We Now Officially Know How Long It Takes To Poo Out Lego

We Now Officially Know How Long It Takes To Poo Out Lego

"The Fart score - how many days it took the Lego to pass through the bowels - was between 1.1 days and three days, with an average of 1.7 days", wrote the Guardian.

With children across the globe sharing a willingness to swallow anything they get their hands on, researchers wanted to find the "typical transit times" for the toy building block.

And right about now you're probably asking yourself: Why?

Published in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health (yes, seriously), the painstaking dookie review was undertaken by scientists Andrew Tagg, Damian Roland, Grace Leo, Henry Goldstein and Tessa Davis.

In addition, the results of the experiment show that parents should not worry and engage in the search for swallowed objects in feces of children if an experienced doctor with a PhD couldn't find a Lego head figurines in their own chair, it would be odd to advise parents to do this.

S**t A Brick! -- Doctors Eat And Poop Lego In The Name Of Science

And yes, there's video of the researchers swallowing the Lego.

To make the already intriguing scientific exploration even more memorable, the poop results were given the moniker "FART", or the Found And Retrieved Time. The researchers developed a Stool Hardness and Transit (SHAT) score to measure the frequency and looseness of their stool. The paper accounts for this by noting that "females may be more accomplished at searching through their stools than males".

Six researchers from Australia and the United Kingdom ingested the head of a Lego figure, which is about 10mm by 10mm, to determine "typical transit times". That said, researchers noted that this is a small study that focused on adults instead of toddlers, and that small toys with different shapes might take different amounts of time to pass.

"Although the majority of items children swallow pass through, some can be unsafe and parents should still be vigilant", he said. As it turns out, parents need not worry because Lego heads should turn up in feces just a few days after.

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