Surveillance video appears to show children being dropped over border wall

Surveillance video appears to show children being dropped over border wall

"On Monday, a number of the asylum seekers who had been waiting in the Mexican border town of Tijuana to make their asylum claims climbed over the border fence, despite being nearly certain to face detention by US authorities on the other side", writes Newsweek.

Choosing a spot at dusk where the fence was lower, just over a quarter mile from the Pacific, eventually roughly two dozen people had gone over.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent speaks to women and children who crossed illegally into San Ysidro, Calif., on Sunday.

Since mid-October, thousands of Central Americans, mostly from Honduras, have traveled north through Mexico in a caravan, some walking much of the long trek.

The desperation of many drives them to take a perilous journey.

This problem, according to McAleenan, stems from weak immigration laws in the US leading migrant families to believe that they cross the border when they don't have valid asylum claims.

The sight of them climbing the fence encouraged others, even as a helicopter patrolled overhead on the U.S. side.

The suspect who helped the children over the border wall to the group did not cross into the U.S., CPB said, according to Yuma's KYMA-TV.

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The six people are all part of the same family from Guatemala and included three children: a 2-year-old, a 7-year-old and a 10-year-old.

The AP has said it compiled its data from information from global groups, forensic records, death records, missing persons' reports and data examination from thousands of interviews with asylum seekers.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon extended the deployment of troops along the border through the end of January 2019.

The attempt to cross into the USA illegally came just days after the migrants were transferred from one temporary shelter to another after it had become unsanitary.

Watch:"We've got a challenging and still potentially volatile situation in Tiajuana".

Those that made it across the fence in Tijuana still had to scramble up a hill and contend with a more forbidding wall to reach California.

"Climb up. You can do it!"

One of the children "suffered a facial injury" and was treated on the scene. Mexican authorities arrested and deported those they considered responsible for compromising the city's commitment to public order.

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