Senate Democrats Support Christine Blasey Ford's Request for FBI Probe

Senate Democrats Support Christine Blasey Ford's Request for FBI Probe

The U.S. now rotates troops into Poland.

If the Judiciary committee's timetable slips, it would become increasingly hard for Republicans to schedule a vote before midterm elections on November 6 elections, when congressional control will be at stake.

The political implications were still being sorted out.

That the president's senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, swiftly advocated listening to the woman who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault points to the power of the #MeToo movement - and of women in politics. Senate Republicans hold a 51-49 majority and can not afford two or more Republicans voting against Kavanaugh's nomination unless they pick up votes from Democrats.

The situation is fluid to say the least.

And both Sens. Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska expressed concern that Ford might not show.

"I think this is something women struggle with that are victims".

On Sunday, Christine Blasey Ford, now a professor at Palo Alto University in Northern California, gave her first public account of the alleged drunken attack at a house party in the summer of 1982.

Christine Blasey Ford has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her 36 years ago when they were in high school and she said Judge was a witness. Kavanaugh has repeatedly denied the allegations against him. Two weeks? Three weeks?

Vulnerable Republican House incumbents have largely avoided the issue, which flared Monday in northern Virginia's suburbs, where GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock is fighting for her political survival. Democrats faced criticism for being timid in her defence.

In suburban Denver, vulnerable Republican Rep. Mike Coffman was more cautious.

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which is overseeing the nomination, had called a hearing for Monday to look into the allegations.

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Republicans were perceived as too harsh in their questioning of Hill. "She's now being given an opportunity to come before the Senate Judiciary Committee and to answer questions and I really hope that she doesn't pass up that opportunity".

The legal team's letter says that Prof Ford's family has been forced to move out of their home, her email has been hacked and she has been impersonated online.

Some Democrats are using the development to go on offense.

Then again, this new allegation has already cast a massive shadow over Kavanaugh's nomination. Rosen was quick to suggest in July that Kavanaugh would pose a threat to abortion rights were he to be confirmed.

However, as Kavanaugh-who already was deeply unpopular before Ford's allegations were made public-hasn't given any indication that he will stop seeking a lifetime appointment to the nation's highest court, other advocacy groups and Democratic lawmakers are calling for a delay of any confirmation vote until the Federal Bureau of Investigation can fully investigate Ford's claims.

The letter comes after a day of uncertainty about whether the hearing scheduled for Monday would even take place, as Republicans continued to emphasize their repeated efforts to reach out to Ford. I think the American people, whether they're Republicans or Democrats, are going to face the consequences of who goes on the Supreme Court.

Calling for the FBI "to reopen and complete the background investigation", Feinstein drew comparisons to the hearings that were held after Hill's allegations against Thomas surfaced in 1991. The development offered some respite to several vulnerable Democrats who are facing re-election in Republican-leaning states and who had avoided taking a firm position on Kavanaugh's nomination. "All the time. Especially when they are drunk".

A cautious Indiana Sen.

"It has nothing to do with the statute of limitations", Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday.

Hill endured a brutal assault on her personal reputation in hearings and in conservative media and the all-male Republicans on the committee ultimately backed Thomas.

To be sure, there is virtually no chance that Kavanaugh will be completely exonerated by the time the Senate votes to confirm him - just like there is virtually no chance he will be proven guilty.

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