Google officially says goodbye to Allo as it clarifies its messaging strategy

Google officially says goodbye to Allo as it clarifies its messaging strategy

Users can find media from the app they already downloaded in the Google Allo folder within the Google Photos app. Google provides more information and instructions here.

After a couple of new reports attempted to share Google's timeline for shuffling around its messaging apps, possibly killing a couple of them, the company made a decision to explain their plans in their own words.

Google's big bet this time is on Messages, a chat experience based on RCS that the company builds into the Android device to position it as a direct competitor to Apple's iMessage. The good news is that things might make a bit more sense at some point in the future. Google could push back the announcement to avoid more bad press about killing apps, which is something the company gets a lot of flack for. With little staff assigned to work on Allo, and very small amount of consumer adoption for Google's instant messaging service there's little reason to keep it around. It hasn't received a major update in nearly one year and most of the Allo team has been moved to Android Messages. Android Messages and Duo will be a two-pronged attack. With features including read receipts, file sharing, group messages, and typing indicators, consumers could be lured away from the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and onto RCS Chat, which is set to replace SMS on Android phones. Similarly, Duo is a dead simple video chatting app that comes pre-loaded on many devices.

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If you're still using Allo and need something else, check out our chat app roundup below.

Hit the source link for the full blog post if you're interested in what Google has going on for its messaging services. By bringing Allo's features like Smart Reply, GIFs and desktop support, the company plans to focus more on Messages.

As for Hangouts, the other unclear entry in Google's family of messaging apps, Google previously announced that it would "evolve" Hangouts into separate Hangout Chats and Hangouts Meet experiences for businesses. "We're fully committed to supporting Hangouts users in the meantime", wrote Klainer. We know that's happening, we just don't know when. These are mainly focused on team collaboration for G Suite customers and will be available for Hangout users also.

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