by | April 20, 2017 | 08:03

But Samsung treads the bleeding edge of technology - they always got to be first. The feature would also pave the way for Galaxy S8 owners live streaming 360-degree videos for virtual reality. The recently released video, however, suggests that the camera can't easily distinguish between an actual person holding the handset and a photo of that person, potentially causing security concerns.

by | April 20, 2017 | 07:46

Giving a fresh impetus to its Augmented reality (AR) dream, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has outlined a new augmented reality platform for developers to encourage AR camera effects. "People already have cameras and are used to having fun and being creative with them", he said. Facebook's open-source user interface JavaScript framework React received two new updates.

by | April 20, 2017 | 07:37

A number of Android fans were upset by the news. This matches the 7 Plus' capabilities with its dual-camera system. In India, the S8 and S8+ are powered by Samsung's in-house Exynos 8895 Octa chipset. The Note 8 could give Samsung the ideal opportunity to catch up to the cameras offered by its rivals. Among these three phones, I think it's impossible to name a clear victor.

by | April 20, 2017 | 07:08

And now you can use this new technology too. "If you take one thing away from today, this is it: we are making the camera the first augmented reality platform", said Zuckerberg in his F8 keynote. Facebook Spaces is a new VR app through which you can interact with your friends and family in a virtual environment no matter where they live. Rumor has it that Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone will include dual-lens cameras on both the front and back with augmented reality features, and Apple ...

by | April 20, 2017 | 06:58

The NCAA awarded the city of Pittsburgh with the 2019 NCAA Championships on Tuesday afternoon, bringing the sport's three-day championship event to PPG Paints Arena from March 21-23. Central Missouri, along with the Kansas City Sports Commission has also been chosen to host the 2021 National Championship in women's bowling. Omaha will be the volleyball championship site for the fourth time since 2006, the most of any host location.

by | April 20, 2017 | 06:52

The new Galaxy S8 specific features that catch the attention, this is because the smartphone will ship with Google Assistant, which is the part of the Android operating system and have some of the similar features as Bixby. According to his research, the larger screen on the new phones has proved a hit with consumers, causing Kuo to increase his 2017 shipment predictions from between 40 million and 45 million units to between 50 million and 55 million units.

by | April 20, 2017 | 06:28

Samsung also claims the display is much brighter and has better contrast than the outgoing Galaxy S7. The only thing which we didn't know what the price of both the devices. To recall, Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016) has a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED HD (1280 x 720 pixels) display . The devices have an Exynos Octa core (2.35 GHz Quad + 1.9 GHZ Quad) processor.

by | April 20, 2017 | 06:19

The Cleveland Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation put the word out nationwide that Stephens was likely still driving the white Ford Fusion with the temporary license tag of #363630. "I'm not happy what you did, but I forgive you". "She's the reason that this is about to happen to you", Stephens told Godwin in the video. He ordered Chicken McNuggets and french fries, according to the manager.

by | April 20, 2017 | 06:17

For example, Facebook recently launched its own "stories", which are a collection of photos and videos that can be viewed by friends for a limited amount of time, as well as various masks and filters heavily inspired by Snapchat. If Facebook's first act was becoming a large social media platform for sharing your reality - posting messages, photos and videos - then its second act will be about augmenting that reality.

by | April 20, 2017 | 06:08

A campaign to #BoycottSnapchat and #UninstallSnapchat also began trending on Twitter on Sunday, while shares of Snap- the parent company of Snapchat -fell to their lowest level in almost a month on Monday. Hashtags like #BoycottSnapchat and #Uninstall Snapchat have also started trending on Facebook and Twitter. The allegation is contained in documents related to a lawsuit filed by ex-employee Anthony Pompliano first reported by Variety last week.

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:59

Facebook is working on technology that will let you type words directly from your brain and "hear" through your skin. At the same time, these efforts raise hard questions related to patient privacy, as any brain-to-text system will essentially read a person's unspoken thoughts.

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:55

Today Chrome covers over 50 percent of the browsing market, according to Net Market Share , and Google would kill its income if it started blocking Google ads. The sources go on to state that Google is considering the ad-blocker as a move against third-party alternatives that are growing in popularity. Adsense ads would presumably remain, thus continuing the revenue stream for Google.

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:47

Pascal Mazurier was arrested in June 2012 after his Indian-origin wife accused him of raping their daughter, and was tried in a court in the southern city of Bangalore. Not so many people supported me. He was arrested again five days later after it was established that he could not claim immunity and spent four months in jail before being granted bail by Karnataka HC.

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:38

Samsung recently announced its latest entry in the line of flagships in its Unpacked event in NY last week. LG has estimated that its first-quarter operating profit rose 82 percent to its highest in almost eight years. In the face of all of this bad press, the public doesn't seem to have changed their mind on Samsung, and consumers remain loyal, share prices actually increased and the company saw a 50% increase in profits over the last 3 months of 2016 as well as the first three of 2017.

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:37

However, Lavrov added some progress had been made on Syria at the meeting, adding that a working group would be set up to examine the poor state of US-Russia ties. During Tillerson's visit to Moscow on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov gave the top US diplomat an earful of criticism over the USA strike.

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:28

Its results are mixed, which is about the best we could have expected. The 4.9-meter-long, 1.98-meter-wide, and 1.53-meter tall concept is not all about the LEDs, though. This platform is made in such a way that it has one of its motors mounted to the front axle and two motors mounted at the rear axle. Revealed at the Shanghai motor show, the concept auto is a mid-size, four-seat sport utility vehicle (SUV) which produces 500 horsepower from three electric motors, two powering the rear ...

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:08

One of the most sought-after gaming items from a year ago was Nintendo's NES Classic Edition . Though it turns out NES Classic was always meant to be more of a novelty item, just for that holiday season, than a permanent sales booster for the company, according to Eurogamer .

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:00

In the same announcement, Nintendo announced they sold 1.3 million copies of Zelda . That means the game saw an attach rate of more than 100% for Nintendo Switch , which may be attributed to those who purchased both the standard and limited edition versions.

by | April 20, 2017 | 05:02

Users can also unlock the two phones with iris scan or the back-facing fingerprint sensor. However, both these chipset have shown similar results on benchmark testing. Both the Galaxy S8 and the S8+ are exact replicas of each other on first look. The discovery comes as the South Korean tech giant has been promoting the Galaxy S8 smartphones to put to rest the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 phablet, whose production was suspended previous year due to some of the devices catching fire while ...

by | April 20, 2017 | 04:46

Qualcomm , which is the world's largest producer of the chips that power smartphones, posted an adjusted profit of $1.34 a share in the quarter, compared with the $1.19 per share predicted by Thomson Reuters consensus. Our guidance range for fiscal Q3 2017 earnings per share is wider than our typical practice primarily due to the uncertainty around whether Apple's suppliers will withhold some portion of the royalty payments they are obligated to pay under their contracts with us.

by | April 19, 2017 | 11:14

AMD isn't doing anything fundamentally new with its RX 5xx refresh cycle, but both the RX 560 and RX 570 should be noticeably faster than their predecessors, improving the company's competitive stance against Team Green. You'll miss out on VR! However, AMD contends that the improved 14nm FinFET manufacturing process has allowed it to push clock speeds. Starting with specs, the RX 570 aims to deliver a satisfying 1080p experience just like its identical older brother, the RX 470.

by | April 19, 2017 | 11:07

It's not known as to what other features the smartphone will be packing, but rumors have mentioned that the Mi 6 will come with a front-facing fingerprint scanner placed under the glass. Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi showcased the devices on the stage. With a strong focus on its 3D glass design, Xiaomi has put equal emphasis on the display of the Mi 6.

by | April 19, 2017 | 11:07

Additionally, they expect the Switch to sell 25.7 million units by the March 2019 fiscal year. That is up from its original forecast of 5 million units, showing that this is a better start than the research group was expecting. This makes the Switch the fastest selling console from Nintendo to date, though these numbers are within a "nontraditional month". The news of sales number is revealing how well not only the Switch is doing but also Zelda .

by | April 19, 2017 | 11:07

Jean-Luc Melenchon, the French presidential candidate for the far-left, greets people on the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris during his election campaign, April 17, 2017. With the country still under a state of emergency, Mr Fekl said 50,000 police, gendarmes and soldiers would be deployed for each leg of the election, and security reinforced for the candidates.

by | April 19, 2017 | 10:58

This is powered by a 4.0 liter engine generating 469 hp / 700 Nm. There are some new rear bumpers, and both the headlights and taillights feature revised internals. Now, though, more modern competitors have debuted to really give the S-Class some fright. The autonomous lane change system has also been tweaked and can now be operated by simply tapping the indicator stalk rather than holding it for three seconds as before.

by | April 19, 2017 | 10:18

A man who filmed himself killing a 74-year-old man before putting the video on Facebook has taken his own life after a chase. Pennsylvania State Police confirmed Tuesday afternoon that Steve Stephens, the OH man who shot and killed 74-year-old Robert Godwin on Sunday and then uploaded a video of the slaying to Facebook, is dead.

by | April 19, 2017 | 10:13

The bill's sponsor, Sen. The airline had to cancel more than 3,500 flights, leaving customers fuming and crew members in limbo. "The Chicago Department of Aviation should also be held accountable for why their officers felt it necessary to use violence to remove the passenger", says Ken Lee, OCA Chief Executive Officer.

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:58

Louis Marinelli of the group Yes California has faced mounting criticism from backers of other secession efforts in the state, saying his involvement in Russian Federation, where he previously said he was living temporarily while working as a teacher, has been a distraction.

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:54

Andy Rubin, one of the co-creators of the Android operating system, is building his own smartphone now known as the "Essential FIH-PM1". According to a benchmark discovered on GFXBench , we may have our first indication on what Rubin's Essential Smartphone will contain, or at least the current development edition.

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:46

According to Variety magazine Snapchat has previously argued that Pompliano's suit contained "trade secrets that could damage the company and help its competitors". The users started uninstalling the app as soon as the statement made public to show their protest. The accusations were found in documents from a lawsuit between Pompliano and Snap Inc., Snapchat's parent company.

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:43

Save yourself some mental anguish by assuming the worst: Your gaming consoles are all chock-full of bugs, you will never see them, and you might as well upgrade your roaches to a PS4 Pro suite with higher ceilings and a larger power supply to cuddle up inside.

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:38

With a much better interface than its predecessor Google Earth is so much more fun to use now. This means you will be standing in the air, exploring the beauty around you but not alone as these moments can be shared with friends and family in the form of postcards .

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:30

Several investment firms issued their expert ratings on International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) in which Argus Reiterates International Business Machines Corporation (IBM ) to Buy by settling a price target of $192 on 3/22/17. WARNING: " International Business Machines Corp ". (NYSE: IBM ) by 14.8% during the fourth quarter, according to its most recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:26

The compact five-seat SUV will take on rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai and Seat Ateca and will be crucial to the vehicle maker's future success with sales of this segment still the fastest growing in Europe - some 11 years after the Qashqai first launched.

by | April 19, 2017 | 09:25

CORRECTS TO CLARIFY THE VIDEO WAS NOT BROADCAST ON FACEBOOK LIVE AS POLICE INITIALLY INDICATED, BUT POSTED AFTER THE KILLING - This undated photo provided by the Cleveland Police shows Steve Stephens. Facebook said Stephens' account was suspended within 23 minutes of the murder video being reported, but admitted it needs to "do better". Authorities say they pursued Stephens for about two miles and attempted to disable his vehicle using a PIT maneuver.