Google Chrome to start warning users about mobile subscription scams

Google Chrome to start warning users about mobile subscription scams

"Picture this: Andrea is browsing the web on a mobile connection to access a gaming page and they're presented with a page that asks them for their mobile phone details", a post on the Chromium blog reads. To provide more security, the next Google Chrome update is focused on tackling these sites with shady subscription services.

In an upcoming version of Chrome, the browser will throw up a warning page when it suspects users could be unwittingly subscribed to a direct billing scam, leaving them with unexpected charges on their next bill.

At these warning pages, users can decide whether they want to ignore the warning and proceed, or go back to the previous page they were at.

That is, conditions and prices should be clearly itemized and communicated to the user and not hidden by the method of placement of the gray text on a light background or in small print somewhere in the end of the page. The new feature will arrive in December with the launch of Chrome 71, where Google would be able to inform you when a website has unclear mobile billing practices.

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-Billing information should be visible and obvious to the user. They are requested not to hide the billing information from the users.

McAfee Mobile Research said at the time, "Even when the payment is detected early, most of the time the charge is for a subscription rather than a one-time payment".

Easily understandable fee structure: The cost of the service must be simple and straightforward.

So, once the web pages don't meet up to standards, Chrome 71 will issue a warning. Google will also notify the webmasters when the sites are not meeting the requirements so that they can fix their site and make charges information clear. For example, if you're doing online shopping on a reputable retailer such as Taobao or your favourite department store from your Chrome browser on your devices, you won't get any annoying flags. Chrome 71 is the next version of this browser owned by Google.

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