The Switch has surpassed 22M units in lifetime sales

The Switch has surpassed 22M units in lifetime sales

Highly anticipated: Nintendo's Switch is midway through its second year and sales continue to be incredibly solid.

The hybrid console has sold 22.86 million units to be exact, nearly 10 million more than its predecessor the Wii U, which managed 13.56 million lifetime sales over its four-year lifespan. "That's raising worries about Nintendo's ability to reach its target of 20 million Switch units this fiscal year". First up, we have Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee and Let's Go, Pikachu! on November 16, which is followed on December 7 by the system seller that is Super Smash Bros.

The data reveals that the Switch sold 3.19m units in the last quarter, meaning that the console has now shifted 5.07m units so far this financial year. The company announced today that they have sold 22.86 million Switch consoles as of the end of September 2018. This includes first, and third-party games.

Japan's Nintendo Co Ltd on Tuesday said sales of Switch consoles and games pushed operating profit up 30 percent in the July-September period to reach its highest quarterly result in eight years.

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Compared to its predecessors, the Switch is a smash hit. In the last quarter, revenue grew to $1.96 billion compared to $1.95 billion for the same period past year.

For the first six months ending on September 30, Nintendo's big software releases included "Mario Tennis Aces", which sold 2.16 million and "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze" which sold 1.67 million.

The Wii and DS are the runaway winners at present with an incredible 101.63m and 154.02m units sold respectively; the Game Boy sold 118.69m units, the Game Boy Advance 81.51m, 3DS sold 73.53m, the NES 61.91m units, the SNES shifted 49.10m, and the Nintendo 64 is next to be caught with 32.93m units sold.

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