DC Comics hires James Gunn after Disney fires him

DC Comics hires James Gunn after Disney fires him

Shortly after news of Gunn's hiring surfaced, Bautista took to Twitter to offer a ringing endorsement, writing, "Where do I sign up!". It is possible that it could be a continuation of the franchise with a new cast of incarcerated supervillains.

Suicide Squad, like Guardians, was a superhero team-up movie with an ensemble cast of less-than-heroic characters.

DC's next Suicide Squad film does not yet have a release date.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the filmmaker was contacted by DC Films and Warner Bros.to work on the sequel to Suicide Squad.

Bautista has been a very vocal defender of Gunn since his removal from Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3. Gunn moving from Marvel to DC isn't exactly a surprise, but it sure happened quickly, and the project in question is perhaps the most flawless fit for his sensibilities: Suicide Squad 2. And a new report from CBR appears to suggest that its because the new Birds of Prey movie which has been fast-tracked by the studio had a similar plot to O'Connor's plan so he made a decision to leave the project.

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That movie's writer and director David Ayer had originally been lined up to also take on the sequel, but he dropped out around the same time his Netflix movie Bright was bashed with the critical bat. Gunn produced the project with The H Collective.

- 3NegroNerds (@3BlackGeeks) October 9, 2018I'll just say my interest in Suicide Squad 2 has increased following this news.

As you'll probably remember, the director of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy series was sacked from the franchise's third installment back in July. Nothing but originality from this guy.

The Suicide Squad job is the first Gunn has taken since departing Guardians, for which he had been expected to make a third film. The Drax the Destroyer actor tweeted shortly after Deadline covered the news, "Where do I sign up!".

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