New Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Game Teased For Game Awards Reveal

New Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Game Teased For Game Awards Reveal

We don't know much about outside of that, but it looks like Far Cry will be taking some inspiration from Fallout and sending us into a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Far Cry 5 released in March to positive reviews. We'll report more on this new project when it is formally revealed at The Game Awards tomorrow night. That said, it may not be your typical dusty post-apocalyptic setting, as it's hinted the new Far Cry will take place some time after the bombs drop, in a world where nature is once again flourishing.

But anyway, enjoy the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more!

At the end of Far Cry 5 if you got the main, I suppose now canonical ending, a great big nuclear bomb erupts, killing numerous people in Hope County.

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According to the teaser trailer, the worldwide reveal of the latest Far Cry will be made during The Game Awards 2018.

The video offers a glimpse at what appears to be Hope County's vast countryside, only for it to be rocked by a nuclear blast. It shows a few familiar locations, as it seems to mirror the original cover art for Far Cry 5 - the church on the left, especially. The years of rain and the howling winds gave way to blue skies and a new world in bloom.

A direct sequel to Far Cry 5? Because of this, it seems likely that whatever this new game is for will be an entirely separate experience rather than just DLC for FC5.

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