Will Mueller Be Fired by Acting Attorney General Whitaker?

Will Mueller Be Fired by Acting Attorney General Whitaker?

In her tweet, Pelosi, who is likely to become House speaker under the new Democratic-controlled Congress, wrote that "It is impossible to read Attorney General Sessions' firing as anything other than another blatant attempt by Donald Trump to undermine & end Special Counsel Mueller's investigation".

Flores did not directly answer questions about whether Whitaker had consulted or planned to consult Justice Department ethics experts on whether he should recuse himself from the Russian Federation probe.

One associate, Jerome Corsi, said in a video recording Monday that he's "been involved in a really constant basis" for two months with Mueller's investigation.

Lindsey Graham of SC, a Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and close Trump ally, tweeted that he looked "forward to working with President Trump to find a confirmable, worthy successor".

Mr Mueller is investigating alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, resulting in a series of criminal charges against several Trump associates.

The president deflected questions about Sessions' expected departure at a White House news conference Wednesday.

The investigators can pass their evidence to federal prosecutors in other jurisdictions outside the special counsel's authority, making it harder for Whitaker to block new indictments.

"So I could see a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced with a recess appointment and that attorney general doesn't fire Bob Mueller, but he just reduces his budget to so low that his investigation grinds to nearly a halt", Whitaker said during an interview with CNN in July 2017.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.), who will oversee the committee now that the Democratic Party has taken control of the House, cautioned the president that he will now face far more oversight from lawmakers and warned that Sessions' firing and subsequent appointment of loyalist Matthew Whitaker to serve as acting attorney generalhas thrown the nation into a "constitutionally perilous moment". Attorney General Elliot Richardson and his deputy William Ruckelshaus resigned rather than comply with Nixon's order.

One is simply by declining to continue to pay the investigators or attorneys working for the special counsel.

Pipe bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc scheduled for Election Day court hearing
Prosecutors are expected to ask the judge to hold Sayoc without bail, saying he's a danger to the public. Sayoc's lawyers are yet to comment on his mental health.

Schumer called it "paramount" that Mueller's status be protected by the new attorney general.

The decision infuriated Trump, who repeatedly lamented that he would have never selected Sessions if he had known the attorney general would recuse.

Whitaker's views as an outside commentator before joining the government have been music to the ears of Trump and Republicans.

Trump's nomination of a permanent replacement for Sessions will require confirmation by the US Senate, which remains in Republican control following Tuesday's midterm elections.

Justice Department rules on special counsels set boundaries on how Mueller could be removed. "He has no reason to recuse himself", Malcolm told VOA.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Executive Director Anthony Romero said in a statement on Wednesday that the US Senate must ensure that whomever Trump nominates to replace Sessions will not interfere in Mueller's Russian Federation investigation. He also announced media leak crackdowns, tougher policies against opioids and his Justice Department defended a since-abandoned administration policy that resulted in parents being separated from their children at the border.

Now Whitaker is in charge of the Justice Department and Rosenstein reports to him, putting Whitaker in a position to constrain the special counsel if he wishes or if he's directed to do so by the president.

The Democrats, who won the House in the mid-terms, have vowed to protect it.

Sessions recused himself from managing the investigation because of his own past involvement in the Trump campaign.

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