Tropical system developing; rain likely late next week

Tropical system developing; rain likely late next week

The storm system forming in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico may be nothing, forecasters say.

Forecasters are 90 percent confident the system will upgrade into a cyclone in the next five days, likely forming in the northwestern Caribbean Sea or the southern Gulf of Mexico.

We could see some tropical downpours and storms here in the Midlands, all depending on the track of this potential system.

The system, now located near the northeastern coasts of Nicaragua and Honduras, was forecast by the US -based National Hurricane Center at a 40 percent chance of tropical formation by Tuesday. Atmospheric conditions there are forecast to become more favorable for a tropical depression to form. The chance of development within 48 hours is zero, according to the latest forecast models update on Tuesday.

It urged people in the Yucatan Penninsula, western Cuba and the northern Gulf Coast to keep on the system.

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In October, hurricanes more often form in the Caribbean and head toward Florida and the gulf.

Hurricane season started June 1 and continues through November 30.

That doesn't mean, however, that the rest of the risk-free for the rest of hurricane season. Sandy was a Category 1 storm, but because it hit during a full moon that raised the tide, its storm surge was amplified.

Hurricane Leslie, located in the north-central Atlantic, posed no threat to Cayman.

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