'Game of Thrones' trailer shows a chill creeping into Westeros

'Game of Thrones' trailer shows a chill creeping into Westeros

It's a tease of a battle brewing between Dany, the North, the Lannisters, and the Night King we expect to occur next season.

We've been waiting. and waiting. and waiting. and now the first trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8 has arrived and, well, it doesn't give much away. Disappointingly, the video doesn't actually contain any new footage.

Again, per VF: "In the show's pilot episode, the White Walkers clearly communicate in "inhuman shrieks" and 'a chilling sound like crackling ice, ' which echoes George R.R. Martin's description of their language in his books".

All good? Let's point out a few things you may have noticed. A statue of a lion is also engulfed in flames before the ice and fire meet in the middle.

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The final season of the HBO drama s perhaps the most eagerly awaited finale in television history so they literally could have put out anything - anything at all - and people would have leapt to all kinds of conclusions. The short clip was tweeted out with the words "Fire and ice" and hinted that the final season will be all about a cataclysmic showdown between the forces of fire (Daenerys, her dragons, and the fiery blood of the Targaryens) and ice (those pesky White Walkers).

In mid November, HBO finally revealed the release date for the final season.

Indeed, the wealth of knowledge GoT fans may not have even been aware of until now is deep and fascinating, and it includes a ton of easter eggs, hitherto unknown revelations, and secrets that had only been speculated about before.

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