Democrats’ Pickup Chances Rise In More House Races, Analyst Says

Democrats’ Pickup Chances Rise In More House Races, Analyst Says

"I don't think there's a Democrat in this country that doesn't have a little angst left over from 2016 deep down", said Stephanie Schriock, president of EMILY's List, which spent more than ever before - almost $60 million in all - to support Democratic women this campaign season. He said since Trump has been president, he 's hired two more employees for his six-person company.

Women also were on the ballot for governor in 16 states this year. Ahead of the midterms, health care has consistently been the most important issue for Democrats; while immigration (and the economy) have been prominent issues for Republicans.

But other high-profile contests have yet to be decided.

"As president, Donald J. Trump has headlined an unprecedented 50 rallies - 30 in the last two months alone - and he has campaigned for dozens of candidates at all levels of government", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said in a statement Tuesday evening.

There are 35 Senate races being decided across 33 states. Whitmer, in a state that Trump narrowly won, promised to fix the state's roads and aging drinking water infrastructure, and promised to expand Medicaid to lower-income adults.

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The Judiciary Committee is one of the most sharply divided ideologically, with the Democrats dominated by their left wing and Republicans by their right.

In fact, though only 10 percent of the current Republican members of the House are women, that number was expected to dip lower.

"We always knew these races are going to be close", said Rep. Katherine Clark of MA, co-chair of House Democrats' recruitment efforts. "We are the Democratic Party", he said. "This is something we are going to focus on".

By Election Day, both sides are expected to have spent more than $5 billion, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. That has been the loud and clear message of many Democratic candidates. REUTERS/Joe Skipper A woman stands in a polling station at P.S. 140 during the midterm election in Manhattan in New York City, U.S., November 6, 2018.

Another key House race is in California, where Democrat Harley Rouda is seeking to unseat longtime Republican incumbent Dana Rohrabacher in Republican bastion Orange County. The degree to which we see voters emphasize any of these issues in their exit poll responses could be a sign of Republican versus Democratic enthusiasm. Voter turnout was more than 57 percent - 428,408 votes.

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Trump's midterm efforts will not stop with his Missouri rally on Monday night. "No matter who you voted for, I'm looking forward to representing you".

"Barbara Comstock is good, but I don't like Trump", she said.

Blackburn, a conservative who is also an ardent Trump backer, defeated former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen, 74.

"It's all fragile. Everything I told you about, it can be undone and changed by the Democrats if they get in", Trump told supporters on a telephone "town hall" organized by his re-election campaign.

While men with military backgrounds have always been recruited to run for office, this year's candidates include several female veterans. Opponents have raised more than $31 million to fight the proposal.

Voting in Chicago, James Gerlock, 27, a Republican, said he wanted to see continued growth under Trump. Trump had won that district handily. If Deb Haaland won her congressional race in New Mexico, she would become the first Native American woman elected to Congress.

In Arizona, a close race between Republican Martha McSally, a former Air Force fighter pilot, and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, who is openly bisexual, means that Arizona will have its first female senator no matter who wins.

State sen. Trudy Wade, R-Guilford, also trails in her race, but has been gaining on her challenger.

But Nelson, who served as a payload specialist on a Space Shuttle in 1986, is facing a tough challenge this time from Florida's Republican Governor Rick Scott. "That is putting it mildly", said Jen Cox, a founder of PaveItBlue.

The final weeks before the election were marked by the mailing of pipe bombs to his top political rivals, with a political fan of Trump arrested and charged, and the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in which 11 people died, sparking a debate about Trump's biting rhetoric and whether it encouraged extremists.

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