New ‘Far Cry’ Box Art Leaks Ahead of The Game Awards

New ‘Far Cry’ Box Art Leaks Ahead of The Game Awards

In the decade or so that follows the so-called "good" and now canonical Far Cry 5 ending, a devastating drought makes way for a nuclear winter that irrevocably transforms the once-idyllic Hope County. You'll be able to explore these smaller areas and scout for supplies and resources. No Far Cry New Dawn price for India has been announced just yet. You can check out the debut trailer for the game, below. The imagery was also hard to pass over: two black women, armed with makeshift weapons, smirk as a white man is strapped to an overturned vehicle.

It's still unclear whether this will be a spinoff of sorts, a direct sequel to Far Cry 5, or an entirely new entry in the Ubisoft series. Will it be different enough to warrant another return to Hope County? Left unattended, the Highwaymen will retake them and increase security, upping the difficulty each time you come a-knockin'. This trailer shows Nero and Dante fighting all sorts of enemies, as well as the new character V.

Take a look at the latest Far Cry: New Dawn footage.

Far Cry New Dawn

Familiar characters are back: led by Kim Rye from Far Cry 5, the Survivors establish a home base, where children can be kept safe and prosper.

For many, the adorable little fang for hire Boomer was the indisputable highlight of Far Cry 5 - and it seems like Ubisoft has heard fans' yelps of glee loud and clear. The game is being developed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

More specifically, we now have almost seven minutes of Far Cry New Dawn gameplay footage shown off in wonderful 4K. These maps are one square kilometre in size, taken on from inside Prosperity base, and will be set in Bayou and West Coast environments.

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