Boston Dynamics' humanoid Atlas robot 'does parkour'

Boston Dynamics' humanoid Atlas robot 'does parkour'

A Boston Dynamics robot has shown off some incredible parkour skills in a demonstration that could be unbelievable for some, and slightly disturbing for others.

I, for one, am bitter. This world is built for human, so in theory, robots that look and move like a human will be best equipped to manage the world. It's a quick trip to the uncanny valley but it's one that we really have to take.

Boston Dynamics has made other robots, too, including a doglike bot that jogs through the woods with an unnerving mechanical hum and a one-armed four-legged robot that can deliver cans of soda.

Boston Dynamics' Atlas humanoid robot learned a new trick to surpass its human creators: parkour.

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In the description of the video says that Atlas uses computer vision to focus on the visible markers when driving on terrain. Boston Dynamics points out that Atlas is using its whole body, this including the arms and torso, to perform the jumps. There's a lack of clarity in what Atlas will actually do for humanity: will he rescue people in situations too risky for humans? No longer will we be able to breathe a sigh of relief that we've outrun the post-apocalyptic robot army of our nightmares just by climbing to the second floor.

Until someone can explain to me what the function of this parkour robot is, I have no choice but to assume that it's training to kill us all and wipe out humanity.

It's been a while since we've talked about Boston Dynamics here at HotHardware.

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