Google Celebrates Halloween With First-Ever Multiplayer Google Doodle

Google Celebrates Halloween With First-Ever Multiplayer Google Doodle

Google's got a Halloween doodle on its website that turns into a ghostly game of capture the flag.

I know what you're thinking: why would you want another way to engage with randos on the internet?

Ghosts can team up and compete to see who can collect the most wandering spirit flames before the moon is gone.but not without some unexpected twists along the way. The mad dash in the final few seconds is where the magic happens.

To make it more interesting, you can also steal Spirit Flames from the competition by touching their tail, which allows for some tactical decisions: Are you going to collect the flames, or are you going to specialize in stealing them from the competitor team? The team with a maximum number of spirit flames wins the game. Bring them to your base to collect bonuses such as a speed boost.

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The game is started by clicking on the doodle on Google's home page. The controls are pretty simple as you need to use arrow keys to move the ghost.

The team built several systems to enable this multiplayer gaming, all running on the Google Cloud Platform, including a highly-scalable matchmaker service by Open Match, an open source framework developed jointly by Google Cloud and Unity.

The best part of the game is that you can actually play with friends and family. Hosting gives you a special link you can share with friends so they can join your game.

Google Doodles are traditionally small illustrations or animations that appear in the Google logo on the search engine's homepage. It is the first multiplayer game from the search giant.

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