Soon you may see advertisements in your WhatsApp Status

Soon you may see advertisements in your WhatsApp Status

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) says it has fixed a bug that allowed hackers take over accounts during video calls.

The bug, according to the report, was uncovered by a security researcher Natalie Silvanovich with Google's Project Zero security research team-and that was back in August. The vulnerability is caused by a memory heap overflow issue which is triggered when a user accepts a malformed RTP packet via a video call request. "It affects both the Android and iPhone clients".

The bug report explains that the bug affected the iOS and Android users only because they use Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) for video calls. "Users should update to the Whatsapp's latest version on Android and iOS". It is unclear, however, how the bug was discovered, although the vulnerability was described as a "memory corruption bug", ZDNet reported Wednesday.

The blog post of the bug report also notes that the issue was fixed via an update on September 28 on Android, while the iOS update was issued on October 3.

It is yet to be known how many users were affected by the bug which allowed hackers to let the app crash during incoming WhatsApp video calls. The Company has fixed the this critical severity bug and the details are now available in the public domain. The WhatsApp for Web client was unaffected since it uses WebRTC for video conferencing.

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In a statement to Reuters, WhatsApp said: "We routinely engage with security researchers from around the world to ensure WhatsApp remains safe and reliable".

Other notable names in the security research space, like Tavis Ormandy, have pointed out the severity of this kind of hack. "We promptly issued a fix to the latest version of WhatsApp to resolve this issue", a WhatsApp spokesperson told ZDNet. With more than a billion active users, WhatsApp is a lucrative platform for hackers to carry out attacks.

Lately, another new method of WhatsApp hacking is growing.

In short, hackers only need your phone number to completely take control of your WhatsApp account and spy on your conversations.

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