ...

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:54

Sessions came under fire earlier this year after he denied meeting with Russian officials during his January confirmation hearing, but later told reporters that he had met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak twice. Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, appeared on behalf of the Trump administration's DOJ budget request. That was a welcome correction to Heinrich , although he did note that he wondered why it wasn't offered to begin with, and lambasted Sessions for refusing to ...

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:51

The American flag is everywhere. "Every time we raise the flag it makes me teary-eyed", says the Korean War veteran. Other popular ways of observing this holiday include: flag-raising ceremonies; Flag Day services; school quizzes and essay competitions about the American flag; musical salutes; street parades; and awards for special recognition.

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:44

They are armed. They are risky. Van Horn was known as a man who spent most of his time below the bridge that crosses Broad River between Elbert County and Madison County on Georgia Highway 72. They are armed and unsafe; if you see them call 911. The Georgia Department of Corrections identified the fallen officers as Christopher Monica , 42, and Curtis Billue , 58.

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:45

He was convicted in a one-hour trial and sentenced last March. Warmbier's parents told The Washington Post their son had been medically evacuated after being in a coma for more than a year. government condemned the sentence and accused North Korea of using such American detainees as political pawns. On Monday, the U.S. Secretary of Defense called the DPRK the most urgent threat to U.S.

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:39

The San Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday refused to reinstate President Donald Trump's executive order banning travelers from six mostly Muslim countries . This story has been corrected to show Trump tweeted June 5, not June 6. Brian Schatz said, "The Ninth Circuit's decision to uphold (U.S. District ) Judge Derrick Watson's ruling against President Trump's Muslim ban is another win for the rule of law".

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:38

The Guardian asked McCain, a critic of Obama's foreign policy, if America's standing in the world was better under Obama. "What do you think the message is?" Almost a month after Trump was sworn in as president on January 20, McCain said "in many respects this administration is in disarray and they've got a lot of work to do".

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:34

Recent polls show Perriello and Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in a virtual tie, although Perriello pulls slightly ahead in some polls. In November, he will face one of three Republican members of the General Assembly who are vying for their party's nomination.

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:27

A manhunt is underway for two inmates who killed two corrections officers Tuesday morning in central Georgia's Putnam County, Georgia Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Nelly Miles said. "These two individuals have proven themselves to be extremely unsafe and with the murder of two correctional officers they are on the radar of all law enforcement in Georgia", he said.

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:19

Earlier Tuesday, Tillerson had provided only few details about Warmbier or the circumstances around his release. Warmbier, a University of Virginia student from suburban Cincinnati, is on his way back to the United States, Tillerson said in a statement .

by | June 14, 2017 | 07:13

A number of members are concerned Sessions may be attempting to avoid testifying in public by scrapping his previously scheduled Senate and House Appropriations appearances this week, where he was expected to be grilled on issues related to the federal investigation into Russia's efforts to influence the U.S.

by | June 14, 2017 | 06:23

The Arizona senator noted the last administration's plan in Afghanistan was simply "don't lose", which McCain said has not worked. The " Taliban had a good year last year, they are trying to have a good one this year", Mattis told the Senate Armed Services Committee at a hearing about the Pentagon's budget.

by | June 14, 2017 | 06:26

Comey testified on Thursday that the president asked him to drop an investigation into former national security director Mike Flynn . PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: We were very, very happy, and, frankly, James Comey confirmed a lot of what I said.

by | June 14, 2017 | 06:16

A spokesman for the fraternity, Brian Ellis, said they are ready to move on. The statement also said "a significant portion" of the settlement will be donated to organizations that work to prevent sexual assault and aid victims. Amid a national resurgence of interest in campus sexual assault cases, the Rolling Stone story drew widespread attention nearly instantly for its raw portrayal of fraternity culture run amok.

by | June 14, 2017 | 06:12

DiStefano requested the 10-day suspension for himself, and said, according to ESPN .com, "I wish to say again that I sincerely regret that I did not immediately contact the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance upon learning of the allegations of domestic violence ".

by | June 14, 2017 | 06:08

Cosby's future is now in the hands of the 12-person jury of seven men and five women, who are determining whether or not Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted former Temple employee Andrea Constand in his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.