Boeing alerts pilots after Indonesia crash, FAA plans directive

Boeing alerts pilots after Indonesia crash, FAA plans directive

CBS News reported on Wednesday that Boeing's 737 Max 8 planes are used across the US, including by Southwest Airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines.

Boeing said it is continuing to work with the Indonesian investigation into the October 29 crash.

"The Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee has indicated that Lion Air flight 610 experienced erroneous input from one of its AOA (angle of attack) sensors", the warning said.

Boeing issues an operational update for 737. The plane plummeted into the sea a day after having a critical sensor replaced. Simply put, it means that if there is an erroneous AOA input-one that indicates the aircraft has a high AOA and so is close to a stall-the aircraft system would respond by automatically bringing the aircraft nose down so as to increase the airspeed and prevent a stall. A misreading in the sensor can cause a plane to dive suddenly.

The warning follows preliminary findings from the Lion Air crash that the angle-of-attack (AOA) sensor malfunctioned.

It was found that on the flight that crashed in Asia this sensor was giving off incorrect data, meaning the pilots weren't flying in the right position. Such bulletins are routinely issued by aircraft and engine manufacturers, particularly in the wake of major events, and this one does little except to remind crews that the procedures for addressing this situation already exist.

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"Lion Air apologizes to all passengers for the inconvenience caused by the incident", Danang said.

The Lion Air jetliner plunged into the Java Sea minutes after takeoff from Jakarta airport, nosing downward so suddenly that it may have hit speeds of 600 miles an hour before slamming into the water. Indonesian officials say that all 11 such aircraft have been tested and declared safe to fly.

Some modern aircraft have systems created to correct the posture of the wings automatically to keep flying safely. Aviation systems must account for possibility of misinterpretations of situations and foggy memories of procedures outlined in the manuals that come with these huge, complicated, and incredibly sensitive vehicles.

Over 200 737 Max jets are already in use in commercial aviation, Bloomberg added, though Boeing has orders for 4,500 more.

"A "ping" has been detected from the second black box but the signal was very weak, possibly because it was encased in mud", said Nurcahyo Utomo, an air accident official at the transportation safety committee (KNKT).

Industry insiders said that the completion of the Zhoushan plant, announced amid ongoing China-US trade frictions, reflects US companies' heavy dependence on both the supply chain in China as well as the country's huge market. In addition, a system known as pitch trim can be changed to prompt nose-up or nose-down movement. Once that happens, it may try to right itself by pushing the nose down, reports the Straight Times.

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