by | June 22, 2018 | 16:47

Each PlayStation Hits game costs 15.99 or €19.99. Sony has had so many great titles released on the PlayStation 4 since its release in 2013, now the company is bringing users unbelievable sales via PlayStation Hits . If you missed out on some great PlayStation 4 games that came out a few years ago, we have exciting news! Now, John Smedley , former president of Sony Online Entertainment, has shed some light on the issue.

by | June 22, 2018 | 16:42

But Karen Zacharia, Verizon's chief privacy officer, said in the letter that Securus "impermissibly permitted law enforcement agencies to request location information" for investigative purposes. They allow users to obtain nearby emergency roadside assistance, for example, and are useful in preventing bank fraud. Sprint, in a statement to The Verge , confirmed that it would be ending the sale of subscriber location data as well.

by | June 21, 2018 | 19:11

Amazon.com Inc shares fell as much as 1.9 percent before paring losses. Numerous largest online retailers, such as Amazon, already pay sales taxes because they have enough of a physical presence in most states through their network of warehouses and distribution facilities to qualify as taxable by states.

by | June 21, 2018 | 05:31

Called the Event Pass, this new system solves the game's severe progression problem , while also rewarding players more regularly with cosmetic content. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is taking a page from its competitors' playbooks this time around. The first one of these, the Sanhok Event Pass, will be available alongside the map's launch on Friday, June 22.

by | June 21, 2018 | 00:27

And as we are dealing with a video focused service, the 1 minute limit that we are accustomed to on Instagram has been extended to 1 hour for IGTV. The video will eventually give Facebook more opportunities to sell advertising. More importantly, 72 per cent of USA kids ranging from 13 to 17 years old use Instagram , second to YouTube at 85 per cent, according to the Pew Research Center.

by | June 20, 2018 | 22:09

It provides gold and foreign exchange transactions for them and holds central bank reserves. But the problem goes far beyond storage capacity, and extends to processing capacity, as only supercomputers could keep up with the verification of incoming transactions.

by | June 20, 2018 | 19:59

The phone's claim to fame is a 6.4-inch 1080p OLED display with a 92.26% screen-to-body ratio, making this the nearly bezel-free phone we have all been looking forward to. At an event yesterday in Paris, OPPO unveiled its new flagship, the OPPO Find X . Devices in the series have traditionally gone up against other Chinese flagships, and the Find X is no different, as it offers a completely premium specifications sheet while bringing a radical factor the market.

by | June 20, 2018 | 05:15

It is also powered by a Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 processor , 8GB of RAM , and up to 256GB of storage . Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is all set to launch its flagship smartphone Oppo Find X today at an event in Paris. The AI assists while clicking portrait photos, and also helps in automatic screen recognition. The system is similar to the pop-out system found on the Vivo Nex only in the case of the Find X , it involves both the front and rear cameras that sit nestled inside ...

by | June 19, 2018 | 10:11

Google has removed the feature to book an Uber ride from Google Maps on Android , according to several leading technology websites. This partnership seemed to have expanded even further this year a version of Google Maps Beta was found to be able to create an Uber account directly.

by | June 19, 2018 | 09:53

Are you planning on using Android Messages on the web? Though Google says in their announcement post that the service will be rolled out from "Today and over the next week". This means when you receive a message with a one-time password or code you can save time by copying that password directly from the message with a tap.

by | June 19, 2018 | 03:11

It's just a $2 monthly premium on top of the music subscription. The new YouTube music subscription service - previously codenamed "Remix" - has been confirmed and will launch in five markets next Tuesday ( May 22 ). Apart from YouTube Music , Google-owned YouTube will also be re-launching YouTube Red as YouTube Premium . A new YouTube Music streaming service is set to launch on May 22 for users to stream music at both free and premium price points.

by | June 18, 2018 | 22:51

With iOS 12, Apple adds security features, performance enhancements, Group FaceTime, ARKit 2, and more. The approach developed by Apple and RapidSOS sends location data from an iPhone to a "clearinghouse" accessible to emergency calling centers.

by | June 18, 2018 | 07:17

The device is available through the official OnePlus website and on Amazon as a Prime-exclusive before general availability opens tomorrow. Starting today however, the phone will be available for everybody on Amazon , and other OnePlus authorized stores.

by | June 18, 2018 | 05:18

Whereas angered protesters rallied at airports after Trump's first iteration of the Muslim-majority country travel ban, and internet users submitted public comments to the FCC supporting net neutrality, impeding the separation of families and holding the door open for vulnerable asylum-seeking immigrants feels far less actionable.

by | June 18, 2018 | 02:17

The Chromebook Plus will be priced at $499 and will be available at Best Buy starting 24th of June. In this case, it's a 1.5GHz Intel Celeron 3965Y processor: a dual-core Kaby Lake part with a TDP of 6 watts. Moreover, the new design presents curved-cap keyboard that resists spills 60cc. The 2.93-pound Chromebook Plus V2 also has 4GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage , along with a microSD card slot for adding up to 400GB of additional storage .

by | June 17, 2018 | 19:31

Now, to expand upon the rework, Google is changing the way Gmail notifications work on iOS devices by using machine learning. To enable it, simply go to Settings Notifications High Priority only . Gmail iOS app users need to select " important Emails only" from the Notifications drop-down in the settings menu to enable the feature. The feature is available right now for iOS users, but Google says it will be coming "soon" for Android .

by | June 17, 2018 | 19:14

Fortnite was indeed available on the Nintendo Store at that time, bringing another 2 million Fortnite accounts to the famous battle royale title. A flawless example of that could be Fortnite , the Switch version of which leaked days before its announcement. "We've built a huge community of gamers who can play together on Fortnite and all online titles.

by | June 17, 2018 | 16:31

It's important to note that the Switch version of Fortnite only features the free Battle Royale mode and not the PvE-centric Save the World campaign. As with highly competitive games runs by highly competitive game publishers, Fortnite is getting its own tourney with a $100,000,000 prize pool. While there was only one match that counted, three matches were broadcasted in total, with the first two being warm ups.

by | June 17, 2018 | 15:32

When this feature was active, it would send a notification to the user whenever someone screenshot any of their stories. Instagram had introduced the feature, which was pioneered by rival Snapchat, only for a few users initially, possibly because it felt fewer people would start seeing stories if they couldn't screengrab them.

by | June 16, 2018 | 22:44

Resident Evil 2 Remake is coming to the PC on January 25th! What hasn't changed is the original version of Resident Evil 2's brilliant horror atmosphere. The trailers confirm that both Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are returning as the main playable characters, and they will have to deal with returning monsters like the lickers, Mr.

by | June 16, 2018 | 17:08

Under USB Restricted Mode , an iPhone's Lightning port - where the battery charger, headphones and adapters are plugged - will be disabled in an hour after the iPhone is locked. "This could be painted as fundamentally about denying law enforcement access, but this is a security vulnerability", said Julian Sanchez, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

by | June 16, 2018 | 12:30

Currently, Apple's System Status page states that Apple is "investigating the issue". Apple has acknowledged the outages on its System Status support page. Additionally, Maps has benefited from being the sole source of directions when users ask for assistance from Siri, enabling an in-car voice request for driving guidance to nearby businesses or locations to automatically start providing spoken and visual directions.

by | June 16, 2018 | 10:58

Also look for carbon ceramic brakes with six-piston calipers up front and four in the rear. AMR stands for Aston Martin Racing and is meant to be a brand within the brand that draws on direct engineering and style from the Aston racing cars and road cars.

by | June 16, 2018 | 03:28

It's been a bit since the release of the Surface Book 2 , and now we're finally getting the first hints about the next Surface devices from Microsoft . It's reported that a minor refresh of the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop will debut later this year with 8generation Intel Core processors and potentially USB-C connectivity, which Microsoft has been reticent to adopt on its Surface hardware.

by | June 16, 2018 | 02:26

The new Polestar Engineered trim will boost performance of the S6 T8 Twin Engine hybrid and is set to be a step up from the R Design trims. The changes encompass upgrades to the suspension, brakes and engine management system. Also featured are adjustable Öhlins shock absorbers, paired with a new front strut brace, both shared with the Polestar 1 . The Brembo calipers are painted gold, peaking out from new lightweight wheels for the Volvo S60 Polestar Engineered.

by | June 16, 2018 | 01:35

In the US, OnePlus is the No 1 smartphone vendor in the open market US$400-US$600 range - sold without bundled telecommunication carrier contracts - with a 44 per cent market share. In addition to the above offers, customers can also avail free upgrades of software flashing and diagnosis without any labour charges, even on "Out of Warranty" cases and a 10% additional discount on spare parts.

by | June 15, 2018 | 21:55

However, you will need to be on the Jio network in order to watch these live streams on your phone, as the JioTV desktop website appears to be down. Also, the user has to subscribe to the services to view all the football matches. "Maxis is excited to bring the World Cup to more Malaysians than ever before with Astro World Cup match passes on Maxis as well as through our lead broadcast sponsorship of the RTM's coverage of the matches", he said.

by | June 15, 2018 | 21:50

Call of Duty: Black Ops III combines three unique game modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombies, providing fans with the deepest and most ambitious Call of Duty ever. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Pop Socket. Take the following with a grain of salt, then, since I spent much more time dying than anything else during the Black Ops 4 hands-on time on PS4, but the new tweaks to multiplayer seem very positive and should at the very least get players talking.

by | June 14, 2018 | 23:43

Of course, there are other, more reasonable explanations for not supporting cross-platform play on certain devices. "Neither the " Fortnite " website nor Epic Customer Service are able to change this". "If people want to go buy someone else's console and play games there, great, as long as we're all leaning in to how do we make this business for everybody as vibrant as possible".

by | June 14, 2018 | 20:51

Like much of the content and story beats that have come out Death Stranding , we don't really have a clue who Lindsay Wagner is playing in Death Stranding . When the player dies, its game over. We've had a heap of insane visuals to go with the game but nothing that really shows us how it would play. The device seems to be hooked up to the baby that he is delivering to somewhere.

by | June 14, 2018 | 20:29

This new title is brought to you via Marvelous Games, with Kenichiro Tsukuda from the Armored Core series acting as producer. The Arsenal mechs have been designed by Mr. According to Nintendo Daemon X Machina lets you equip a fully customizable mech, or " Arsenal ", to destroy powerful enemy forces. The result looks quite a bit more fast-paced than the usual mech game! Players will be able to obtain weapons from defeated enemies and attach them onto your Arsenal "on the fly" to adjust ...

by | June 14, 2018 | 18:18

The new ribbon will be far more customizable, letting you add or remove any icon you want. In related news, Microsoft yesterday announced a Office 2019 for Mac Preview for commercial customers . Now You: Do you use Microsoft Office? Next month, it will show up in Outlook for Windows. Microsoft is also making Search more powerful by adding artificial intelligence to the backend.

by | June 14, 2018 | 16:19

The transition to iPhones using USB Type-C cables has begun. It's official: Apple will implement an iOS feature created to block iPhone unlocking tools that use the Lightning port. "We're constantly strengthening the security protections in every Apple product to help customers defend against hackers, identity thieves and intrusions into their personal data", the company told Reuters .

by | June 14, 2018 | 16:01

Right now, Minecraft is the only confirmed game being adapted to Netflix's interactive storytelling. The Netflix series, which debuted its second season last October (and a third is now being made), will be the subject of a new title from Telltale Games , which has worked on the likes of the Walking Dead and Minecraft: Story Mode games in recent years.

by | June 14, 2018 | 10:15

Today, that functionality is starting to go live. At the Google I/O 2018 , the company had announced the multiple actions feature , but it has just started to roll out now. Previously, asking to "turn off living room and bedroom" when referring to those home control groups simply didn't work. If you want Google to perform a more complicated action , make sure to send it to your device from the Google Assistant website .