Irving Oil Refinery Explosion: Full Story & Must-See Details

Irving Oil Refinery Explosion: Full Story & Must-See Details

The source said he believed the explosion was within the section of the plant that houses the hydrogen unit.

Residents of the area described feeling an explosion shortly after 10 a.m., and noted that flames and smoke could be seen from a great distance.

An explosion at a refinery in Canada's east coast has left residents shaken and concerned. Authorities from the health department, province, environment department and the refinery itself were opposed, but the city gave the go-ahead.

Sean Tucker, an associate professor at the University of Regina who specializes in occupational health and safety, said there's a lot of public concern in Canada about how oil is transported, but not much attention is paid to refineries themselves.

The crude section, catalytic reformer and a cogeneration unit were shut following the incident, Genscape reported, adding that multiple units were already offline for maintenance.

According to the Irving website, the refinery produces more than 320,000 barrels of "finished energy products" every day, with more than half going the US northeast.

"I'm watching the news, like everyone else", he said.

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Irving Oil released a tweet saying 'We can confirm that a major incident has occurred at our Saint John refinery this morning'.

Nate Guimond, 36, told the AP he was doing house repairs when he saw smoke.

'We are actively assessing the situation at this time and will share more information when available'.

"There was thick, pitch black smoke mixed with white smoke", said Guimond.

Rob Beebe felt the explosion from his apartment on Martha Avenue, a few streets over from the refinery.

When he drover down the corner he saw flames shooting into the sky about 100-feet high. Irving Oil confirmed Monday that a "major incident" occurred at its refinery.

"Just seeing the clouds, and what they've got closed off, it just seems to be a pretty similar level of event", he said.

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