by | March 27, 2017 | 04:40

Sources close to TMZ claim that Vince was spotted walking around after the crash and the accident can be termed as a "minor" one. They also say another vehicle was involved, but it's unclear in what way. The 71-year-old last showed up at Payback last May to announce his daughter, Stephanie, would take over as commissioner of Raw, and his son, Shane, would be in charge of SmackDown Live .

by | March 27, 2017 | 04:14

In an emotional message on his Facebook page , Affleck explained that he's always been suffering from alcohol addiction. It is also important to note that the film has yet to receive a proper green light from the studio. Affleck, who shares three children with his ex, described the secret stint as 'the first of many steps being taken towards a positive recovery'. The film was a commercial disappointment, generating on $21 million in worldwide box office grosses.

by | March 27, 2017 | 02:14

The ceremony was attended by several stars, including Rene Russo, Beverly D'Angelo, "Dallas" actress Morgan Brittany, actor-director Fisher Stevens, "Brady Bunch" actress Susan Olsen and actor Griffin Dunne. A troupe from Reynolds' dance studio performed an homage to " Singin' in the Rain ", the film that catapulted Reynolds to stardom at age 19. Many attendees also donned wristbands with the words "Debbie and Carrie forever in our hearts" on them.

by | March 27, 2017 | 02:02

He also tells the camera: "It's not what I found that disappoints me, it's that she doesn't care". I'm wasting Kenya's time, ' she said as she looks on in disbelief as his vehicle drives out of frame. "I'm going to be leaving them for three weeks, and going into this surgery without them by my side is going to be really hard". Before she could be approved for plastic surgery, Shannon had to have lab work and a mammogram done.

by | March 27, 2017 | 01:50

Nonetheless, it does seem as though Shatner has chose to end sending his ire towards the former star of The Bachelor - or specifically, campaign so that all of his votes for everyone other than Nick in an effort to send him home. Shatner was frequently imploring his 2-million-plus followers to do everything in their power to vote Viall off Dancing With the Stars . The Miss Congeniality star responded to Murgatroyd's tweet saying that he loves her but unfortunately, "just can't cheer ...

by | March 27, 2017 | 01:43

He told his crowd of "thousands": 'So, just to sum up, I would do various things very quickly. The Internal Revenue Service, in response, said it'd use a light touch on enforcing the health law's individual mandate, a key piece of Obamacare that requires people to sign up for health insurance or pay a fine.

by | March 27, 2017 | 01:39

That said, Koppel apparently would not count his own work as potentially ideological or misleadingly blending op-ed and hard-news delivery styles. Hannity fired back on Twitter, alleging that his interview had been cut significantly from 45 minutes to less than two.

by | March 27, 2017 | 01:38

The Disney classic tells the tale of an adorable baby elephant, living in the circus with his mother. Colin Farrell is the third big name linked to this lead role in Dumbo after both Will Smith and Chris Pine fell through as potential options.

by | March 27, 2017 | 00:47

His older pal survived the fall, and was at the same hospital in serious condition Friday night, with injuries to his pelvis, police said. One witness stated he believed that the oldest boy fell onto the 13-year-old, crushing him. Neighbors in the area told PIX11 they heard a "thud". Just thuds. Just the impacts, ' a witness told ABC7. His name was not immediately released. Resident Steve Somerville to ABC News that it was "normal" for teenagers to access the roofs to hang out.

by | March 27, 2017 | 00:15

That is why NCL supported the FCC's common-sense broadband privacy rules, which for the first time require ISPs to provide reasonable protections for consumers' data . But broadband providers don't now fall under FTC jurisdiction, and advocates say the FTC has historically been a weaker agency than the FCC. Flake is chairman of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on privacy and technology.

by | March 26, 2017 | 22:41

Parks then accused Moore of "continuously flirting" with her soon-to-be ex, to which Moore responded, "The only thing she has restored in me is knowing that she is as shady as ever". He is engaged to Sherien Almufti . "Regardless, Phaedra is reviewing her options with her attorney to determine the most efficient path toward ending this marriage so she can move forward and focus on raising strong, healthy and happy children".

by | March 26, 2017 | 21:43

Now, he is ready to start renegotiating for a bill with bipartisan support. "If (Democrats) got together with us, and got us a real health care bill, I'd be totally okay with that". Harvard University economics professor David Cutler, who helped advise the Obama White House on health care, countered Trump's argument that the ACA will always be associated with Democrats.

by | March 26, 2017 | 21:40

The message came one day after the president suffered the biggest defeat yet in his short White House tenure, when his bill to repeal Obamacare died at the hands of rebel lawmakers of his own Republican party. Yet we should also take a few minutes to be angry, furious even, about the sad last act of this long political showdown , one that consumed, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell put it this week, "the better part of a decade".

by | March 26, 2017 | 21:01

Jon Gosselin used to be everyone's favorite reality TV dad on family-friendly show Jon & Kate Plus 8. He told ET: 'I'm an integral part of the show. "Who knows who I would have met?" he reflects on his life. "There is good and bad with every decision". His upcoming debut is a one-night-only event, and a former Las Vegas showgirl is helping Jon flawless his moves and his costumes - and his ex-wife Kate Gosselin has yet to comment on his new career move.

by | March 26, 2017 | 21:01

Justin Amash, a Republican from MI, argued the House Freedom Caucus had done nothing more than exercise its authority to improve the legislation - despite dire warnings from the White House and leaders that voting against the bill could hurt the President's agenda and threaten the party's political future.

by | March 26, 2017 | 20:55

While Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney did not make into Gareth Southgate's squad and Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is out injured, the responsibility will be passed onto Hart who is on loan at Italian Serie A side Torino FC from Manchester City.

by | March 26, 2017 | 20:40

The Netflix series follows high-school student Light Yagami as he finds a notebook that grants the owner the ability to kill anyone just by writing his or her name. In addition to Wolff and Dafoe, the film will also feature the likes of Altanta'sKeith Stanfield as Light's nemesis L and The Leftovers' Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton, a take on the original series' Misa Amane.

by | March 26, 2017 | 20:31

This was an inevitable outcome for Amazon, which already charges sales tax in most parts of the country. The reason Amazon was able to circumvent sales tax in so many states for so long was due to a Supreme Court ruling that allowed retailers with no physical presence in the state to not collect sales tax.

by | March 26, 2017 | 20:24

That leaves questions about whether they'll be able to cooperate to pull the party together on other tough issues, crucially a tax overhaul that Trump has said is a personal priority. "It has just been announced that the residents of MI are going to experience a massive, double-digit premium hike, like you wouldn't believe". "We're ready to work with the president", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on CNN.

by | March 26, 2017 | 20:17

The " Beauty and the Beast " weekend is one for the record books as the fourth-largest second weekend of all time, trailing only "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" at $149 million, "Jurassic World" at $106 million, and "Marvel's The Avengers" at $103 million.

by | March 26, 2017 | 20:06

However, the Your Song singer now believes that irreverent attitude of the English has helped him to survive intense fame. The star turned 70 on Saturday but insisted that he feels younger than ever. I have so much love for them. "So I did things", John explained. "Life is a constant state of flux for us all, and I like to embrace that", he adds.

by | March 26, 2017 | 19:28

Dickson, who is the chairman of the party's reconciliation committee, met with the two factions at his private residence in Maitama, Abuja, where the deal was consummated. The communique reads: "That all actors of the party should desist from making derogatory, inflammatory and divisive statements against party officials, stakeholders and members".

by | March 26, 2017 | 19:25

Martha Stewart Weddings reports the couple Wednesday Saturday afternoon in what is described as an "intimate ceremony" in Palm Springs , California , before a group of friends and family. "I realized I was gay in fall 2012, one of my first days on the set", she wrote. I didn't know she was as ready as she was. "Accordingly, I was nervous about the first love scene I'd written for Alex and Piper", she explained.

by | March 26, 2017 | 18:45

Hollywood thinks it's time for a good sprucing. 'Listen to my voice: it's deep, it's sexy, it's got a tinge of... physics'. Even Eddie Redmayne, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of the famous theoretical physicist in drama " The Theory of Everything ", got in on the fun with, along with co-star Felicity Jones.

by | March 26, 2017 | 18:43

He'll wine and dine some of the girls a fancy celebrity hangouts, but others will be taken to fasts-food restaurants like Taco Bell and Burger King. "[Kris] is in talks with execs about getting Rob his own dating show called Rob's Romance ", an insider tellsInTouch Weekly.

by | March 26, 2017 | 17:05

Zayn Malik is hiding out in dirty laundry while his former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles is dazzling us with new music news. It showed Harry in silhouette walking past the smoke from a stage light and reaching to open a door with a bright light behind it as water dripped from his arm.

by | March 26, 2017 | 15:50

We won't say she was as over the top as the original, but she was definitely close. This movie is epically bad, and I mean that in the best possible way. This time they have a big new trick up their sleeve: a budget. Tell me about your martial arts background. I started in Thailand when I was learning Thai kickboxing, and then after that I learned all different types of martial arts.

by | March 26, 2017 | 14:54

At an event here on Friday night, Deepika was asked if she will walk the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival as a representative of the brand. After getting over her much controversial breakup Deepika is now committed with the Bajirao of Bollywood Ranveer Singh while Ranbir and Katrina both the stars are all alone with their single bachelor life.

by | March 26, 2017 | 14:13

This isn't the first time the 18-year-old has been on the big screen. Reitman, who also is Canadian, enlisted Mendes to star, and the project is now being shopped to studios. Reitman, who wrote the story, last directed 2014's Draft Day . You guys, Shawn Mendes is getting ready to star in a movie which we're all but certain will involve him wearing flares.

by | March 26, 2017 | 13:53

It's kind of mind-blowing to spend an afternoon with the creative team talking about that. Mr Iger also discussed the gaping hole Carrie Fisher's death leaves in the franchise. Now he's starring in a Star Wars movie. You don't see a lightsaber once until Vader pops it out at the end. "I really like the fact that we tried to do something different".

by | March 26, 2017 | 13:19

In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter , Yost says, "they really stepped up to the plate, and I think so many people in the LGBTQI community are going to be excited to see that representation..." (The subject of Trini's homosexuality is confined to a single acknowledgement that she prefers girls over boys; she does not act out her inclination).

by | March 26, 2017 | 12:48

Celebrities such as Maroon 5 are supporting the activity. Earth Hour is meant to raise awareness of climate change and the importance of saving electricity. The Hilton is hosting #Travelwithpurposecontest where winners receive a free five-night stay in Canopy by Hilton Reykjavik City Centre in Iceland. The lights were switched off at Buckingham Palace on Saturday evening as the British Royal Family did their part to support Earth Hour .

by | March 26, 2017 | 12:44

The source added: "The entire Kardashian family is there for Rob as well and supports him wholeheartedly". ROB Kardashian is reportedly seeking dual custody of his daughter Dream Kardashian as he prepares to go court with ex-fiance Blac Chyna.

by | March 26, 2017 | 12:25

Rogue One's rewrites were much more messy and extensive than first thought, with fans whipped into a frenzy over how the Star Wars universe could have been changed forever. \"I'm not going to tell you [which ones],\" Whitta said jokingly to the interviewer. "Then on Vader's ship they detect no life signs and they think everyone's dead".

by | March 26, 2017 | 11:47

Nothing is quite more nostalgic than watching a clip with poor video quality and blaring guitar solos. When I heard there was a new movie coming out, I assumed the best I could hope for was a nostalgic trip back to my early years aimed exclusively at fans of one of the 65 or so different versions of the TV series.