by | May 25, 2017 | 05:44

In Saudi Arabia, women live under the supervision of a male guardian and need his permission to study and travel, as well as to receive some health treatments. "It's not a normal political speech". Asked about a three-way meeting between Mr Trump and the Israeli and Palestinian leaders, Mr Tillerson said: "That's for a future discussion".

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:39

Fort Wayne's park system, often touted by the city as world-class, has been ranked at the bottom of those of America's large cities by a public land index. Paul, the two top-ranking cities. Finishing last were two IN cities: Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. The median park size in Chicago is about 1.4 acres, smaller than the national median of 5 acres.

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:30

No. Next question", Mr Trump told a news conference in the White House, when asked if he "in any way, shape or form" ever urged Mr Comey to end the probe. Comey's expected testimony also comes after Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the selection of former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:27

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States transcends USA administrations and presidents because it is longstanding and based on common interests. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Twitter that the agreement was the "largest single arms deal in U.S. history". He's been besieged by a series of revelations about the ongoing federal investigation into his campaign's possible ties to Russian Federation and his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, who had been ...

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:28

Rep. Jan Schakowsky D-Ill. said Trump's budget "is a clear outline of his administration's twisted priorities". President Donald Trump's first budget proposal, snubbed by some Republican allies, is just the latest example of an administration that seems at times clueless or indifferent toward Congress.

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:19

Trump's proposal slashes student loan programs, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program and other social safety net programs. In the end, however, said NYU and College of New Rochelle political science professor Jeanne Zaino, the budget is much more about politics than it is about economics, which is why the budget that passes Congress is likely to look very different from the one that the Trump Administration just proposed.

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:17

But Trump may face concerns from Israelis over the new $110 billion arms deal he announced during his stop in Saudi Arabia as well as questions from Israeli officials about the revelations that he disclosed sensitive Israeli intelligence to Russian officials.

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:07

The budget proposal features a number of cuts that they say would have a negative impact on the state's education, nutrition and health programs. Trump's budget was silent on bargaining with the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the cost of prescription drugs, a topic the president has often touched on.

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:05

As a junior, Mykhailiuk averaged 9.8 points, 3.0 rebounds and 1.3 assists for the Jayhawks. Mykhailiuk made his choice official in a post on Instagram, ending weeks of speculation and bringing more clarity to head coach Bill Self's roster for next season.

by | May 25, 2017 | 05:03

The congressman has been one of the most vocal legislators pioneering for the president's impeachment following the firing of the former FBI Director James Comey who was investigating the possible ties between trumps' campaign and Russian Federation.

by | May 25, 2017 | 04:48

It is hoped that less wind in the forecast for Thursday will further aid containment. The fire was burning on about 40 acres (161,900 square meters) Wednesday. Officials with Chelan County Fire District 3 said Wednesday afternoon that only those living in the Spromberg Canyon Road area remained under orders to evacuate.

by | May 25, 2017 | 04:44

The Washington Post story reported that the probe into potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation had identified a senior White House adviser who is close to the president as a "significant person of interest". The report says one official read quotations to The Times , and a second official confirmed the broad outlines of the discussion. Trump clearly knew what he wanted to say as he took a few questions at a news briefing with visiting Colombian President Juan ...

by | May 25, 2017 | 04:19

When asked on his way out of a news conference about whether he still had confidence in the President, Ryan responded, "I do". According to a New York Times report last week, Trump called the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director a "nut job" in a conversation with Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak earlier this month.

by | May 25, 2017 | 04:02

To avoid running afoul of the law, the Trump Organization had announced prior to Trump's inauguration that it would donate the all profits from foreign governments to the US Treasury. The absurdity of letting foreign actors self-police is easy to see: If the goal is to grease the wheels with President Trump via his bank account, all a foreign official would need to do is keep his mouth shut at the check-in desk while he pays with a company credit card-even if that company is controlled by a ...

by | May 25, 2017 | 03:54

California's Department of Public Health says it "believes there is no continuing risk to the public". The toxin attacks the nervous system, causing blurry vision, slurred speech, paralysis and difficulty breathing. Homemade foods that have been improperly canned, preserved, or fermented are common sources. "She's been doing good, and we just don't understand why this happened over a bag of chips and nacho cheese", Ricky Torres told the newspaper last week.

by | May 25, 2017 | 03:32

Police arrested three people in South Manchester on Wednesday, bringing the total number of arrests related to the attack to four. UK Prime Minister Theresa May raised Britain's threat level to " critical ", saying that another attack may be imminent.

by | May 25, 2017 | 03:20

Governor Dayton's proposal to increase tab fees by $320 million is a complete reversal of what he indicated he would accept in a transportation plan last month. Despite the return to talks, legislative leaders are only talking in round numbers and not about specific changes to programs that could affect Minnesotans.

by | May 25, 2017 | 03:18

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he'll consider martial law in other parts of the Philippines "in order to protect the people". Extrajudicial executions have been running rampant in the country since Duterte assumed office in 2016, sparking an outcry from USA allies, such as the European Union, to halt the violent campaign that has seen at least 4,500 deaths in the last five months alone.

by | May 25, 2017 | 02:58

Longtime GOP Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky calls Trump's proposed cuts to domestic safety net programs "draconian". Ohio Congressman Brad Wenstrup (R-2nd Dist.) said Tuesday that President Trump's budget proposal leaves him "optimistic" that he can tackle budgetary issues that were part of the reason he ran for Congress in the first place.

by | May 25, 2017 | 02:50

For almost the entire time the secretary of education spoke, she was booed, shouted at, and met with calls of "Go home!" from students and audience members. After several minutes of non-stop heckling, Bethune-Cookman's President, Edison Jackson , interrupted DeVos to issue a stern warning to students. Shakindra Johnson, a 2008 graduate, said it should have been a proud day for the students and their families, but instead, DeVos seemed to be trying to appropriate the legacy of the ...

by | May 25, 2017 | 02:39

Were Lieberman officially chosen to run the Federal Bureau of Investigation , and with Kasowitz chosen to help with Trump's legal advice, both men - the one leading the organization investigating possible Russian collusion and the one offering Trump legal counsel on that very issue - would hail from the same firm, a likely conflict of interest.

by | May 25, 2017 | 02:26

Besides a Vatican translator, the two leaders were the only people present in the room. The Vatican said that meeting, which was also private, lasted about 50 minutes. The pope in 2016 said a man who thinks about building walls and not bridges is "not Christian", a sharp reprimand for Trump's vow to build a wall along the US border with Mexico.

by | May 25, 2017 | 02:06

US President Donald Trump called on Israelis and Palestinians to make compromises that could lead to peace as he wrapped up a visit with a speech in Jerusalem yesterday. "Palestinians in Bethlehem say they feel like they're living in a ghetto with it". Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, a confidant of Netanyahu, said he wasn't surprised by the omissions during the Trump trip.

by | May 25, 2017 | 02:04

Good news for chocolate lovers- eating chocolate may lower your risk of an irregular heartbeat. The researchers in their study said that around 2.7 million to 6.1 million people in the United States have atrial fibrillation . The strongest association was found among men eating between two and six portions of chocolate a week - with a portion classified as 30g, or a small bar.

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:58

Sunday .Mostly cloudy with a few showers possible. Highs this afternoon will be in the low to middle 80s. Out of all the days there are rain chances this week, Friday has the highest chance of the storms turning severe. Highs both Wednesday and Thursday should reach the mid-60s. Thursday's highs will be in the upper 60s & low 70s. Thursday those small rain chances we were talking about make their way back into the picture.

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:49

Shankle advances to face Kana Daniel of Pennsylvania in the second round of the NCAA Championship on Thursday. "I told my guys to embrace the atmosphere and I think they did, it's such an fantastic feeling to absorb the energy here". "She texted me and said, 'I know I'm not there right now but I'm cheering you on and we're Boyden strong.' It meant a lot, and I just kept saying it throughout the whole set".

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:42

That's why the final victims of this months-long debate are not local businesses , or athletic events, or the tourism industry - or even, for that matter, transgender adults. He said, "That could be because you're transgender, that could be because you're shy". "Maybe that child, boy or girl, is a victim of bullying". Vouchers pin school choice advocates, including U.S.

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:13

In a stunning turnaround at Rich Harvest Farms, Vaughn made up a four-shot deficit with four holes to play with two birdies and a lot of help from Wake Forest sophomore Jennifer Kupcho, who led the entire final round until a triple bogey on the 17th hole.

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:11

Sullivan was spotted by an officer coming out of an apartment complex. Sullivan, who has a tattoo saying "F*** Batman ", reportedly told authorities that he did not have a permit because it was "too expensive". Sullivan was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Sullivan had " Joker " tatted on his forehead and "Ha Ha Ha" scrawled under his eye. During a court appearance Wednesday, Sullivan told a judge he lives with his mother.

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:06

Runkles told Fox 5 she took the discipline in stride, but feels being excluded from her own graduation takes things too far. "And I never thought that I would consider it, but it was just the fear and what I've seen girls like me go through".

by | May 25, 2017 | 01:02

We got some feedback from you, asking why the National Weather Service issues warnings , when we don't see a tornado? The area is also under a flash flood watch through Wednesday evening. Rainfall amounts of 2 to 3 inches are possible, with some areas receiving more rain. The cold front that will spark the biggest storms should sweep the first storms across the state line from Alabama into Georgia late in the morning.

by | May 25, 2017 | 00:54

But this race is closer than it should be . And in the final few hours of the race, Pence and President Donald Trump each recorded phone calls for the Republican National Committee expressing support for Gianforte. There is no major scandal attached to Gianforte's campaign, but the headline writer went ahead and conflated them, as well as some silly "Russia ties" to appear more Trumpian.

by | May 25, 2017 | 00:45

There is "some potential for hail or brief tornadoes with the strongest storms that occur, but considerable uncertainty on potential at this time, the National Weather Service states". Some storms could turn strong to severe due to a frontal boundary and plenty of deep tropical moisture moving in from the Gulf of Mexico along with a Southwesterly wind flow.

by | May 25, 2017 | 00:36

The investigation is ongoing; D.C. Metropolitan Police have some evidence that the murder was a botched robbery. Farenthold appeared to be alluding to an increasingly popular conspiracy theory propagated by some prominent right-wing personalities that Seth Rich , a former Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down in Washington previous year, may have been the WikiLeaks source that provided the DNC emails.

by | May 25, 2017 | 00:27

Regional Museum programs and marble painting. Holiday closings: The library will be closed Monday, May 29, for Memorial Day, and will re-open at 9:30 a.m. "It is not limited to books in the library". Weekly programs will also be presented at 10:00 a.m. each Wednesday beginning June7th. Readers age 8 and older registered for the summer reading program are also eligible to participate in the new Youth Club and Write Club being offered at the Craig branch of the library.