Countries offer Visa on Arrival to Pakistanis

Countries offer Visa on Arrival to Pakistanis

The Singapore passport has fallen to second in the 2018 Passport Index, behind the United Arab Emirates' travel document which is now the most powerful passport in the world.

According to world's most popular online interactive tool, Passport Index, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world, has given this result.

The list ranks passports in real time based on the number of countries passport holders can enter without obtaining a prior visa or through obtaining a visa on arrival.

"We determine the strength of the passport based on the ability of the citizens of a country to travel to another country without the need for a visa in advance and obtaining visa access from the airport", Arton said in a statement carried by the UAE state news agency WAM. In 42 countries visa will deliver on arrival.

It was only last month that the UAE passport had claimed the third spot in the rankings. "The achievement coincides with "Year of Zayed" & UAE's 47th National Day, adding to UAE's numerous accomplishments in various domains", the Dubai Media Office tweeted. Citizens of this country are allowed visa-free entry only to five countries of the world, and can get a visa upon arrival at 24 countries.

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While the United Kingdom tied for fourth place with Belgium, Austria, Japan, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Ireland and Canada on holders being able to travel to 164 countries.

They are followed by Estonia in eighth place, which has access to 160 countries, Romania and Bulgaria (ninth) on 158 countries, and Cyprus and Liechtenstein (10th) on 157 countries.

The region's trouble spots, such as Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, were in the lowest ranks. A Pakistani passport holder will have to apply for visa and go through a long process to get visa in 163 countries.

On the other hand, if we refer to the list in question, Singapore and Germany rank second in the list.

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