Apple gives in, will allow Apple Music on Amazon Echo devices

Apple gives in, will allow Apple Music on Amazon Echo devices

In something of a surprise announcement today, Amazon revealed that Apple Music would soon be available on its Echo devices.

Once the feature goes live, users can download an Apple Music Skill from the Alexa Skill shop, and it will allow them to ask Alexa to play music from their Apple Music account. There's no word on when or if Apple Music will be available on Google Home.

All Echo hardware comes with a speaker system that is capable of streaming audio from the likes of Spotify and Amazon Music. Those mobile devices controlled playback, and no Alexa voice commands were applicable.

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Announced Friday morning in a statement, Apple Music will be added to Echo devices starting December 17, meaning subscribers will be able to engage in all their usual Apple Music activities using Echo devices, either with Alexa's assistance and/or of their volition.

If you're an Apple Music subscriber who also lives in an Echo household, then you've likely been irritated by the lack of compatibility between the two.

Amazon's Echo devices have gained dozens of new features and a ton of additional functionality over the years, but one app has been mysteriously absent. "We're thrilled to bring Apple Music - one of the most popular music services in the USA - to Echo customers this holiday". However, to do so, you will need to enable Alexa's new Apple Music skill first.

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