Oklahoma flu season hospitalizes 32 so far, no deaths reported

Oklahoma flu season hospitalizes 32 so far, no deaths reported

The flu vaccine is free to all residents. They can do a rapid test and swab your nasal pharynx [back of nose or throat] for antigens or do a more sophisticated test that looks for actual segments of the virus. A lot of it had to do with people who are now on social media and and also the regular media who are not getting good information on vaccines.

Dr. Jonathan LaPook joined "CBS This Morning" to talk about the importance of the flu shot and to administer some to our very own Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King.

A high-dose shot is available for seniors aged 65-plus, who are often at higher risk for severe complications from influenza, which in some cases can be fatal.

It won't give you the flu.

It's important to know that once the flu has been contracted, victims are most contagious in the first three to four days after illness begins, however, some may be able to infect others beginning one day before symptoms develop and five days after becoming sick, according to the CDC.

So, even if you think you're immune, and even if you never get diagnosed during flu season, you can still contract the disease - which means you can also spread it.

Influenza virus causes infection of the upper airway and may lead to symptoms of fever, headache, fatigue, body aches and coughs, according to a release.

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"Many people don't know that influenza is the number one disease preventable by a vaccine that causes deaths in Canada", said Newhouse in a phone interview. Some prescriptions can help flu symptoms.

Complications include sinus and ear infections, pneumonia, and inflammation of the heart or brain, which can land an infected person in the hospital and in some cases even result in death.

In addition to the Fluzone high-dose vaccine for ages 65 and older, the health department also is offering the quadrivalent flu vaccine for 6-month-olds and up, which "is created to protect against four different flu viruses: two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses", Green said. People who are allergic to eggs, any of the ingredients in the vaccine, have had Guillain-Barré Syndrome or if feeling unwell, should consult their doctor before receiving the vaccine. The reason being that the vaccine either has a killed (inactivated) form of the virus that is not infectious or it is made with proteins from a flu vaccine virus that is attenuated "weakened" and therefore can not cause the flu.

In Europe, fewer than half of people in high-risk groups receive a flu shot and similarly low rates are reported in the United States and Australia. There are two antiviral medications. the FDA just approved a new one last week called Baloxavir Marboxil.

"There is no need to delay your flu vaccine if you have a minor illness with no fever such as a cold". The other is the old standby Tamiflu.

Young children and elderly people are more likely to contract the flu virus. "It is safe in any trimester and offers protection to babies by generating antibodies in pregnant women".

The flu season peaks between December and January. There are two things I like to emphasize all year round but especially this time of year. Be careful about touching your face after you touch surfaces because influenza and other viruses and vermin can be on them. Tankut suggests that you wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water. Nasty germs that can be deadly.

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