by | May 19, 2017 | 11:45

When asked if Apple users can not be affected by such cyber-attacks, Aleksandr Yampolskiy, chief executive officer and founder of SecurityScorecard, said on Squawk Box that it is a common misconception. Britain's spending watchdog, the National Audit Office, warned in 2014 that some NHS organizations had "limited understanding of the threat and they do not yet understand what would represent an appropriate level of threat protection".

by | May 19, 2017 | 11:09

Across an ocean, Darien Huss, a 28-year-old research engineer for the cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, was doing his own analysis. Either way, the activation of the kill switch gives those with uninfected computers an opportunity to protect them.

by | May 19, 2017 | 10:56

The device reportedly can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes. It features a Snapdragon 835 processor coupled with 4 GB of RAM , and has a storage capacity 64 GB expandable by microSD up to 2 TB. Front camera features include live make-up, auto selfie, voice selfie, HDR Boost, and Selfie Panorama. The HTC U11 runs on Android 7.1.1 Nougat out of the box with the customized HTC Sense UI laid on top.

by | May 19, 2017 | 10:47

Data from BitSight covering 160,000 internet-connected computers hit by WannaCry , shows that Windows 7 accounts for 67 percent of infections, although it represents less than half of the global distribution of Windows PC users. The Electronic Frontier Foundation also called for more visibility into the government's use of security flaws, saying Wanna Cry "points to the need for transparency into and reform of how the government handles software vulnerabilities it retains".

by | May 19, 2017 | 10:44

Moon said in his first speech as president he would begin efforts to defuse security tensions on the Korean peninsula and negotiate with Washington and Beijing to ease a row over a US missile defence system being deployed in the South. The hurried deployment of the THAAD batteries last month, literally in the middle of the night, "lacked democratic procedure", Moon complained in an interview last week with the Post's Anna Fifield and Yoonjung Seo.

by | May 19, 2017 | 10:44

Computer systems were shut down across the area on Friday after the NHS fell victim to a "ransomware" attack. "(There have been) remarkably few payments so far that we've noticed as we are tracking this, so most people are not paying this, so there isn't a lot of money being made by criminal organisations so far".

by | May 19, 2017 | 10:38

That is why Google announced that appliances will eventually support Google Assistant, starting with LG and GE. It comes as Google, Apple and Amazon.com Inc are competing to establish the dominant voice-powered digital assistant, which many in the industry believe will supplant keyboards and touch screens as a primary way that users interact with technology.

by | May 19, 2017 | 10:07

A police spokesman told two Detroit newspapers that the singer was found with a band around his neck. As loudwire.com reported: " Chris Cornell is one of many men on death row, sentenced to die by hanging". "That was the toughest time in my life", he told Rolling Stone . " Detroit finally back to Rock City!" he tweeted. "It was like a Detroit , only northwest kind of".

by | May 19, 2017 | 09:49

Hundreds of hospitals and clinics in the British National Health Service were infected on Friday, forcing them to send patients to other facilities. Justice secretary Michael Matheson said: "Friday's attack has highlighted the need for everyone to have appropriate and robust measures in place to protect against cyber-attacks which could strike any IT system at any time".

by | May 19, 2017 | 09:17

AMD is touting performance at around 26 teraflops of half-precision FP16, or roughly 13 teraflops of single-precision FP32. Some have already criticised AMD for its already late release of its vega card and with nvidia's Volta graphic card set to be released in early 2018 which will be even more powerful many are questioning the whole point of AMD's vega graphics cards.

by | May 19, 2017 | 09:13

These processors leverage the company's high-performance x86 " Zen " core architecture to deliver advanced feature sets , increased efficiency, and leadership performance on today's most demanding PC workloads. It's the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, and unless you're a data scientist, "immersion" engineer (working with mixed reality) or high-profile product designer, you probably won't be getting your paws on one.

by | May 19, 2017 | 08:59

You can point your Android device's camera at something, be it a flower, a restaurant, or a Wi-Fi network name, and Google Lens will give you more information about what you're looking at. On stage, Samat demonstrated a novel way for Android users to track their mobile data usage and even pay their monthly or prepaid mobile phone bills via Google Play.

by | May 19, 2017 | 08:43

Tokyo-based Takata in May 2015 agreed to double a USA recall to a record more than 30 million vehicles made by some of the world's biggest automakers. So far the air bags have been replaced in fewer than a third of the affected Toyota and Subaru vehicles and fewer than a fifth of those from BMW and Mazda.

by | May 19, 2017 | 08:38

According to the Post, "House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) immediately interjected, stopping the conversation from further exploring McCarthy's assertion, and swore the Republicans present to secrecy". Comey about why if this happened as he allegedly describes, why didn't he take action at the time", Ryan said. Until Ryan signals there is a limit to what abuses he'll accept from Trump, though, calls for more investigations should be taken with some doubt that those investigations will yield ...

by | May 19, 2017 | 08:32

In addition, the app will now push you to visit other areas by using a red dot on various sections and tabs to let you know when there's activity. The update relocates Groups from the bottom navigation bar to the a tab at the top of the screen, making it a less prominent feature in the redesigned app.

by | May 19, 2017 | 08:07

A judge on Tuesday ordered Lima-Marin's release, saying it would be "draconian" to keep him in prison and that he had paid his debt to society. Samour also pointed out that Lima-Marin, who did not know in 2008 that he was released by accident, had already completed parole and started a family before authorities returned him to prison.

by | May 19, 2017 | 08:00

The 44th U.S. President Obama gave regards to President Trump after he won the presidential elections over rival Hilary Clinton in November of past year. "But he's also optimistic and heartened that citizens aren't just watching it happen but engaging with neighbors and elected representatives at town halls".

by | May 19, 2017 | 06:59

Based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices, Android was first unveiled in 2007. Affirming its dominance in the tech world with announcing beta version of "Android O" operating system, Google is celebrating the milestone of reaching two billion monthly active Android devices globally.

by | May 19, 2017 | 01:10

The company said it has been working cooperatively with the agencies for months and "is committed to addressing their questions concerning the emissions control software calibrations in 2014-2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Ram 1500 vehicles equipped with 3.0 Liter V6 diesel engines".

by | May 19, 2017 | 00:23

Mainly, this one takes what was wrongly done in the Google mobile OS and makes it better. Alphabet Inc's Google said on Wednesday it would make its digital assistant available on Apple Inc's iPhone, making a play for the higher end of the smartphone market and challenging Apple's Siri feature on its own devices.

by | May 18, 2017 | 23:45

Liz Capp-Gray, acting director of health informatics at Medway Foundation Trust, said: "I can confirm that we have not, so far, been directly targeted by the WannaCry ransomware attack ". The "Eternal Blue" tool developed by the National Security Agency had been dumped onto the public internet by a hacking group known as the "Shadow Brokers".

by | May 18, 2017 | 22:12

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Tuesday also asked for any documents written by Comey describing his communications with Mr. He does think Trump made the right decision to let Flynn go, and "knowing what we know now", perhaps Flynn should not have been appointed. Chaffetz's powerful committee has wide authority to investigate possible misconduct in the executive branch and the Utah Republican had been under increasing pressure to probe the ...

by | May 18, 2017 | 21:59

OnePlus has confirmed that its next flagship smartphone will be called the OnePlus 5. There's always more to be done to give you the ability to take clearer, more attractive photos. It is important to note that even if this the standard prototype of OnePlus 5, it doesn't necessarily mean that the final design of the smartphone will or will not feature a dual camera.

by | May 18, 2017 | 21:55

In a security notice to users , the company, which operates in 23 countries including the United Kingdom, is strongly advising them to now change their passwords for any other services for which they are using the same one. The information leaked has email addresses of users and encrypted passwords. "We, however, strongly advise you to change your password for any other services where you are using the same password", Zomato suggested.

by | May 18, 2017 | 21:23

Microsoft will be implementing two Azure centres, located in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Additionally, Microsoft is also adding the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, SAP's secure managed cloud service, to its cloud computing service. "There are some wonderful companies in South Africa and this can only serve that". AGIN has leveraged the cloud to enable an app to connect 140,000 smallholder farmers to key services, enabling them to share data and facilitate $1.3 million per month in finance, ...

by | May 18, 2017 | 21:12

WannaCry, widely reported as the most significant ransomware attack to date, was first detected on Friday in Britain, crippling hospitals and doctors' offices - and even causing some patients to be refused for treatment. But not everyone is prompt or has the access to update their systems, leading to untold vulnerable computers around the world. Many computers remained unpatched, allowing the WannaCry bug to infect them.

by | May 18, 2017 | 21:02

Emoji have become a major part of how people communicate, so it's good to see Google not only updating its emoji characters from those gumdrop-looking blobs to smiley faces that more closely resemble what people think of when they think "emoji".

by | May 18, 2017 | 19:45

The 393-foot ship with twin domes housing 24-foot antennas is owned by the U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Administration and used in support of U.S. Gostev said that the group of North Korean hackers known as Lazarus had robbed banks through SWIFT payment system and hacked Sony Pictures in the past.

by | May 18, 2017 | 19:40

This year's entry in F1 racing game series has been announced , as has a release date and the first details. According to press material, the new game will feature the return of some classic F1 cars, as well as "an even deeper career mode, numerous multiplayer enhancements, and a brand new "Championships" game mode ".

by | May 18, 2017 | 18:57

They're planning to release more NSA hacking tools in June, offering access to them to anyone willing to pay. The Shadow Brokers said that members can expect to get compromised banking data from SWIFT, a global banking network, newer exploits for Windows 10, and compromised network data from "Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean" nuclear and missile programs.

by | May 18, 2017 | 18:54

Despite being very tight-lipped since giving birth to her first child in March, Cheryl is now speaking out about being a mum on Twitter and giving fans an insight into her life with baby Bear. She jokingly responded, "Just me". To a follower who asked if Bear has "peed on Liam yet or just you?", she wrote: "Just me". 'She knows I'm going on tour, so obviously she's got a lot to deal with.

by | May 18, 2017 | 17:53

The cyberextortion attack hitting dozens of countries was a "perfect storm" of sorts. By SYLVIA HUI, ALLEN G. Experts and governments alike warn against ceding to the demands and Wainwright said few victims so far had been paying up. The WannaCry virus involved in the current attack is thought to be based on software developed by the US National Security Agency (NSA). That way if your machine gets infected and your photos and documents are encrypted, you don't need to worry about ...

by | May 18, 2017 | 17:27

He stressed that the United States would "offer our support to Turkey" in its fight against terrorism and that they would "reinvigorate our trade and commercial ties". Turkey considers these militias as an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party called People's Protection Units, which has been labeled as a terrorist group by Europe, Turkey and the U.S.

by | May 18, 2017 | 16:41

It's believed that Microsoft computers have a vulnerability to the malicious cyber attack , which was reportedly identified by the National Security Agency in the USA and then leaked onto the internet. The ransomware attack struck British National Health Service organisations, along with computer networks of companies and municipalities in dozens of other countries.

by | May 18, 2017 | 16:40

The UN Security Council met behind closed doors yesterday to discuss tightening sanctions on North Korea after it fired its latest ballistic missile. The U.S. Washington and Beijing the North's sole diplomatic and military ally are working on a new Council resolution targeting Pyongyang, she added. INFOGRAPHIC: What is the reach of N Korea's missiles? .