Classic Zelda on Nintendo Switch Online gets easier with special save data

Classic Zelda on Nintendo Switch Online gets easier with special save data

As previously announced, several new NES games were added to the Nintendo Switch Online service today, including NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon's Key and Super Dodge Ball, but the 8-bit goodness doesn't end there!

"Living the life of luxury!", this "souped-up" version is more novice friendly than the original, which offered very little explanation or hand holding after its opening moments. Yes, that's the actual title for a new version of the seminal action adventure game, one which exists as its own standalone entry in the list of NES games alongside regular The Legend of Zelda. As the name suggests, it's essentially a Netflix-style library of classic NES games you can play that changes over time. It's a sort of ROM hack of the original Zelda, described as a "souped-up version" where you start with a "ton of Rupees (in-game currency) and items like the Power Bracelet, Magical Shield, White Sword, and Blue Ring".

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It isn't exactly "easy mode" because all of the enemies will still hit you just as hard, and it isn't a shortcut straight through the game because you'll still have to find the dungeon-specific items that you need to reach the final battle with Ganon. Especially because Game Genie isn't a thing any more. You must have a Switch Online subscription to access the games. However, upon finishing the game (which should not take long with the given head start) players unlock "Second Quest".

While Nintendo of Europe seems to have removed mention of the other "SP" games, likely due to Zelda's release date shifting from December to October, the other games with the same label were Dr. Mario, Metroid, Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros.

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