Melania On #MeToo: We Should Support Men, ‘Not Just Women’

Melania On #MeToo: We Should Support Men, ‘Not Just Women’

Melania Trump had two big moments this week - her first solo trip as the First Lady and a sit-down interview with Good Morning America.

She says when there are accusations there needs to be "really hard evidence" and accusers should "show the evidence".

Asked if that means she thinks accused men have been unfairly treated, she said the accused have to provide proof to be believable.

Melania Trump on ABC News, Wednesday.

First Lady Melania Trump says she stands in support of the women of the #MeToo movement.

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"It is sad to see that organizations and foundations I want to partner with choose not to, because of the administration", she complained. "And also men, not just women", the first lady said. "You can not just say to somebody, I was, you know, sexually assaulted and you did that to me or - because sometimes the media goes too far and the way they portray some stories, it's not correct".

The former supermodel also told the ABC News anchor that the "most surprising thing" about her role as first lady has been the number of humanitarian organizations that have refused to work with her because of the president's politics. "It's not right", she added.

Leftists and feminists were hoping they could use President Trump's alleged philandering to bait First Lady Melania Trump into being an outspoken advocate of #MeToo following the Kavanaugh witch hunt, but their hopes have been dashed.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, at least 13 women accused Donald Trump of misbehavior ranging from sexual harassment to sexual assault.

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