NASA to participate in first Israeli moon mission

NASA to participate in first Israeli moon mission

The lander would be capable of carrying four astronauts at a time and is much more powerful than anything NASA has used to get to the surface of our lunar satellite.

The spacecraft, known as the Mars Base Camp Precursor Lunar Lander, would use the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway as its home base, which NASA said will start building near the Moon in 2022, reports. Plans for the creation of a reusable lander Jeff Bezos, who on Wednesday won first place in the ranking of the richest people in the U.S. Forbes magazine (his fortune is estimated at $160 billion), told journalists at a scientific conference in California in may.

To fulfill its vision, the space agency wants to rely on private space enterprises to meet its hardware needs, and Lockheed Martin is taking this role very seriously.

Astronauts would be able to travel to and from the surface of the moon multiple times and refuel the spacecraft in the moon's orbit.

The Deep Space Gateway is a collaboration between the United States and Russian Federation to create a lunar space station that will act as a "gateway to deep space".

SpaceIL competed in the Google Lunar X-Prize, and continues to work toward landing the first Israeli spacecraft on the Moon.

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Lockheed Martin says the new lander could help pave the way for future human missions to Mars.

The craft would complete its mission and then blast off from the lunar surface.

"We're not content with just leaving behind footprints", he said, during the 30-minute speech, reiterating the Trump administration's objective of "establishing a permanent presence around and on the Moon".

According to a NASA statement, "the agreement exemplifies the innovative approach that NASA and its worldwide partners are taking to team up with commercial partners to advance important science and exploration objectives on and around the Moon".

The VP also described the mighty Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion spacecraft that will be used to carry USA astronauts on epic missions over the coming years. Important quantities of water can be found on the moon's polar region, which missions in the future can use to create fuel and oxygen for a manned outpost.

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