The midterms show Trump might not get re-elected in 2020

The midterms show Trump might not get re-elected in 2020

As of Wednesday night, votes were still being counted in the "Democratic stronghold" of Broward County, and the county election supervisor doesn't know how many are left, the Sentinel writes Unofficial results are expected by Friday, but officials are already noticing something unusual - about 680,000 voters picked a governor's candidate, but only 656,000 chose someone for Senate.

Republicans won governor races in the traditionally blue states of Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

To get this hard task right, Democrats must recognize why the voters engineered a transfer of power that has marginalized noxious partisans like Devin Nunes, the chair of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, and empowered watchdogs like the man who will take the gavel from him: veteran prosecutor Adam Schiff.

But is this similar to the "shellacking" that Democrats got during the Obama administration's first midterms vote in 2010? No.

She saluted "those dynamic, diverse and incredible candidates who have taken back the House for the American people".

In the interview, Mr Neal said Democrats did not win control of the House by promising to obtain Mr Trump's tax returns, and that it would not be the singular focus of his first year as chairman.

Several committee members have articulated tougher positions than the White House on Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia and urged congressional authorisation on military engagement in hot spots like Syria.

Democrats' takeover of the House in January will allow them to force administration officials to testify and provide documents.

Now that they've lost, the question becomes, who is the leader of the new Democratic party? If they fail to do so, Trump will maintain control of the narrative in what should be an accountability moment for his presidency and a policy-shift moment for the country.

The campaign unfolded against a backdrop of ugly rhetoric and angry debates on immigration, health care and the role of Congress in overseeing the president.

They want to find out what Trump said to Russian President Vladimir Putin at a July meeting in Helsinki unattended by any White House aides.

Also striking was how numerous House races were decided by margins of five points or less.

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The Democrats, in turn, benefited from extraordinary voter enthusiasm, robust fundraising and unusually fresh candidates. The polls also show Trump was a major factor: a minority of voters voted for Trump and his policies while the majority of voters displayed an anti-Trump sentiment.

He said he would defer to staff on the Joint Committee on Taxation in Congress to determine what information might be requested and who would have access to it.

But a measure of how much bigger the overall Democratic House majority could have been is that about two dozen Republicans who won or were leading had similarly narrow margins of five points or fewer.

The Republican side of the aisle elected mostly white men. In both chambers of Congress, the fields were highly tilted - in favor of Republicans in the Senate, and in favor of Democrats in the House. He predicted an "invasion" from the migrant caravan making its way toward the US and decried the "radical" agenda of speaker-in-waiting Pelosi.

Trump has signaled in the past week that he believes a deal with Chinese President Xi Jinping is achievable. Local county commissioner Pete Stauber handily won northeastern Minnesota's 8th Congressional District. But on trade policy, one of the areas most relevant for the global community, Trump enjoys executive power and can set the terms regardless of whether Congress is divided or not.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a popular Democrat who easily clinched a third term against a little-known opponent with 60 percent of the vote, helped other Democrats on the ballot.

Pennsylvania was particularly daunting for Republicans after court-imposed redistricting and a rash of retirements put several seats in play.

And it was enough to give the Democrats the House of Representatives, win seven governorships, and pick up 330 state legislative seats. She could return a number of his voters back to the Democratic Party by backing Trump on issues that used to be democratic issues.

Republicans had expected the GOP tax plan would be the cornerstone of their election agenda this year, but it became a potential liability in key states along the East and West coasts where residents could face higher tax bills because of limits on property and sales tax deductions.

"However, the Republicans are set to increase their majority in the Senate, with ABC News suggesting a gain of three Senate seats for the Republicans". The winners included Democrat Mikie Sherrill, a former Navy pilot and federal prosecutor who ran for a suburban Newark seat. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) has won another term.

A Mississippi U.S. Senate seat held by Republicans is going to a runoff, but analysts predict the GOP will have little difficulty winning in one of the nation's most conservative states.

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