Project Fi may accept iPhone and other Android phones soon

Project Fi may accept iPhone and other Android phones soon

Project Fi, Google's MVNO wireless service, isn't just for Pixel smartphones anymore. Non-Fi devices will get regular-old T-Mobile MVNO service, without Fi's carrier switching or the recently announced VPN encryption. In the rare instance that someone uses more than 15GB in a single billing period, remaining cellular data may be throttled but is still free. First we need to talk about how Fi normally works. If you're a new or existing customer and purchase a Google Fi phone, Google will give you back the amount you paid in the form of a gift card for Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Airbnb or

Follow the bouncing ball with us: The Verge reports that Droid Life had reported on information contained in a BGR story claiming that Project Fi will expand its handset support to iPhones as well as devices from Sony, Samsung and OnePlus. Since Google won't be selling them directly through the wireless service, they might not support things like fast network switching between T-Mobile, Sprint, and Wi-Fi, or even enhanced network features.

In either case, by opening up Project-Fi to some of the latest flagships like Apple's iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy and more, Google is sure to benefit since so many previously-alienated consumers will now have the freedom to try and decide whether Project Fi is a good fit for them.

Not all phones are 100% compatible with Fi, so using an iPhone wont get you the quick Wi-Fi/LTE “enhanced” transition that is compatible with only devices on Android Pie.

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Project Fi, Google's alternative to the services offered by major cell providers like AT&T and Verizon, has been around for quite some time now. Plus, as always with Fi, there are no contracts and zero hidden fees. It sounds like the full "Project Fi experience" won't be part of the deal for these handsets that customers bring to the Project Fi network.

Some plan features will depend on the Android or iOS device you use.

I've long hoped that Google would make this change.

More info can be found in Google's new post on the Project Fi blog, and on the Project Fi website.

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