‘Stranger Things’ Retro Game Will Follow the Events of Season Three

‘Stranger Things’ Retro Game Will Follow the Events of Season Three

Are you a fan of this popular Netflix series?

A trailer for a new game based on "Stranger Things" was shown via The Game Awards on Thursday evening.

The Duffer Brothers, the creators of the hit on-demand series, presented the trailer, which features bits and pieces of what we can expect from the game. It will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and PC, as well as a "streamlined" mobile version according to Variety.

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It's a retro-styled beat 'em up you can play in co-op, set after the events of the third season of the award-winning show. It's a little shocking to see child characters in the trailer kill countless guards in cold blood, but it's all in service of that old school gameplay. The game will likely be released sometime next year, though no official release date has been announced yet. Perhaps playing the entire game will give us even more clues for season 3.

Developer Bonus XP partnered with Netflix to create this 16-bit title, following up their previous partnership that created Stranger Things: The Game.

The trailer didn't come with a release date for the game, and there were no announcements about the release date for Stranger Things' third season.

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