BT Pulls Huawei Kit From EE's 4G Network

BT Pulls Huawei Kit From EE's 4G Network

Huawei said it had been working with BT for nearly 15 years, and since the beginning of its partnership, BT had been operating on a principle of different vendors for different layers of its network.

Britain's BT Group said on Wednesday it was removing Huawei Technologies' equipment from the core of its existing 3G and 4G mobile operations and would not use the Chinese company in central parts of the next network.

"In 2016, following the acquisition of EE, we began a process to remove Huawei equipment from the core of our 3G and 4G networks, as part of network architecture principles in place since 2006", a BT spokesperson said.

The move by BT will bring its mobile phone business in line with an internal policy to keep the Chinese company's equipment at the edge of telecoms infrastructure, the paper said.

The decoupling of China's telecoms giant Huawei from the wireless networks of English-speaking countries continued this week, as the UK's largest mobile provider made a decision to ban the use of the Chinese firm's equipment in its mobile operations. As a result, Huawei has not been included in vendor selection for our 5G core.

In a statement shared by ISP Review, Huawei responded to the BT news by saying it has "never had a cyber security related incident", since starting to work with EE in 2012 and that it had "earned the trust of our partners across the global value chain".

Earlier this year, Australia too banned Huawei from supplying 5G equipment, also citing security risks.

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"We need to decide the extent to which we are going to be comfortable with Chinese ownership of these technologies and these platforms in an environment where some of our allies have taken a very definite position", he said.

"We're applying these same principles to our current RFP for 5G core infrastructure".

Huawei has flatly denied any improper links to the Chinese government and insisted its relationship with BT was all above board.

"Since the beginning of this partnership, BT has operated on a principle of different vendors for different network layers".

The FT said BT in 2005 became one of the first companies outside China to sign a landmark supply agreement with Huawei. Thus it would seem unrelated to the security concerns about Huawei hardware.

News of BT's shafting of Huawei comes just weeks after the Wall Street Journal reported that the United States government is pressuring foreign allies to ditch networking from Huawei.

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