by | August 01, 2017 | 22:06

Mindhunter Season 1 premieres on Netflix on October 13. Be sure to check it out! While the first season of Mindhunter has yet to debut, Netflix has already ordered a second season of the series. "How do we get ahead of insane if we don't know how insane thinks?" Few directors know how to harness the power of darkness better than David Fincher , particularly the kind that can enshroud the human mind.

by | August 01, 2017 | 21:38

Explains director Apoorva Lakhia , "There is no point in trying to get into the current clutter of releases.We all can see what is happening to all the films that are coming out". Competing with these two films, Jab Harry Met Sejal and Toilet - Ek Prem Katha, is not only tough but nearly impossible, said the source. The film is a real life story based the sister of India's most wanted Don - Dawood Ibrahim.

by | August 01, 2017 | 20:30

But it's not a mere publicity stunt, it's an act of solidarity, a gesture meant to show that she's standing by her sister who is now getting chemotherapy. Another image posted by Ali features the 56-year-old sitting next to her mother Maggie , who covers her mouth in shock over her daughter's new look.

by | August 01, 2017 | 19:48

Embattled R&B singer R. Kelly has cancelled several tour dates in the midst of allegations that he is operating an abusive cult . It seems that people are having second thoughts about doing just that, asBillboard reports that the R&B singer has canceled three of the 10 dates now scheduled for his "After Party" tour .

by | August 01, 2017 | 19:46

What are you most looking forward to seeing on tonight's episode of " Smackdown Live? ". Four matches have been confirmed for Smackdown , including a "dream match" between John Cena and Shinsuke Nakamura . Owens regained the belt at the Battleground pay-per-view last week - although there has been controversy regarding whether or not that match's ending went according to script.

by | August 01, 2017 | 19:25

The palace made the announcement on Monday (July 31), revealing details about the newest member of Kate's entourage. Ms Quinn is now Chief Operating Officer at Oxford University's Saïd Business School, and will take up her new position at Kensington Palace in October.

by | August 01, 2017 | 17:37

He had only been in the role 10 days when he left. A directory mailed to alumni this week included an asterisk by his name indicating he had died . Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci may have had the shortest high-profile run in the White House in history and Colbert, for one, is devastated.

by | August 01, 2017 | 17:28

She's always been a passionate advocate for human rights , so Amal Clooney's latest endeavour should come as no surprise. The Clooney Foundation for Justice has teamed up with Google and HP Inc.to help UNICEF and the Lebanese Ministry of Education open seven "second shift" schools, which offer special afternoon classes exclusively for the relocated Syrian children.

by | August 01, 2017 | 15:45

Helbing also said he thought that "we've all had our fill of time travel for a bit", so The Flash season 4 should be more linear and easier to follow when it revs back up on October 10. We have a few months until The Flash Season 4 premiere , and it is likely we will get an official look at the suit before then. "So I think when he comes out, he's kind of jumbled and messed up initially, but once we get past that, I think he's had this sense of awakening and understanding".

by | August 01, 2017 | 15:40

The actress had also acted in a number of films with the actor. Appunni was at the Aluva Police Club for questioning. After his anticipatory bail was rejected by the Kerala High Court, he was expected to appear before the Police today (Jul 31).

by | August 01, 2017 | 15:38

Kenny acknowledged that he didn't ever feel that Lee's animosity was racially motivated, which is not the impression Dean got when he pointed out that all the men Lee was butting heads with were black. "I do denounce those Tweets". "I want to learn..." Later, Rachel came out on stage to tease the finale (she'll choose the victor in next Monday's episode) and addressed Lee .

by | August 01, 2017 | 12:56

By allocating more cash toward promoting its podcasts, Spotify would be diversifying its business away from music in which royalties to the music owners account for more than 75 percent of its costs. Earlier this month, IBT reported that the music streaming service has reached a licensing agreement with Sony Music. Roughly 175 million people listen to SoundCloud each month (according to the company), but that figure doesn't break out how many of those people are registered users, an ...

by | August 01, 2017 | 11:17

Mr. Cooper said in a statement that he considered the report "incomplete when it comes to making sure all Americans have access to affordable health care, which includes mental health and substance abuse treatment". "The critical measures for reversing the opioid epidemic are improving prescribing and increasing interdiction of illicit opioids". Allocate additional resources to the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Drug Enforcement Agency so that ...

by | August 01, 2017 | 11:00

According to sources from the Police Department, his father is an aeronautical engineer. The police are also looking at Manpreet's cellphone and computer for signs to conclude whether he had played the blue whale challenge game. The game, which is believed to have been the brainchild of an arrested Russian national who admitted to have psychologically manipulated teen girls to kill themselves, has since then claimed more than 100 lives in Russia and UK.

by | August 01, 2017 | 09:12

Men, women, of all colors, races and creeds to realize this is an injustice. "In every stage of my life, I've had to learn to stand up for myself and speak out", Williams recalls. "Yet, pay inequality costs Black women with Bachelor's degrees an average of $10,000 their first year out of college". A spokesperson for Warren's Senate office noted that she also brought up equal pay at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention last month .

by | August 01, 2017 | 07:27

Lil Duval is unapologetic for his violent, transphobic comments, which can be viewed in the videos above. "Shout out to all the trannies out there", Duval responded, using what is often considered an offensive slur for the transgender community.

by | August 01, 2017 | 03:11

That being said, I think this meeting was a strong start to a strong future of fantastic scenes between Daenerys and Jon. More than the meeting between Daenerys and Jon, I'm so interested to see how the dragons will react to Jon. Oh, and Sansa's reading a book and looking very determined. And Sam doesn't get into much trouble for performing the very hard procedure without permission: he is praised for it.

by | August 01, 2017 | 01:28

But wait. Never mind the tattoos , surely the fact that Culkin is wearing a West Ham shirt from the turn of the century is the big news here? Jackson, the only daughter of late pop star Michael Jackson , has previously spoken out about how she's comfortable with nudity and thinks it's part of what makes us human.

by | August 01, 2017 | 01:06

French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the first to pay his respects to the actress, and posted a message on his Twitter account where he praised her versatility across genres, including comedy and action films. A year later, she was awarded a Bafta fellowship. Whether you're compelled to resurrect the vintage brooch in the back of your drawer or simply want to adopt Moreau's singular outlook on life, chances are, she'll be your new muse long after today.

by | July 31, 2017 | 23:21

Miller, Brianna Hildebrand , Jack Kesy , Stefan Kapicic, Julian Dennison, and Leslie Uggams . It's no secret that Zazie Beetz is playing the iconic X-Men character, Domino in the upcoming " Deadpool " sequel... Looks can't kill, but Beetz as Domino comes pretty close. Nearly immediately after Reynolds shared the first image of Domino on his official Twitter account, fans couldn't control their excitement.

by | July 31, 2017 | 23:13

The new show will run an hour a day to start, though it may expand to two or three hours. (In a word: beleaguered.) A centerpiece of their latest round of revamp plans is the retooled and returned TRL . MTV has experienced falling ratings in the last few years. McCarthy is also developing a show called We Are They , which is set to focus on a group of coming-of-age moments from individuals who consider themselves to be gender-nonconforming.

by | July 31, 2017 | 21:28

But if you are watching, you know that it's been freaking intense, and the third episode tonight should be even crazier! After all , winter is here. As Game of Thrones began to pass the books, the "fan service" complaints began. The Independent has her "amazing" death speech. "Everyone kind of realizes that the two poles of power for Cersei and Jaime at this point are King's Landing and Casterly Rock ", he explained.

by | July 31, 2017 | 21:20

The 36-year-old reality star and her sister Khloe stopped by the Beverly Hills home, which is now for sale. I'm so lucky to have you in my life! For those who don't know looking like a snack is slag meaning you look good enough to eat. "Goals! AF!" Kim Kardashian added in the comments, while Kourtney Kardashian posted another image of Kris with the caption , "everything goals".

by | July 31, 2017 | 19:57

Apart from Lawrence, the cast of " Mother! " includes Javier Bardem , Michelle Pfeiffer , Ed Harris , Domhnall Gleeson , and Kristen Wiig . The mother! teaser trailer for Darren Aronofsky's newest film seemed as cryptic you could get, with garbled, disconnected dialogue playing over a scene of Jennifer Lawrence walking silently through a house.

by | July 31, 2017 | 19:10

After McDonald's tweeted out a photo of the gift to " Rick and Morty ", some started asking about a widespread release. Earlier this year, Cartoon Network aired the season three premiere of Rick and Morty , an adult animated science-fiction sitcom from the minds of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon .

by | July 31, 2017 | 17:50

In the cover, Corden performs a dance routine and swaps the lyrics: " And love is all that I can give to you/Love is more than just a game for two " to " So the army's now refusing trans women who want to serve/Trans men who want rights we all deserve ".

by | July 31, 2017 | 06:25

Game of Thrones' penultimate season has arrived. So far, on Game of Thrones , we've said sayonara to Walder Frey's men (all credit goes to Arya Stark ), while Pirate Euron and his army took care of Obara and Nymeria. talk about where it comes from, is insane to us ". But from the perspective of Casey Bloys , president of HBO programming, " Confederate " is meant to improve America's racial climate.

by | July 31, 2017 | 04:13

Nicole Kidman in the HBO drama " Big Little Lies ". "Is something changing? I know that I'm not sitting up here with men". The Oscar victor complains on having never been given a comedy role. "I'm willing to fall flat on my face". I know how to get back up again. I know how to get back up again. While she hasn't appeared in a lot of comedies, Kidman said she has some great inspiration at home.

by | July 31, 2017 | 03:40

The Warner Bros . film, which cost about $100 million to make, will also add an estimated $45.6 million in global markets this weekend, bringing its overseas total to $131.3 million. Based on the graphic novel The Coldest City , Atomic Blonde stars Theron as a lethal MI6 agent and also features James McAvoy, John Goodman, Eddie Marsan, and Sofia Boutella.

by | July 31, 2017 | 02:29

More than one week after his death, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington was laid to rest at a private funeral service on Saturday. I met them both briefly and they were two lovely guys. We wrote down how we feel about Chester . "One week ago today, I lost my soulmate and my children lost their hero-their Daddy. We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy", Talinda wrote.

by | July 30, 2017 | 22:54

When Diana confronted her husband about his infidelity, she says he replied: "I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales who never had a mistress". "She added: "(They will also be) damaging to the Royal Family, hurtful to William and Harry and Diana's sisters and brother.

by | July 30, 2017 | 20:06

Interestingly enough, he later deleted the post, so was he hacked or nah? Speaking with Power 99 , the 30-year-old called his failed relationship a win and admitted Nicki was 'the one'. However, Saferee's comments may also be a prank. Amber Rose was revealed to be on this show and it explained what was then an absolutely weird tweet in which she claimed to Beyoncé that SHE was the "Becky with the short hair".

by | July 30, 2017 | 18:33

Trump also recognized Priebus in a tweet, saying, "I would like to thank Reince Priebus for his service and dedication to his country. I can't think of a better person than General John Kelly to succeed me and I wish him God's blessings and great success".

by | July 30, 2017 | 17:41

The idea for the show comes from Michael Ellenberg, who used to be the head of drama at HBO and it has been reported that Jay Carson, one of the brains behind Netflix's House of Cards , will write the script. The untitled series will start looking for a home in the coming weeks, with pitches expected at premium cable outlets and streaming services, it was reported on E! Since then, they have remained friends over the years.

by | July 30, 2017 | 17:40

Terry Lee Repp is accused of stalking the 44-year-old Beckinsale and threatening to stab the actress in the past, according to the arrest report . He was booked at Hillsborough County Jail for stalking. 'We did have him escorted from the building, off the property, far away from here, ' she said. The star, who has appeared in sci-fi and fantasy favorites Total Recall and Van Helsing, is most widely recognized for her turn in the Underworld series as the Death Dealer vampire Selene.