Sony makes it official, they’re working on a "PS5"

Sony makes it official, they’re working on a

The statement isn't exactly a surprise, given that Sony is constantly thinking about new hardware and another PlayStation is all but guaranteed after the success of the PS4. Even so, Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that will be a new generation console at some point.

'At this point, what I can say is it's necessary to have a next-generation hardware, ' said the executive.

Five years ago, in 2013, the PlayStation 4 launched. The prospect of using a quick and easy means of upscaling old games and getting them to work could effectively provide that, hence the excitement around the discovery of Sony's patent. The battle for dominance in the next-generation of gaming consoles has already begun behind the scenes. Each was its own hardware "generation", more capable than the previous generation. Project xCloud - a streaming service that allows users to play Xbox games on mobile, PC, and console - was revealed, and it's set to reshape the gaming world. It also costs $100 more.

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While Yoshida noticeably omits the term "PlayStation 5", the publication's sources state that "early indications were that it might not represent a major departure from the PS4, and that the fundamental architecture would be similar". That's not such a surprise: More than ever, players are demanding that their digital game libraries carry forward. He remained coy about any further details, and declined to confirm whether or not the system would be called the PlayStation 5. Again, we doubt we'll hear much more than this regarding the PS4 successor until Sony makes an official announcement, so we'll have to sit tight until then.

There's at least one other good reason that Sony isn't moving on from the PlayStation 4 just yet - the PlayStation 4 Pro exists. The PlayStation's strength comes from the catalog of exclusive games, which included Marvel's Spider-Man and God of War in this year alone.

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