Niantic’s Ingress Overhauled, Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Niantic’s Ingress Overhauled, Now Available for iOS and Android Devices

Now, Ingress is getting a new lease on life through the launch of Ingress Prime. Ingress Prime has been redesigned to make it easier for the masses to understand.

Now Niantic Labs have analysed the data gathered from working on both Ingress and Pokemon Go as well as listening to feedback from users regarding gameplay design and features. If you had already played the game before and you have an account, you can just log into the new version after updating the old app into the App Store or PlayStore.

As with the original, the Ingress Prime storyline will evolve and change based on how Ingress Agents interact with one another and the outcome of Ingress real world "Anomaly" events.

Niantic has a new free game.

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We're here to introduce you to Ingress Prime - a game that'll take you to interesting places in the world around you.

And it seems likely that we will get more crossover events between the two games, as both are run and managed by Niantic. It certainly feels like this could be added to Pokmon Go properly in the near future.

Upon completing the training, players must choose a side between The Enlightened and The Resistance, two factions battling for control of these landmarks and the fate of the world. Niantic have now announced that Ingress is getting an overhaul. But that's not all: to complement the launch of Ingres Prime, Niantic will also launch a webseries about the game's lore later this year, followed by the premiere of a new anime on Netflix in 2019.

The Ingress subreddit has been flooded with negative responses to the update (via Android Police), with many bemoaning a perceived pivot towards "pay-to-win" style mechanics and a host of bugs. Ingress has always had the image of being a geeky game very few could comprehend, with a mobile app that speaks to that nature.

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