PVP Battles Coming Soon To Pokemon Go

PVP Battles Coming Soon To Pokemon Go

While Pokémon GO didn't launch with the full suite of gameplay mechanics expected of a Pokémon game, the mobile title has been slowly but surely adding them ever since launch, and it looks like one of the most requested features could be on the way. This time, it seems Niantic is giving "Pokemon Go" trainers a second chance to round out their collection of legendary pokemon just in time for the holiday season.

Pokemon Go players have begged for a PvP feature since the game came out in 2016.

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Niantic's official Pokemon Go Twitter account tweeted out: "Get prepared... #GOBattle". The tweet sparked a flurry of discussion and speculation on the much-anticipated feature for the game.

A photo tweeted by Niantic depicting the flags for each trainer battle League. Based on the content of the posts, the battles will be kicked off similarly to how trainers run into Pokemon. The Great league has a CP cap of 1,500 for each Pokemon, Ultra has one of 2,500, and Master has no limit. Or, perhaps the image is meant to signify Niantic is overhauling the battle system yet again to make battles more tactical. I'm sure the update will please plenty of Pokémon GO fans, especially when you consider that trainer battles have been a big part of the Pokémon series since its inception. However, there has not been a release date for when the patch will be out.

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