Man using Google Street View to get direction, catches his wife cheating

Man using Google Street View to get direction, catches his wife cheating

The photograph is one of a long line of unintentionally weird images taken for Google Maps and Google Street View.

According to Techspot, a man in Peru discovered that his wife was with another man when he was simply trying to find directions to a bridge in Lima using Google Maps. That's because it actually was his spouse, and the man whose hair she was stroking wasn't her husband.

Could you imagine a more awkward situation?

The photo, taken by a Google camera vehicle, dated back to 2013 but the man confronted his wife with the Google Street View picture as evidence of her infidelity.

He'll never be able to search for directions again.

The man was apparently checking the best way to reach a popular bridge in the Peruvian capital city of Lima when he spotted a familiar figure on the app's street view.

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When he zoomed in on a canoodling couple, he realized that the clothes were the same as his wife's.

Like numerous images on Google Street View, this one was taken years ago-2013, to be exact.

Despite the photo dating back to 2013, he confronted his wife over her past infidelity and they later divorced after she admitted.

The Sun reports that the betrayed man shared the photos on his Facebook page but does not include a link to the source.

According to some South American reports, after the man confirmed that the woman with another man's head in her lap was his wife, he divorced her.

Big Brother may not be watching you, but Google Maps might well be.

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