Mattis: Putin 'tried again to muck around in our elections'

Mattis: Putin 'tried again to muck around in our elections'

"No doubt the relationship has worsened", Mattis said about the relationship between the US and Russian Federation. "What we see, what Putin is doing, not observing global agreements... we are dealing with someone who we just can't trust", - said Mattis, calling Putin a "slow learner" (translated from English. - bad student, tokodai, obtuse).

"The Taliban have made clear the lives of the Afghan people are of no value to them. We will be under attack".

"And we are seeing a continued effort along those lines", Mattis said, adding that the United States would take whatever steps were necessary to defend American democracy.

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Mattis did not elaborate on his claim that Russian Federation tried to interfere in last month's elections, adding only, "We are seeing a continued effort along those lines". He recognizes that what he does is actually creates hostility against his people.

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During the forum, former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Russian Federation will continue to undermine its neighbors, but also the United States in order to project its strength. Russian Federation seized Ukrainian ships.

"What we are seeing Putin do with his ripping up of worldwide agreements. we're dealing with someone that we simply can not trust", the Pentagon chief added. In this December 1, the White house spokesman Sarah Sanders said that trump during an official dinner at the G20 summit still had an informal conversation with Putin.

Speaking in Buenos Aires, Putin told reporters Saturday there were no preconditions for future bilateral talks with Trump.

On Saturday, Putin said he hopes a meeting with Trump will take place "when the United States is ready".

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday said the Ukraine events were the only reason Trump canceled his planned formal meeting with Putin in Argentina, not developments in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe.

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