by | June 06, 2017 | 06:27

The new WatchOS will include refined workout apps , including HIIT workouts and advanced swim tracking, including the length of your swim stroke. There are also noteworthy changes coming on the software side. The next iOS may also have new features designed for artificial intelligence, the application of computers that learn and understand things like humans.

by | June 06, 2017 | 06:13

The path is ever changing within the game's impossible world. At certain junctures, you'll play as the child. Monument Valley 2 is not only happening, it's already out ! We'll be sure to provide an update when we find out, but for now, if you have an iOS device, go get Monument Valley 2 .

by | June 06, 2017 | 06:00

Nashville fans appear to be just as emotionally invested in their Predators , win-or-lose, as the Flames' fans were. "They just skate themselves out of trouble", Crosby said. The goal is Smith's first of the playoffs after he missed time with injury. We got blown out. The Predators' 5-1 win over the Penguins in Game 3 Saturday included many ingredients, but any sort of postgame analysis should start with this simple caveat: Hey, the Predators don't stink.

by | June 06, 2017 | 06:01

During the keynote, Federighi noted that the team spent the past year looking for ways to polish the current release, rather than reinventing the wheel with an entirely new feature set. Greg "Joz" Joswiak previews the all-new 10.5-inch iPad Pro, featuring the world's most advanced display and even better Apple Pencil integration. The updated Safari browser also includes a handy block on autoplay.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:40

Not surprisingly, it depicts a word of chaos. The protection is similar to what Google Home and Amazon's Echo speakers already offer. Apple also shared the latest version of watchOS4, which continues to put the emphasis on the Apple Watch as a fitness device.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:39

But the best new addition for people using the iPad in a professional setting may be the operating system's new feature that allows users to mark up virtually documents that they can access on their iPads using the Apple Pencil. Some clever angling could make it appear as if they were standing on a rock or the ground in front of you, but nothing technological was driving this sort of realism.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:23

Siri will gain a number of improvements in iOS 11 as well, including new natural male and female voices built using deep learning . Soon, Apple will introduce a new iPhone feature that will do away with that annoying - and risky - urge to look at a text message while you're driving.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:16

We had been hearing rumors that Apple was going to announce a Siri speaker at WWDC 2017 and that's precisely what it has done today. HomePod will taking Amazon Echo and Google Home, which have been building momentum in the market for voice-controlled speakers capable of controlling smart appliances, fetching content from the internet and more.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:13

The legacy continues with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2! Get ready for another dose of old-school fun this summer, because Capcom has just announced Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 ! Capcom, the Capcom logo, Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry, Mega Man , Monster Hunter and Resident Evil are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd., in the US or other countries.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:07

At the same time , we believe that there are slim chances for the PlayStation 5 release date announcement at E3. Upon release, we hailed it as their new flagship IP. "[The Switch] has been a great success for Nintendo", he said, adding that it is what Nintendo fans had been waiting for for quite a while now. The expectations on the upcoming gaming platform are lesser than before.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:05

The lack of an official Amazon Prime Video app on the Apple TV until now has likely been the result of Amazon and Apple's competing interests in the media player and streaming services market. Both Apple and Amazon sold similar products for streaming, so this collaboration simply makes sense and is expected to reduce various caveats. Likewise, Prime Instant Video is available as a standalone service for $9 per month.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:07

And let's face it, a Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch could overtake even Zelda: Breath of the Wild as the biggest Switch game of 2017, given how popular Pokemon has become over the previous year. It could be that the Japanese gaming company is planning to announce a version of Pokémon Sun and Moon for the Switch, its new home console/portable hybrid system.

by | June 06, 2017 | 05:01

Siri now works with six types of apps which include messaging and calling, ride sharing, payments, fitness, and in-car infotainment. The difference illustrates a strategic divide between the two tech rivals. However, Apple has declined to comment on the same. Amazon did something today they should have done when they first released the Amazon Echo; the ability to set reminders.

by | June 06, 2017 | 04:55

Starting this week through July 24, the sites offering free meals are Meadows Elementary at 55 S. Brown Ave., and West Vigo Elementary , 501 Olive St., West Terre Haute. Sarah James is one of the handful of lunchroom workers who stay on for the summer to fix meals for these youngsters and those who might not eat otherwise.

by | June 05, 2017 | 12:39

Her family said in a statement: "We grieve the loss of our lovely, loving daughter and sister". Saturday night's atrocity in the capital was the third terrorist outrage to hit the country this year. Two suspects were also detained in East Ham. Witnesses to Saturday's attack said the terrorists deliberately drove into pedestrians on London Bridge shortly after 10pm - in the same way as Westminster Bridge attacker Khalid Masood.

by | June 05, 2017 | 12:11

Season Three World Championship in Los Angeles, CA, the independent video game developer and publishers over at Psyonix announced that they would be kicking off their celebratory update tomorrow, July 5th, with a bunch of new goodies for their collection of over 3.1 million players! Rocket League uses an advanced physics system to simulate realistic interactions between cars and the ball, where mass and momentum determine how hard balls and cars hit each other, creating a unique and ...

by | June 05, 2017 | 11:53

Google Home was officially announced during I/O 2016. Australia, France, Germany, and Japan were the other countries named in that announcement, though the Google Home doesn't show up in those countries' versions of the Google Store like it does for Canada just yet.

by | June 05, 2017 | 11:37

For Mr Jeremy Corbyn , the divisive and at times embattled leftist leader of Britain's main opposition party, things looked grim. At the end of a particularly heated exchange, one young woman won loud cheers by expressing her disbelief that so many in the room seemed to want to "murder" people.

by | June 05, 2017 | 11:16

In search of an elusive league championship, he dropped 38 points on the Cavs along with eight rebounds and eight assists in Game 1 . The Warriors are shooting 55 percent so far. Steve Kerr received a rousing ovation Sunday night as he returned to the bench at last. Kerr's picture was shown on the videoboard as the fans stood and cheered.

by | June 05, 2017 | 10:43

After the Alexa update, you'll be able to schedule reminders about any upcoming events or random tasks you need to carry out - something we're surprised wasn't in there from the beginning. Overall, it's a great app to help you stay organized. Apple believes that devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch have the potential revolutionize the way we think about health - thanks, in part, to the data these devices can track and collect (whether you agree with that vision or not is another ...

by | June 05, 2017 | 10:28

For example, from now you can tell Alexa , "remind me to give the cat a massive squishy hug on Friday at 4pm". There's no way to get around these catches, so we're gonna have to sit and wait. You could instruct " Alexa , remind me to call the dentist on Thursday", or " Alexa , remind me to take the auto in for service at 10am on July 15th".

by | June 05, 2017 | 10:27

If you own an Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows 10 device, then you'll be able to live stream the event and watch the story unfold. Also, Apple might update its apps, like Mail and Safari, to allow the stylus to be used for annotations.

by | June 05, 2017 | 10:24

WWDC 2017 Decorations: The first WWDC 2017 decorations are going up , MacRumors notes. It's hard to know how much to trust it as we do not know what evidence the person provided to the subreddit moderators as proof. If Apple does unveil the speaker at WWDC , it'll nearly certainly be opening it up for developers to release apps for, which makes it likely to be a tease reveal before full retail availability later in the year.

by | June 05, 2017 | 09:18

The attack unfolded quickly as armed police rushed to the scene and within eight minutes shot dead the three male attackers who were wearing what looked like explosives which later turned out to be fake. Witness Mark Roberts said he saw a van speeding across the bridge and then suddenly swerve, bounce off the pavement and hit several pedestrians. Seven died and nearly 50 people were hospitalised.

by | June 05, 2017 | 09:14

It is something new from Apple. But many expect 2017 to be a bumper year for new Apple products to cap off its successful decade. One particular Apple device that has yet to receive some love is the Mac mini. The last stat, 1 billion Apple devices in active use, was given in early 2016. If rumors are to be believed, Apple is ringing in this anniversary by giving the operating system a new coat of paint.

by | June 05, 2017 | 09:09

CNBC reports that this move will help all publishers who are anxious about losing ad revenue from users with ad blockers. Some of the ad types that will be blocked include pop-ups, videos that auto-play, and so-called "pre-stitial" ads that force readers to sit through a count down before they can see the page's contents.

by | June 05, 2017 | 08:59

An Indian police official, while talking to media in Srinagar , claimed that a paramilitary CRPF camp was attacked and Indian forces killed four militants at the Housing Irrigation Colony in Sumbal , the KMS reported. The terrorists attacked the camp at 3.45am. The identities and the affiliations of the slain terrorists are being ascertained. The militants often carry out attacks on police and army in the region.

by | June 05, 2017 | 08:54

It also increased the size of the clock in certain modes, making it easier to see on the display . Bixby - which is shipped with Samsung's Galaxy S8 - can make financial transactions through voice command via Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass, and users who have an account with Woori Bank can make currency exchange transactions by Bixby.

by | June 05, 2017 | 08:16

Obviously, he felt that way Sunday morning when he made his decision. "Awesome. I'm so excited for him", guard Klay Thompson said. The only teams to rally from 2-0 down in The Finals are Boston (over the L.A. "That's testament to where he has kept his team together and helped them overcome tough situations and still come out on top", Brown said. Chud asked why LBJ, a 'podium guy, ' was choosing not to speak there.

by | June 05, 2017 | 08:09

We used to call them "Bastard Screens". "I think Tristan will come out in Game 2 and be a lot more assertive and just use his will to get rebounds on both sides of the ball", Love said. The big takeaway from Game One was just how much the Cavs played into Golden State's hands by pushing everything and keeping a frenetic pace throughout the game that gifted the Warriors 106 shots.

by | June 05, 2017 | 07:51

The 40 players in question will include various Star Wars Battlefront community favourite livestreamers and YouTubers, such as JackFrags, Darkness429, StoneMountain64 and Neebs Gaming. Nimble AT-RT Walkers race around corners, pursued by roaring AATs. It will also feature a single-player campaign, which its predecessor lacked, Gamespot reported .

by | June 05, 2017 | 07:12

Lewis Hamilton has said he is determined to solve the problems that have stymied his bid for a fourth Formula One world championship after a hard weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix . But we still believe we can win this thing. With Valtteri Bottas finishing fourth in Monaco to close to within 29 points of his teammate - compared to a gap of 62 points between the Ferrari drivers - Hamilton says he won't ask Mercedes to prioritize his own title challenge.

by | June 05, 2017 | 07:04

He also began memorizing the path ― and thus each hand and foothold along El Capitan's " Freerider " route ― at least two years ago . The most hard part of the route is about 2,300 feet off the ground, where there are very small holds where only a thumb can fit.

by | June 04, 2017 | 11:28

And it doesn't mean the Warriors will stop feeding him in hopes he will find his stroke soon as evidenced by his 16 shot attempts in Game 1 . Curry, whose pregame rituals have drawn plenty of eyes over the past few years, said he added something that he calls a "Karate Kid-type balance" drill that he picked up from Durant and Steve Nash, another former two-time MVP who works for the Warriors as a player development consultant.

by | June 04, 2017 | 11:25

Witnesses also reported seeing people being stabbed by at least one man. There were also reports of a stabbing incident in nearby Borough Market . Several other people were treated at the scene for less serious injuries. Earlier, Prime Minister Theresa May said the attacks were being investigated as a " potential act of terrorism ".